Make Money Typing or Writing Online $100 – $500 Per Day [Easy Ways]

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Make Money Typing or Writing OnlineLooking for ways to make money typing or writing online? You can earn $100 – $500 per day using the methods that I’ll be showing you in this article.

Do you write really well and like working from home? Then, this is perfect for you!

There are tons of brands and companies out there that need people to write for them and these gigs are available to people who want to make money from writing online.

I’m going to list 5 websites below that people go to for this service to show you where you can sign up for free and start writing to earn money online.

These websites are 100% legit and surefire ways you can get paid to type.

Let me explain in the following sections:





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How Does TextBroker Work?

One of the websites that is great for freelance writers is TextBroker found at

The process of signing up on this website for free is very simple and I’m going to outline how.

You have to submit a sample of your writing in order to get verified and to get a rating from the site.

You’ll be paid according to the rating the website gives you as that will indicate how well you write. 

After you set up your author profile, you’ll be able to see that there are 3 different order types that you can earn money with:

  1. Open Order Method – The first type here with Open Order, you can look through jobs that are already listed on the site and choose from them. It will pay you by word according to the rating you got from the website.
  2. Direct Order Method – Secondly, there is also a Direct Order option which is basically when the client requests you to write based on your author profile, or for past working experience with you that went smoothly. Here, you can set your own price, and the quality rating that the website gave you won’t matter.
  3. Team Order Method – The last order type is Team Order, here the clients get to choose a team to finish a job, they can either directly choose one author from the team or just give the job to a specific team entirely. The client sets the price when they use the Team Order method. 

A Payoneer account is needed to get paid as an author on this site and it is only available for US citizens as they want Native American speakers to write for them.



How To Start Working On Upwork?

Upwork at is a site where you can earn with different skills and experience including teaching, video editing, graphic designing, etc., plus many more categories.

One of the biggest freelancing platforms in Upwork is writing. There are a high number of writing jobs available according to your experience such as ratings, blogs, websites, copywriting, advertising, etc. 

Just like TextBroker, you can also sign up for free on but the age limit is 18. To sign up you have to list your private information that Upwork needs you to fill out.


Laptop with 2 pens and phone



You also have to mention your qualifications and your experiences as that will determine what kind of work you’ll get.

Upwork will also ask how much you’d like to be paid per hour. You can apply to numerous posted writing jobs on the site.

Upwork is a completely secure and highly recommended website for freelancers and is also available worldwide which means you don’t have to be a native English speaker to work on this site!

There are also different types of payment methods that Upwork provides which are PayPal, security deposits, and wire transfers. 



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What You Need To Know About iNeedarticles 

The next platform is iNeedArticles, found at 

I have used this website before to hire writers and what I’ve noticed as a customer is that you don’t get to know much information about your writer.

This website basically lets you write anonymously and it lets me choose between a 3-star writer or a 4-star writer or a 5-star writer and the price also varies according to that.

To get approved as a writer on this website, they require you to write a 500-word article in 30 minutes or less. 

You get rated after a client gets your content every time.

One of the advantages of working as a writer on this website is that there are loads of articles always available to choose from so there will be constant workflow.

Another benefit is that the articles you’ve written do not get rejected easily by your clients as quality does not always need to be high for the articles you provide on this website.

Once you register as a writer on this website you only need to write a 500-word article once every month to keep your account active.

Payments are made Monday, every week through PayPal and you can earn as much as $25/hour. Unfortunately, this website is also only available for Native English speakers. 



Fiverr Is Also A Great Place For Freelance Writers.

Just like Upwork, Fiverr at is also a website which is available worldwide so it is also perfect for people who are not Native English speaker.

As soon as you sign up for Fiverr, you can put up ads of your gigs and your rates, although some writing jobs are offered at very low costs such as $5-$10.

There are a number of ways you can update and expand on your gigs which will ensure you more customers. First, you can add packages to your gigs, which are listed below:

  • Basic: You can specify a short word count, not so detailed writing, and cheaper pay on this package.
  • Standard: You can specify a longer word count, moderately researched package with higher pay.
  • Premium: You can specify your highest word count here including a deeply researched paper with your most expensive rate on this package.n

Second, each of these packages can also have different delivery times. You can further add images which give a cleaner look to your gig. All of these will add value and get you more clients.

If you can go through the rigorous process and switch to Fiverr Pro for which you will be required to have an excellent profile and samples of your writing, your gigs will be highlighted more and will be a lot more higher-paid, as high as $120 or more.

Clients will be able to rate your work and it will show on your gigs, the better rated you are, the more likely you are to get clients.

Fiverr has two different methods of paying out which are PayPal and directly to your bank.  It is a highly recommended website and 100% secure for freelancers worldwide. 



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Everything You Need To Know About Freelance Writing

This particular website, Freelance Writing, is a bit different than the other ones we talked about. On this website, found at, you can look at numerous job listings from various different sites at the same place.



Part of lady on laptop at desk



There are writing job listings from websites such as Indeed which is a very popular job site on the internet plus other job sites.

To know what a specific job entails, you have to click on it and read through the job details properly to see what the client is expecting from you and also to see if you’re suitable for the job. 

Freelance Writing has a high number of jobs posted throughout the day, they have different types of writing gigs available such as copywriting gigs, editing and proofreading gigs and you can also work as part of a team that provides a lot of options to choose from. Their payment method is also PayPal. 




If you actually love writing as much as me and think you can earn well by writing, what I really recommend is to write for yourself by creating your own online business.

What I have learned is when you build your own business, you can pick your own topic to work in so that you’re loving what you’re doing and it won’t feel like work.

My online business uses a business model that allows me to earn a commission from promoting other people’s products so it’s very beginner-friendly and you won’t need to create any products of your own.

It’s really the simplest business model to use for beginners and you can learn quickly how to do this with the proper training.

This is how I learned to have a passive income online and I believe you can do it too! 

For the reasons above, I highly recommend you checking out my free guide here so you can learn how to build an online business instead that can earn you not only a lot more money but a passive online income stream:


This is what I do online and what makes me a full-time online income every single month and you can learn from the exact training I used and still use today.


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding making money typing or writing online or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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