How to Earn Money Online Without Investment: 3 Proven Ways

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 How to Earn Money Online Without InvestmentThere are lots of make money online opportunities that can look very promising and some even offer quick payouts, however, not all opportunities are created equal.

Most offer lucrative options, others are low-quality, and some are just downright scams.

It’s also hard to find methods on how to earn money online without investment and that’s why I wrote this post to offer you 3 best proven methods that work very well today.

For someone new in the industry, especially if you are on the budget it can be overwhelming to decide which option to go with and not end up steering in the wrong direction. 

I have started my online adventure a long time back and it took several years of experience to try everything and figure out which Make Money Online opportunities are very short-lived and which ones can be turned into successful business ventures.

So, before you take a plunge, I will uncover 3 most popular business opportunities that many people fall in for in hopes for good income potential, but in reality get disappointed once they understand the business model. 

And then I will present 3 Best Make Money Online options that don’t require a huge start-up cost and are proven ways to build solid online income that will yield revenue month after month. 


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3 Most Popular Business Opportunities Newbies Fall For

Here are 3 common options that most newbies fall for as they are heavily promoted as: “Make Money Online Fast”:


1) Paid Survey Websites

As the name suggests, these are platforms that offer questionnaires or surveys in return for cash or tokens. Often, they are marketed as free and with “no experience required.”

Also, there’s no need to submit a CV or portfolio to get accepted; all you have to do is provide necessary details, such as the name, email, address, location, or anything else that will help determine the platform or their affiliated companies if you’re the right fit for their demographics.

Survey Type Checklist

The good news about paid survey sites is that it’s a legit business model. The bad news is that income potential is very slim. 

While initially paid surveys may look very promising, considering that all you have to do is answer questions or provide your opinion, each survey’s value is often less than a dollar. 

Another thing that you have to consider is the demographics. If you’re not the right fit for their client’s questionnaire, then you won’t be able to receive surveys and you won’t be compensated.

While online surveys look in the beginning like a good idea for newbies to get started fast, it’s not worth your time.

Even if you spend the entire day answering questions and/or sharing your opinion, you’ll barely earn $50 a month.



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2) Cryptocurrencies

This is another “very cool” business opportunity that became immediately popular once it was introduced not so long ago. There are so many promotions on how you can trade or mine cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrency is a digital alternative for cash and credit card payments. You can think of it as virtual money and some companies accept it as payment for their goods and/or services. It uses encryptions to ensure secured transactions.

Basically, your option to make money from cryptocurrency is by buying or trading. This means buying the coin according to the market’s rate and selling it, and often newbies don’t realize that you need a significant capital to start trading. 

Like traditional trading, the profit that you will get depends on the movement of the market and although it sounds easy, you have to learn a lot of things first to minimize capital loss. Therefore, opportunities like this one are not recommended for beginners.

Another option is to mine cryptocurrency coins. However, it’s not as simple as before where you just use your home computer to mine Bitcoin. Now, other than the capital, you have to spend money on graphic cards and other expensive tools.

Cash and Bitcoin Cryptocurrency



3) Multi-Level Marketing

Also known as network marketing or simply MLM, this opportunity is one of the most popular ways to make money online.

Thanks to the impressive compensation plans that most networking companies have, a lot of people assume that this is the best way to earn an income quickly.

In fact most MLM companies advertise “Fast-Start” bonuses to motivate you and start earning money within the first month.

However, this opportunity comes with a negative stigma because of its structure. But before we discuss that, let’s find out what MLM is about.

Multi-level marketing is a legit business model that lets you earn in two ways.

One is to sell their products and the other one is through recruitment but unlike pyramid schemes, you don’t earn commissions directly by inviting people rather, you encourage your downline or team to make a sale so you can achieve bonuses or incentives.



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A group of adults with laptops and phones at a table


But then, it’s not easy to make money with this program. Despite the attractive travel incentives, luxury cars, and bundles of cash, this opportunity has a lot of cons such as: 

  1. Expensive fees that members have to shoulder
  2. Expensive products to sell
  3. Focus on recruitment

Because of this practice, most MLMs are flagged as pyramid schemes or a scam. Don’t get me wrong you can become successful with MLM, but it’s much harder than most people think in the beginning. 




Now, let’s go to the best part — what are the best opportunities to make money online?

After years of exploring and experimenting with options to earn an income at home, these are the top 3 viable options that are not only lucrative but often, free to begin with.


1) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a legit business model that allows you to promote products or services without actually buying them. So basically, you earn commissions for marketing someone else’s products. 

This is by far the best opportunity for newbies to learn how online marketing works. It’s very easy to start and the sky is the limit as to how much money you can make. 


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Asian Lady holding "affiliate marketing" sign with right hand up



How Affiliate Marketing Works?

