Affiliate Marketing Real Estate Secrets: Top 10 Affiliate Programs You’ll Love!

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Affiliate Marketing Real Estate Top 10 Affiliate ProgramsBeing a real estate agent or broker is a promising career. You can definitely earn a lot by selling houses and rentals.

However, before you can do any of that, you need to have a real estate license first. You can’t simply go selling properties.

But, what if I tell you now that there’s a way you can still be a real estate agent without the certification?

The way to do that is through affiliate marketing real estate platforms by partnering up with realtors and industry leaders to provide them with leads or sales for a commission.

Through this type of proven business model, you can sell rentals and homes without being a real estate agent!

Affiliate marketing is a business model many industries use to increase sales through affiliates’ efforts and allows for a win-win partnership.

You may wonder, how? Let me show you in the following sections:

    1. Zilpy
    2. Real Estate Affiliates
    3. Real Estate Express
    4. All Things Real Estate
    5. Lending Tree
    6. HomeAway
    7. Property M.O.B.
    8. BoldLeads
    9. LeadsBridge
    10. Foreclosure



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I’m going to assume that you’re new to this field, so let me give you an idea what affiliate marketing is all about.

It’s a form of online business where you’re going to refer people to a certain product through your special affiliate link.

Each time someone makes a purchase, you’re going to receive a commission. The percentage of your commission will vary depending on the program you signed up for.


You Could Also Just Watch This Video to Learn About The 10 Affiliate Programs:


This is a great way for new beginners to earn money online without much costs and able to start building their online business right away.

Affiliate marketing is a rising opportunity for people who want to earn at the comforts of their homes.

This is why you’re going to find a lot of affiliate marketing programs when you do a Google search, it’s not just for one industry, it’s for any industry.

However, in this post, we’re going to discuss those that mainly focus on real estate.




#1 Zilpy Affiliate

For more than ten years, Zilpy Affiliate has become a favorite place for real estate rentals. There are a lot of earning opportunities here as an affiliate. You can promote to investors, landlords, buyers, and appraisers.

You will simply sign up, which is completely free! You will then receive a confirmation link that will include your special affiliate link so you can begin marketing real estate deals and make some money.

Here’s what you’ll get if you signup for their affiliate program:

  • The tracking cookie will last for thirty days.
  • The commission for each sale is 30%.
  • The average order is $30 each month.
  • They include repeat sales.


#2 Real Estate Affiliates

Real Estate Affiliates is another top affiliate network used by brokers and marketers. The main reason for this is their high-paying commission rates for each sale. It’s not only marketers who make money here, but publishers as well who aim to earn from the development in the crowdfunding of real estates.

There are three ways you can earn from this program:

  • Cost-per-lead (CPL) – This is the easiest and fastest way to earn as you will make a commission each time someone clicks the ads of the network’s partner, and make an action to become a lead.
  • Cost-per-action (CPA) – You’re going to earn each time you send traffic to the network’s associate advertisers. For you to earn, these people must complete a certain action, like becoming a lead and signing up to their email list, for example.
  • Revenue sharing is another way to earn money here. In this approach, you’re going to receive commissions each time your referral makes a transaction with any of the network’s partner advertisers.


#3 Real Estate Express

Established in 1996, Real Estate Express is one of the pioneers of the real estate niche. It is a form of education that aims to help real estate brokers and agents to thrive in this business.

This platform also offers an affiliate program where you can earn by sharing your unique Real Estate Express referral links to your network.

It works by signing up to their platform first, which is also free. Once you receive the approval for your account, you can start promoting their online courses.

Each time people avail their courses through your affiliate link, you will receive a 25% commission for each sale.


#4 All Things Real Estate

All Things Real Estate puts a twist to the traditional real estate way of marketing by providing agents with new innovative ways to advertise their real estate business.

From open house signs to yard banners, they have all the tools agents will need to get their real estate business going with fresh modern new designs.

They take it that real estate marketing doesn’t have to be boring or traditional and provide the industry with great ways to market.

Affiliates will earn: 20% on all sales and have a 30 day cookie duration.


#5 LendingTree

The leader in the online mortgage space, LendingTree offers a cost per lead structure for their affiliate program.  Most people looking to buy real estate will need a mortgage and it’s a no-brainer to have a mortgage company to promote if you have a real estate niche site.

Three quarters of your audience will already know who LendingTree is so this will be highly converting for you and easy to earn commissions with generating leads for them.

