5 BEST Ways To Make Money Online In 2020!

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5 BEST Ways To Make Money OnlineAre you tired of your 9-5 job? Are you looking for ways to make money online instead of sitting at a desk all day at an office?

I can help you with that! In this article, I am going to talk about 5 best ways to make money online in 2020.

These are going to be 5 big methods, I am not going to list you anything that is going to make you a little bit of money, I am talking big money online.

But what does big money mean though? 

It means that this is going to take time, it is not going to make you rich overnight.

You are going to have to dedicate a good amount of time on it.

No business takes off without nurturing and hard work so you have to be sure that you are committed. 

So without further ado, let me introduce to the list I have come up with:






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Social  Media Management Agency

What is social media management?

You are going to help local businesses or anyone that you can find online or basically any business that does not have a good social media presence and manage their social media.

These are going to be businesses that do not know about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or anything like that. 

What you are going to do as an agency is, manage their social media accounts for them. 

You could build them these accounts for example: 

  • Facebook Group: This will help the business build a community for like-minded people and inform them about what the business does.
  • Twitter Account: This will help increase brand awareness of the business and get reviews of their products or services.
  • LinkedIn Account: This will help the business attract quality employees.
  • Instagram Business Account: As Instagram is a very popular app, this will help promote the business and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

There are also some other social media platforms that you can venture into and add to this list such as a lot of entrepreneurs are even using the platform TikTok now to promote their business.

All you have to do as a social media manager is to create and schedule posts for the business, managing things such as comments and reviews and basically grow their accounts for them.

According to how good you are at this, social media management agencies actually charge $500-$2000 per month per client.

You can actually start off small, or even start off for free so you can learn some techniques off of social media so once you start charging for your services, you can actually show proof of what you have done to grow other businesses in a given timeframe.

By showing these, businesses can see how much engagement you can actually bring for them and charge accordingly.

So if you do not have any experience, in the beginning, I recommend starting small, maybe even $100-$300 per month.

You need to also figure out how many accounts you are going to manage and make a portfolio of your work.

There are definitely a lot of people already doing this and you can make a full-time income with about 5 clients per month.



Laptop with hands, plant, and phone



Set Up An Online Shop

This means you have to sell your own products online. 

I used to have an online shop, I used to make dolls and some baby gifts.

The thing about setting up an online shop is, you do need almost the same dedication and hard work as setting up an actual shop.

You do need to build a brand and you do need to get traffic for your shop. 

You will also need to learn about Facebook Ads and Google Ads.  

And you can host your shop on three different sites:

  1. Etsy: This website is found at etsy.com. They host entrepreneurs who sell handmade products.
  2. Shopify: This website is found at shopify.comI will also share a link that will help you get FREE training on how to use Shopify to sell your products for that click here.
  3. WordPress: WordPress has a woo-commerce plugin that you can use to build your shop. This website is found at wordpress.com.

These websites will make your products accessible to potential customers. 

You also have to think about many things that come with owning an online shop:

  • Sourcing Your Inventory: Depends on what you are going to sell, you have to think about how you are going to store your inventory.
  • Distributing And Shipping: You need to think about packaging your products which definitely adds value to your business if it is nice and how your products are going to reach your customers.
  • Collect Payments: You have to deal with customers, customer’s payments, refunds, and customer service.

There are a lot of options involved in building an online shop that is viable.

There are also a lot of methods that are available such as drop shipping, where you do not even have to have your own inventory.



Teach An Online Course

Doing something like teaching an online course will definitely reach a very high number of people as many people take online courses in many different things to learn new skills or gain more knowledge.

Because people like learning online, building online courses is a very lucrative thing to do.

The price will always depend on what you put in your course and what you are teaching.

Everyone knows something that someone else does not, so if you have a skill or extensive knowledge about a topic that you can share with other people, what you can do is package your knowledge in an online course and sell it to other people who want to learn about this.

You could go to Teachable, found at teachable.com. They have a great online platform, to build your online course.

It does cost a little bit to maintain your course on this website but when you sell your courses, they take care of payment, processing, and everything like that. 

It does take a lot of time and effort to build an online course and it is a lot of work upfront but guess what?

You get to sell this course to interested people over and over again and this will help you earn a massive amount of money, time and time again, which makes this a great way to earn money online. 



Create A YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is actually my second favorite way on this list to earn money online. 

YouTube has a great reach to people all over the world, can bring you the most engagement, it has a lifetime value, and these are the three most beneficial things about running a YouTube channel.

The only thing I do not like about YouTube is that you do not own your channel, it is owned by YouTube so they still have some control over your channel.

This is also something I do, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see what kind of content I make.



subscribe to youtube channel



YouTube can bring you loads of new opportunities to create a whole demographic for you and bring subscribers from all over the world.

All you have to do is talk about something that you have extensive knowledge in or showcase your talent or any skills that you may have.

After you gain 1,000 subscribers and have reached 4,000 watch hours, YouTube will start running Google ads on your videos.

Once you start running ads on your videos, you can actually earn a lot of money doing this as you gain even more views and growing your channel more.

You can also find ways to not show yourself on videos and just make the videos in an informative and fun way if you want, there are a lot of different ways you can make content on your channel, you can start by subscribing to channels that are in your niche.

There are also a few other different ways to make money on YouTube other than gaining subscribers and views such as reviewing and promoting products from other businesses.

If you want to learn how to make money by creating a YouTube channel, as there are many different things apart from what I talked about, click here to get training that will show you everything that you need to learn. 



Building An Affiliate Website

Building an affiliate website is my favorite thing on this list and is also my number 1 recommendation.

This is your best option, especially if you want your face to be behind the scenes and if you are not comfortable being in front of the camera this will be the right platform for you.

Also, you can earn a full-time income with this, as you will be earning by sharing affiliate links on your website, so every time someone visits your website and buys a product by clicking on your link, you will have the opportunity to earn.

As you’re building an internet business and open on the internet 24/7, you will be able to earn a passive income stream using this business model.

Affiliate marketing is when you monetize by recommending different products on your website, by getting in touch with businesses and brands and sharing their affiliate links on your website.

Once you start having visitors on your website who will click on your affiliate links and buy products, you will be able to earn a commission from the products that they bought. 

But it does take time and concentration to build this kind of an online business.

This is another thing I do to make money online, you are on my website right now, I have been doing this since 2016 and I use this business model to make money with this website.



What I Do To Earn An Online Income

As I mentioned before, I earn an online income every month by running an affiliate website. 

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You will also be able to see my income proof on that training platform and how much I make doing this.

And then if you do as I say and follow the step by step training on that platform, you will be able to make your website profitable like mine.

By using the same training platform that I used, you will be able to see that it has a great community, you will have like-minded people to bounce off ideas with, and have immense support from. 

For the reasons above, I highly recommend you checking out my free guide here so you can learn how to build an online business instead that can earn you not only a lot more money but a passive online income stream:


This is what I do online and what makes me a full-time online income every single month and you can learn from the exact training I used and still use today.


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the 5 best ways to make money online in 2020 or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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