Best Place To Buy A Domain Name & Learn How To Choose the Right Domain Name

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Have you ever wanted your own domain?  I sure did and I have bought my fair share of them too!  LOL

You know where I buy them at?  The best place to buy a domain name is at GoDaddy!

Once you buy one, you’ll want to buy more because they are generally very cheap but don’t get yourself addicted to it. 😉

GoDaddy is also on my list of Best Online Business Tools page!


In this review, I will walk through:




How to Choose Your Domain Name | Work Anywhere NowThere are several factors to consider when choosing a domain name:

1) Is it easy to remember?  When picking out a domain name, one of the most important factor is that it should be something that’s memorable and easy to recall.

People are all over the web these days and it’s so easy to forget what website you saw something at so having a nice, easy domain to remember would help you get returning visitors to your site.


2) Does it convey what your website will be about?  The name should tell someone what your site will be about.  You wouldn’t want to go to to find cats there, right?  So, the name should tell someone what your site is about.


3) Should it be a certain length?  This one is not a must but would you easily remember or  How would someone remember your email when it’s too long?

I always try to name my domains short with up to only three words if possible, one or two words are even better.  If you use more than two words, try to use short words so that your domain name still seem short.


4) Does it have to have keywords?  If the keywords can satisfy the three factors above, then by all means do it.  However, if the keywords don’t, it’s best to leave your keywords for your pages and posts.




The GoDaddy website is so easy to navigate and their domains start at only $0.99 for a year!  Domain names can be searched very easily at their domain name search bar:

GoDaddy | Work Anywhere Now


When I search the domain name “furryblackcats” I get the following results:

GoDaddy | Work Anywhere Now


It shows me it’s available for a .com domain and that if I buy other extensions like .net, .org, .info, then I’ll get a whopping 69% off!

For the .com domain, it’s $2.99 for the first year and $14.99 for each year thereafter.  This is a great way to try your hand at building a website for a small price!

People usually buy the other extensions if they find a great domain name to prevent other people from having that name as well.  It could get expensive but if you want to protect your domain name, this is surely one way of doing it.

It doesn’t mean you have to make websites for all the other extension domains, all you have to do is forward those URLs to the .com website.


More Results

The rest of the search results for “furryblackcats” is below:

GoDaddy | Work Anywhere NowGoDaddy | Work Anywhere Now










These results show me a variety of things:

  1. Availability of different domain extensions and their prices as they all vary.  Interesting to see old extensions like .info, .us, .biz, and .online but also new ones like .co and .shop.
  2. Different variations of my domain name like and if you have $4K to spend (more on this below)!

If your domain name is not available, GoDaddy will offer you different extensions that are available and a variety of other names you can use instead of the one you searched.




Bulk Domain Name Registration

You are able to register for up to 500 domains at once at GoDaddy!  They currently have 92 extensions you can register for and they keep adding more.

GoDaddy | Work Anywhere Now

I can type in “furryblackcat” in the white box seen in the image above and click on all the extensions I want to register for.  When I press “Go”, it adds all the domain names that are available in my shopping cart.  Pretty easy and convenient for anyone want to buy a lot at the same time.


New Domain Extensions

They have this section for finding new extensions.  There are three categories:  Available Now, Pre-Register, and Coming Soon.

Available Now are extensions that have just released and are available for anyone to register for.

You can even Pre-Register for new extensions that are about to become available for registration to reserve your domain name.

Coming Soon shows the new extensions that are coming out soon and will be available in the near future.  This is great to know so you can prepare for what’s to come.


Domain Broker

Remember the domain name “” above that was listing for almost $4,000?  Well, that’s what GoDaddy offers as well, they act as a domain broker where you can buy domain names that are popular or easy to remember that were bought probably years ago and now those owners want to sell them.  This way, you’ll be able to buy hard to get domain names in a manner that won’t get you scammed.

If there’s a domain name you really want but not listed for sale, you can get a personal domain agent at GoDaddy who will contact the domain owner for you and negotiate a sale on your behalf that both parties like.  Finally, they will facilitate the transaction.




For me, GoDaddy is the best place to buy a domain name and I can say this because I’ve been using them since 2008!

They have been consistent with their service and I’ve been very happy with them.  When you log into your account there, you can see all the domains that you’ve bought and manage them there.

You can add privacy to your domains so no one sees your personal info if they “WHOIS” search your domain URL.  They also have other online services that has to do with your website.

If you want to buy your domain name from GoDaddy, please do so HERE and save 30% off some domain extensions!


Let’s make money online!

Grace | Work Anywhere Now



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  1. This is a very informative article! I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to choosing domain names, but I wish that this article existed back then! I had to learn the hard way. You will help many people and this website will do well. I know it!

  2. Hi there Grace!
    Thank you for a nice review. I took a look and especially liked the coming soon section, which is missing in many of the others! I got my eye on some names taken up by squatters, which are expiring soon, maybe I get lucky.