You could get paid $1 – $75 per lead, depending what form and information they offer to LendingTree.  With this affiliate program, you only get a 14 day cookie and you’ll have to apply through or


#6 HomeAway Affiliate Program

Just like their name implies, HomeAway is all about vacation rentals. You’re going to earn around 3% commission each time someone rents from the site’s listing.

Also, you will receive $20 as their affiliate marketer for each new listing your direct to them.

HomeAway is a partner of Commission Junction (, so you need to signup there as well. This is important as you cannot be qualified as an affiliate in HomeAway if you don’t sign up at CJ.

Once they approve your account, you can start marketing their products as well that relates to real estate.


#7 Property M.O.B.

As a real estate investor community, Property M.O.B. brings you plenty of resources for your real estate investing needs.  You’ll be able to learn from their courses, coaching programs, and network with other investors.

They also recommend trained virtual assistants to those who need them in their thriving real estate business, as well as providing you with many tools and ideas on how to automate your business.

You’ll earn 25% on sales and recurring commissions on membership plans with a 30 day cookie (the period of time you can earn a commission from a person clicking on your affiliate link and buys during that time period).

This is certainly a great real estate affiliate program to join because it not only have a high 25% but also a chance to earn recurring commissions!

This is always the type of commissions you want to earn so you can make more money without doing more work.


#8 BoldLeads

BoldLeads is all about promoting leads for real estate sellers. For each successful referral, you’re going to earn $20 each month.

Simply sign up for their affiliate program and you’ll be given your special link so you can start promoting BoldLeads right away.

The great thing about this platform is you’ll be given access to countless promo codes and affiliate links.

They also offer recurring monthly payments, which means you will receive regular payouts each month for all your leads.


#9 LeadsBridge

Leadsbridge is a leads generation tool that agents can use to build your real estate business to have more streamlined processes for collecting leads and converting sales.

They have CRMs and email autoresponder software to help agents run their business smoothly and easily.

You will earn 20% for all sales you generate and you have a 90 day cookie duration which is pretty good.

If you want to help agents find a great way to manage their real estate business, then this is a great program to use on your affiliate site.


#10 Foreclosure

Signing up in Foreclosure as an affiliate marketer will give you various benefits.

For every completed sale through your special link, you’re going to receive a 25% commission. They also have access to a variety of listings that will offer you attractive conversion rates.

What’s more, they have a 6-month cookie duration. This means that if a client clicks your affiliate link and makes the purchase after six months, you will still receive the commission.

How awesome is that?




Once you have affiliate programs you can partner with, how will you go about building your affiliate marketing business?

I’ve tried this the hard way and I’ve tried it the smarter way.

The smarter way actually makes me money because following a proven path is much easier to do than to navigate blindly all over the web to learn this on my own which I really failed at taking this route.

When I grew a little smarter and found an affiliate marketing training platform that teaches me how to build this exact business along with a huge community to help me along my journey, I was ecstatic!

This one training program has changed my life and our family for the better because it taught me, a stay at home mom, how to make money from home on my laptop and now I’m able to generate a 4 digit online income.

But, this business is not for everyone since you need patience and most people don’t have it.  It took me 1.5 years to generate this 4 digit income and it’s been growing since.

Here’s a picture of my income during the first two years or so of my online business:


Sep 2016 - Dec 2018 Wealthy Affiliate results by month


You’ll see that I earned a 4 digit income in March 2018, that’s my 19th month in my business.  Some members earn 4 digits earlier than me and some earn it even later.

It all depends on your niche, your work ethics, and many other factors but one thing is for sure, if you’re learning from the training, working on your business consistently week after week, and lots of patience, you can make this work for you.

My results of course do not guarantee anything for you and my results are exceptional.

However, you can learn from the exact training platform I learned from which can be applied to the real estate niche or any niche for that matter.

Their techniques are evergreen and has given me the skills I needed to finally make money online!

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2018 In Review - How I Made $40K with Affiliate Marketing


My guide will also show you how you can get me as YOUR Personal Coach

So, I hope you will go check it out.


Otherwise, I hope you have enjoyed the top real estate affiliate marketing networks that you should seriously consider. They offer wonderful deals that could potentially boost your online career.

Keep in mind though, finding lucrative affiliate networks is important, but it’s also essential that you do the work necessary to make this online business a success.

Work hard, be patient and smart. It might take you time, but once you start earning, it will all be worth it!


If you have any questions about affiliate marketing real estate or anything about affiliate marketing, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below! I always reply to my readers! 🙂



Let’s make money online!

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