Best Cash Job Review: Scam Or Easy $50-$100 Per Day?

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Is Best Cash Job A ScamSounds like there is easy money to be made at Best Cash Job but is it a scam that’s going to just waste your time?  I’m glad you’re here to find out the truth.

I’ve been doing reviews of sites like this for awhile now and they keep coming out with more and more.  There are really no jobs that are available at Best Cash Job and they are just using that “job” word to lure you and mislead you.

You’ll be just working for yourself and using their referral program to make money with their platform but you won’t really be making any money as I will show you below in my Best Cash Job review.

Let me take you through the following sections of my review:



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Best Cash Job logo


Program Name: Best Cash Job


Price: Free

Recommended? No

The Best Cash Job site makes you think you are going to earn very easy money, I mean, all you have to do is get someone to click on your referral link and you’ll earn $10.

You even get a $25 bonus when you first sign up which is very attractive and easy money.


Best Cash Job home page


They call this a task, posting the link on the internet somewhere and having people click it.  That’s all you need to do to earn $10 a click.

Sounds pretty easy and as you do this, your account balance starts going up and you can see in your member’s area that you’re earning money.

When you reach $300 minimum payout amount, then a button becomes available to cash out.

But that button will just tell you to go through a bunch of offers and surveys you didn’t want to go through.

You may even end up signing up on things you never thought you would or even buy a product on one of the offers.

You will think you’re almost done and then voila! Yet another survey or offer appears.

You’ll be going through endless loops of offers and surveys until you have exhausted everything you got.

Then at the end of this, will you get paid?

I’m afraid not.




What’s the point of Best Cash Job if you’re not going to get paid?

They are earning money from your time and your effort without compensating you, as well as getting free marketing and advertising from all the people that posts their referral link.

As you go through all those offers and surveys when trying to get paid out, the owners behind Best Cash Job will earn money from your actions on those offers and surveys.

This would be fine to do IF they actually paid you for your efforts, but they don’t.

They also never intended to either, this site was set up purely for their own profit and lying to everyone that comes across it.

There is nothing good about this site nor all the other ones they keep coming out with.  They just change their name and domain so they can keep tricking more people and evade negative reviews like mine.

Just take a look at some of the previous ones here:

Salary Daily home page


Coin 4 Job Home Page


Duty Money Home Page


My PC Job Home Page


Dollars True Home Page



These are sites that will steal your time and work effort but not only that, they will try your login information on other sites like PayPal to see if they can get into your personal bank accounts to steal your money.

Be very careful and don’t join these sites.  If you do, use a new email address and don’t give them your real personal info.

There’s nothing good coming from these types of sites, which don’t even work properly.  They have links that don’t work and fake stats on their home page.

These guys will just rob you blind, stay away from these sites!




Thumbs DownHell YES Best Cash Job is a scam!

You’ll never get paid and you’ll be getting the run around with never ending offers and surveys while also trying to steal from you.

You’ll be lucky if you get out alive if you did sign up with them.  They lie about their payment methods too because well, first they don’t use any of them, and second the other options are never shown or available except check.

Which if they wanted to, can still string you along and tell you that your check is on the way and give you plenty of excuses that you have to wait for it in the mail.

But, that’s if you can even get a hold of anyone, there is no support or anything of the sort so you won’t be able to contact anyone anyway.

Best Cash Job is a total scam and I do not recommend it at all.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Best Cash Job is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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