    P.S. Love the 🙂 I might have to buy it before it’s gone:-)

    • Thanks so much for taking a look at my post. 🙂 That’s good you liked the Coming Soon section, which is actually for new extensions that are coming soon, not what URLs are expiring soon. But yes, you can look out for the domains you want that are expiring soon to catch it before someone else takes it. 🙂

      Best of luck to you!

  3. Hi Grace,

    Goodday! I didn’t know too much about GoDaddy so this was a very good analysis for me to learn from you. I will have to visit them soon to check it out. Appreciate your detailed review.

    This is a very informative site and about making yourself be oriented on the online world. I’m really a new guy here in the online world, still need a lot to learn but I’m holding my ground and excited to learn things especially in this online business world. And your site is quite helpful that I was able to understand fundamental items and small things that need to be done prior doing that heavy stuff in online.

    Thank You and Have a Blessed day ahead.

    • Hi Yanmar,

      Thanks for stopping by! Appreciate your kind words on my website! I hope you will learn lots here and you can ask me any questions you may have. If you want to buy more domains, you should really check them out. They are truly one of the best in the industry.

      Have a great day!

  4. Hey Grace, GoDaddy is well known site. Thank you for providing information about domains and how to choose one. I was looking to buy a domain for a particular site i have planned on and will over to GoDaddy for this. Thanks again.

  5. Hello, Grace, I quite agree with you that Go Daddy is one the best to buy a domain name. Like you rightly mentioned that it is cheap to buy from there and their service is top notch. Yes, I will indeed advise anyone to buy a domain name from Go Daddy because of it worth every penny you are paying for it.

    Thanks for the information and keep it up

  6. I like Go-Daddy too. I have bought several domain names from them and have had no issues using their site. It’s easy to search and comes up with various options if the one you want is taken.

  7. What a great article! I have heard of GoDaddy but did not know how inexpensive they are OR all of the stuff they offer. And in regards to creating your own domain, that is really good advice. I have 2 of them. One is short and easy to remember but the other one I am now thinking could be too long. Do you recommend having your domain name the same as your website name? Again, great info!

    • Thanks Jennifer! Yes GoDaddy sure provides great services for a lot of your online needs, they are very reasonably priced. I don’t think your domain name has to be the same as your website name at all, but should be similar and not too off course.

      Hope this helps, thanks for your thoughts!

  8. Hi Grace,
    You have written a good post. When I bought my first Domain I had no idea what I was doing. I tried to find out what was available. After reading your post I know now that things would have been different if I knew what to do.

    GoDaddy has a good rep on the web I will visit the site when I am buying my next domain.
    Thanks for the Post,.

    • A lot of people don’t know in the beginning and that’s okay, it’s all part of learning. I’m able to now pass on information to others and help others get online with less mistakes! 🙂 GoDaddy is a great company and hope you will use them in the future!

      Thanks for visiting my site!

  9. Hi, I do affiliate marketing also and I really like the way you set up your website.
    I’ve only used namecheap so far for purchasing domains and then syncing them up my accounts.
    but ya, go daddy is the go to daddy of them all…the original grand daddy!!! 🙂

  10. Hello Grace

    Thank you for the great article about domain name buying. I am so surprised that domain name are that cheap.

    My last domain that I bought was a bit expensive than the prize that GoDaddy offer.

    But I have a question. Does GoDaddy offer hosting services.

    • Hi Jonathan, Thank you for stopping by! Yes, their rates for domains are very reasonable and I really trust them. Also, yes, they do offer hosting services but because I’ve never used it, I didn’t go into that part of their business in my review. They are a reliable source in the web space, so I would trust their domain services too just because I’ve dealt with them for years and they have proven to give great customer service.

      Best to you,

  11. I bought my first domain at GoDaddy and I have never used it 🙁 I just started and wasn’t active at all. I would like to sell it if it is possible. Do you know something about that?

    Anyways that was the number one recommendation whenever I started with the Wealthy Affiliate, GoDaddy.

    Thanks for pointing that out 🙂


    • If you have an old domain, I wouldn’t sell if you’re able to use it down the line especially if you’ve got some content on it, even if it’s very little. Aged domains are great for ranking!!!! Don’t sell if you can use it yourself. If you sell, you can sell on GoDaddy as well and they can help you with a commission of course. Otherwise, you can try it yourself on

      Best of luck Sunny!

  12. Hello grace, i was just signing up for godady affiliates. They were asking for invitation code otherwise 5$ . I coukd not understand it , if you can help me out?

    • Hi Arooj, To be on GoDaddy’s affiliate program, you need to be on and apply there. Set up an account at, then look for GoDaddy and apply to be an affiliate.

      You don’t need to pay to be an affiliate.

      Hope this helps,


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