  1. Choose a Niche

Before you start an affiliate marketing business you want to choose a niche for your business. It’s advisable to select something you either have experience with or at least passionate about, this will greatly help to keep motivation up and keep moving towards success. 

Once you decided on the niche, research affiliate programs to ensure they offer rewarding commission if you promote their products. 


  1. Create a Website

These days It is very easy to get your own website. In fact it only takes 30 seconds with platforms like WordPress.

All you need is to choose a theme for your website and the rest will be done for you.

You don’t need to know a single line of code. 


  1. Get Traffic

There are plenty of ways to get traffic to promote affiliate offers. Here are a few: 

  1. Organic traffic from Google
  2. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok)
  3. YouTube
  4. Paid Ads

The good thing is that you can choose whatever niche or product you like or simply interested in. You’re not required to buy any of the products only to end up storing these in your garage. And did I already say – it’s free to get started

Most affiliate marketing programs also provide business tools and support, such as training and a community where beginners can learn about the business and how they can grow it online. 

Affiliate marketing is my personal choice and I am quite happy with it as I promote several products and earn revenue from multiple places. 


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The next second one is: 


2) Create Your Own Digital Courses

One of the most popular ways to make money online is by selling digital courses and it can be anything. From starting social media up to growing a brand, you can create courses that you can sell online.

It may not look like the easiest opportunity to pick on especially if you are new to online marketing, but you can buy an educational course on how to launch your own digital course. 

Of course, you can’t make money from it overnight. You have to do a few things first, such as devising a strategy on how to promote your digital course. This might include pre-selling it and/or offering it for free and charging for certification. 

It’s really a fun way to make money over the Internet since you will be sharing about the things you’re good at and at the same time, help people to improve their personal and professional life.


Part of lady on laptop at desk


Before Offering Your Course Online you may want to answer these 2 questions: 

  1. What topics are you going to cover? 
  2. Who is your target market?

You also have to create ideas on how you will implement your course over the Internet. 

Are you going to record videos or hold live webinars or are you going to provide eBooks and/or other downloadables? There are so many ways to do it. 

Other than that, you have to figure out the pricing of your course and the ways on how you will reach your customers.

Once your course is ready you can promote it on Social Media and all other marketing channels I listed for Affiliate Marketing. The best part is you can set your own price and make as much money as you want. 


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And the final option is:


3) Start A Vlog On YouTube

When it comes to making money while having fun, I believe it’s through vlogging or creating videos on YouTube. There’s no need for any certification for this and you can literally talk about anything.

It’s the best way to share valuable content with other people, too. It can be anything such as how to start a career online up to building a massive following online. You can even do makeup or cooking tutorials.

You can even promote your own digital courses or affiliate offers on YouTube. It’s very powerful as people are more inclined to buy when they receive valuable information. 

Of course, like other legit businesses, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to be consistent with your content as much as possible and it should be something interesting to watch.

You also need to create a plan on how you will grow your channel. One of which is to watch other vloggers so you’ll learn about different tactics on getting viewers.


Part of man holding tablet watching YouTube


You also need to create a theme or choose a niche so it’s easier for your target market to know which kind of videos or content you offer.

And you will need the basic tools to film your videos, including a mobile phone or camera, a laptop, and a decent internet connection, but these are very minimal costs compared to any traditional business. 

As of now, the rule to monetize videos on YouTube  is to have over a thousand followers and 4,000 watch time. It is very much achievable and right now is a good time to start your own YouTube channel. 

So there you have it – three proven ways to make money online which don’t really require a huge initial investment and can be turned in to successful businesses. 


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Regardless of which opportunity you eventually choose, it’s important to understand from the very beginning that you need to treat your online business as a real business and not as a hobby.

There are no legitimate “Get Rich Quick” opportunities where you can become rich overnight. Every successful person will tell you that. If I had to summarize my experience and give you one most important tip from building my online business it is this: 


Be Consistent

There will be many times when you fail and this is part of becoming successful in making money online. But no matter what struggle you are facing, be sure to be consistent with your business – specifically creating new content. 

Increasing traffic for your business takes time and even if you have a fail-proof plan in optimizing your website or social media platforms, there are always some road blocks down the line but successful entrepreneurs never quit, they keep on moving forward. 


“Everyone will quit around you – but you keep on moving forward” 


This is how only 5% of people become successful. Most people simply give up because they don’t believe in themselves. 

The key is to aim for constant improvement. Making money online is possible and the only thing that’s stopping you is YOU.

Now that you learned about 3 proven ways to start making money online without investment, which one you liked the most? Do you have any questions or comments? If yes, feel free to share it below.


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Thank you!

Vasiliy Latipov


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