5 Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos On Your Phone! Earn PayPal Money Online!

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5 Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos On Your PhoneAre you tired of not making enough money on your 9-5 job? 

Do you need some extra cash to make your life easier?

Well, look no more! I can show you 5 apps that pay you to watch videos on your phone. 

Yes, this is real, you can actually get paid to watch videos on your phone.

Some of these apps are an extremely flexible way to earn some extra cash as they pay you through PayPal.

This is a very easy way to have something playing on your phone in the background and get some extra cash online.

And you do not even have to worry about having any particular skill to do this, so it is a very quick and easy way to earn some money online.

So let’s look over the list of apps that will  help you do this:






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Watch Videos On TV-TWO

TV-TWO is an app found at tv-two.com. This is an app that is going to earn you cryptocurrencies by watching videos.

Cryptocurrencies are basically digital assets that you can store and account for in an online ledger.

This app is available in both IOS and Android and the three things that can outline what you can mainly do on this app are:

  1. Watch Videos: You can watch videos and TV shows from thousands of creators online.
  2. Earn: You will be able to earn cryptocurrencies and receive payouts.
  3. Boost Earnings: You will have the option of boosting your earnings by completing simple tasks online.

So there are multiple ways to earn on this app. 

You can actually use your phone or your smart-TV so you have the option to watch the videos or TV shows on your big screen or you can just watch it on your little screen. 

If you want to watch it on TV, you will have to get the TV app, scan the QR code which will appear on your phone with the TV screen to sync your devices. 

It mentions on the website that TTV is the cryptocurrency you will be earning for every second you watch.

Eventually, when you earn enough you will be able to cash out or sell it on the cryptocurrency marketplace. 



App Trailers Will Also Pay You To Watch Videos

App Trailers is an app where you can watch trailers of hot apps and earn reward points. You can find this app on apptrailers.comAlso, this app is found in both the app store and google play.

When you earn reward points, you can redeem the points with gift cards or cash with PayPal.

This is very easy as you just watch videos of the newest apps, collect the points after watching them.

However, this app is a bit different, as they give you the option to actually earn more points by uploading videos and getting likes. So you can actually earn with your video making talent. 

You can redeem your points with either gift cards or with PayPal. Gift cards could be from iTunes, Google Play, Starbucks, etc.

10 points from App Trailers are actually $0.01.



Part of man holding tablet watching YouTube



Check Out Rewardable

Rewardable can be found at rewardable.com. This app is very interesting and available in both IOS and Android. 

I have reviewed this app before and a high number of people have recommended it very highly.

They have paid out over 5 million dollars already and you can do this on your phone at home or on the go.

There is also a variety of tasks that you can do on this app to earn money alongside watching videos. I will list you all the options right now: 

  • Watch Videos: This is the main and the easiest thing you can do on this app.
  • Complete Surveys: You can complete various surveys that are similar to your demographic.
  • Enter In Daily Sweepstakes: You can enter in daily giveaways on this app.
  • Give Product Feedbacks: You can shop on this site and give product feedback.
  • Visit Retail Stores: You can decide to visit stores and give reviews if some products are being properly stocked on stores.
  • Answer Trivia: You can also answer trivia questions to earn points.

On this app, all you have to do is complete simple online tasks, earn rewards and you can earn bigger rewards and bonuses as your profile grows. 

Also, you are going to get paid in cash through PayPal.



Shopkick Is A Good Option

Shopkick is another app that lets you earn online. This is found at shopkick.com

This is a bit different than the other apps, as there are actually two main ways that you can earn from this app. One is their in-store option and the other is their online option.

Whereas online you can do a couple of different things to earn money including watching videos, and you can also purchase from the app from websites such as eBay and earn cashback or rewards. 

You will earn gift cards in-store or online, so for the in-store option all you have to do is walk into the stores and in the stores, you can scan things and you have to check to see if stores are keeping certain products on their shelves so the business knows that their products are properly visible and made available to the customers. 

Also, if you decide to shop in particular stores that have partnerships with Shopkick, you can even submit your receipts to get cashback. 



Woman's hands on iphone ecommerce site with credit card in other hand



On the other hand, if you want to just earn and gain rewards with Shopkick online, alongside watching videos, you will also have the option to spend with the Shopkick app online.

When you do that and shop in their app, they give you 2 kicks with every $1 spent at particular stores with a linked credit card.  



Viggle Is Another Good App

Viggle is another app that is found in both the App Store and Google Play. It is found at viggle.com

Viggle is a site that pays you to watch TV or stream programs. You can actually link your TV with the app or do something called ‘Check In’ on the app, where the app will catch the sound coming from your TV and give you points for watching something.

All you have to do to earn points is actually just entertain yourself by watching TV or streaming programs. 

And not just that, the longer you stay with the app, the more points you will be able to earn, as they will give you bonuses and show you more options on how to earn.

There will also be bonus show sections on the app which will let you earn two or three times more the rewards if you watch them.

So always be on the lookout for bonus point badges which will show up in the corner of the names of the TV shows, so you can have the chance to win more rewards.

There are also other options such as Viggle Live and Real-Time Trivia where you will be able to earn more rewards.

And you will receive payouts in the form of gift cards and guess what? Viggle actually offers you to choose between more than 800 types of gift cards from various brands and businesses. 

Not only this, but they also have different prizes for you to win on the app and you can also exchange points for cash. 



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Let’s make money online!

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