Is Computer Gurus Work At Home Link Posting A Scam Program? YES!

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is Computer Gurus work from home link posting a scam program?The work at home link posting program at Computer Gurus may have peaked your interest in making $379/day but is Computer Gurus really a scam that’s just going to take your money?

My review below shows you everything you need to know about this scam and why you should stay away.

Programs like these are a dime a dozen and I’ve reviewed MANY of these before and I’ll tell you why below.

There are many ways to make money online but some of these programs are not what they seem and can lead you down the wrong path.

My Computer Gurus review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Computer Gurus logo


Program Name: Computer Gurus


Price: $97

Presented by: Riley Thomas

Recommended? No

The Computer Gurus leads you to believe that it is a work from home link posting program that you can earn money from and make $379/day.

They tell you that there are companies desperate to hire people to post links for them and that it’s super easy to do since you only need about an hour a day to earn $379/day.


Computer Gurus sales page


You are led to believe that you can earn $15 a link from posting these on the internet like places such as social media, online communities, forums, etc.

When you post these links, the companies will make huge sales from them, so they say, and that there is a huge demand for your services to help them post their links.

In reality, Computer Gurus is not any work from home link posting program, this is most likely a scam that’s going to funnel you into a high ticket program that will cost you thousands of dollars.

I know this because I’ve been reviewing MANY of these programs with the exact sales pages, the only thing that changes are the brand and personality names.

Here are some of the others but there are plenty more:

I had found out some of these were leading to high ticket programs where you have to “pay to play” sort of speak and you won’t be able to earn anything unless you pay thousands of dollars.

I mean, think about it, do you think you can really earn over $11K a month from working just an hour a day?

This is fantasy talk and these guys will scoop you in with your $97 then they will upsell you like crazy.




The truth is there is no “Computer Gurus” program because they keep changing the name so there is an underlying program they won’t tell you about since they want to trick you into some high ticket program like MOBE.

What’s so dangerous about high ticket programs is that they require a huge amount of investment in order to buy the licensing rights to sell their high ticket products which are just digital marketing packages.

They are high ticket products because they are priced in the thousands so you can make high commissions from them too.

So if you can earn $1,000 commission from a sale, you will have to pay about 2.5x for it first before you can promote it.

Some of these high ticket products cost all the way up to $30K that I’ve seen in the MOBE program as seen here:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


Many people lose thousands of dollars in such high ticket programs because they don’t know how to recruit massively to find the very few people that could also have that kind of money to invest.

Also, one of these high ticket programs was shut down earlier this year by the FTC so these programs are at high risk of being shut down too.


Why Computer Gurus Can’t Be Trusted

Just like all the rest, these guys can’t be trusted anyway because everything on their sales page is fake.

They first simplify the concept of affiliate marketing by calling it link posting but you can’t earn a lot of money just spamming these affiliate links all over the internet.

That might have worked years ago but these days, you’ll be banned so fast for spamming links that you won’t know what hit you.

You would also need a huge following on social media too if you were to make any money from posting there but even if you did, you’ll start losing followers if all you did was posting links on there as you don’t provide any value that way.

To earn good money from affiliate marketing, you will need to build a way bigger online presence first and then provide value to your readers to earn their trust, then you can make money.

I know this as I use this business model everyday to make money on this site you’re on now.

Secondly, everything on Computer Gurus’ sales page is fake as in the following:

  • Fake News Logos  – there are no real news stories linked to them.
  • Fake Limited Spaces Available – they would never limit the amount of $97 they can steal so don’t you worry about limited spaces, there isn’t any.
  • Fake Personality – they use the same pictures over and over again but change their names.
  • Fake Computer Gurus program – there is no “Computer Gurus” program for you to make money from there as mentioned already, you’ll be likely be tricked into a high ticket program.  They change their names so many times because they want to avoid negative reviews like mine.
  • High Income Hype – there’s no way you can earn $379/day or over $11K a month from working only an hour a day.  If it did, everyone would be doing it, including myself.

Here are some samples of other ones that look exactly the same except for some minor changes:


Here are the different names and personalities that’s been used too like Wendy Williams, Linda Taylor, Kenzie Anderson, Raena Lynn, Kelly Simmons and this one was Riley Thomas:




Thumbs DownYes, Computer Gurus is a scam and you shouldn’t trust anything on there.

You cannot make the kind of money they say, and you’ll most likely going to be left with more money out of pocket than in your pocket.

Unfortunately, scams like these come out all the time and I’m not sure what’s the answer to stop these guys but to blog about it so I can inform people of these scammers.

But, most people will just fall for it and lose a lot of money, which is quite sad for me to see that scammers would do this to innocent people who just want to learn how to make money online.

Also, I wouldn’t trust the underlying program as well because if it was truly a great program, they wouldn’t need to market like this and hide behind so many deceiving sales pages.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Computer Gurus or the underlying program.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Computer Gurus is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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  1. Hi, Grace Unfortunately these scammers are desperate. I have a question, do you know any websites that are legit on making cash from home? I have researched for hours and its very exhausting. please help? thanks Tim W

    • Hi Timothy,

      Thanks for comment here today. The way to make money online is really to build your own online business. If you want to build something like what I have, then check out my free guide here.

      My online business makes a consistent monthly 4 digit online income for me and you can do this too if you learn on the same training platform I learned from.

      All the info is here in my guide so check it out and let me know if you have any questions!



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