Big Day for Owner of Wealthy Affiliate

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Kyle's Live Video Training


Wealthy Affiliate has weekly live video training for Premium members and they are usually done by Jay Neill of Magi Studios but tonight, for the first time, it will be given by one of the owners, Kyle.  I’m so excited for this because we get to not only see Kyle in live video but we’ll be able to ask him questions live.

The session will be about what he’s learned in his last 14 years and over 1,500 Premium members have already registered for this big event!  This live video training is happening tonight, December 30, 2016 at 5pm PST.

If you haven’t upgraded to Premium, this is a big reason to.  🙂  However, if you miss it tonight, you don’t have to worry, it will be on their platform forever as they always have instant replay available a day or two after the live event.

Kyle's Profile PicHere are some of the topics that will be discussed tonight:

  • frustration/pain points for members
  • niche picking
  • how to build the foundation of your business
  • what sort of programs to promote and how he would maximize his income
  • tips for people starting out
  • how to scale your business if you’re already making money
  • trends for 2017
  • how things have evolved over his 14 years

Even more exciting is that this may not his only live training!  I had put in a discussion thread for this live training that one hour is certainly not enough, and he replied saying there may be more in the future as one hour session is definitely not enough to cover his 14 years experience:

Littlemama & Kyle's conversation on Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle is the forefront person for Wealthy Affiliate.  The other owner Carson, is more behind the scenes.  If you promote the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program and can make 300 sales a year, you get to go to an all expense paid trip to Vegas to meet both owners for a Super Affiliate conference!  From what I hear, it’s a great learning experience!  I definitely have this in my goal to reach and achieve.

Anyway, back to the Live Video Training by Kyle tonight, you have until 5pm PST tonight to upgrade so you can participate live, otherwise, you will get to see the replay if you upgrade later.  I can’t wait to learn from Kyle in this way.  He’s also reachable in other ways on the platform as well like in Live Chat, private messaging, and on his profile page.  He’s always answered me whenever I had reached out to me, not a lot of owners take care of their members like this.

Kyle and Carson truly care about their members and they are constantly updating their platform to have the most up-to-date info in their training as well as bringing us new features every year.  For 2017, one of the new features will be SSL certificates – no extra cost, included in our Premium membership.  So much more to come!

This was just a quick note about tonight’s big training and I just can’t wait for it!  I hope you can join us too!


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4 thoughts on “Big Day for Owner of Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Hi Grace,

    I was lucky to watch Kyle’s first live class where he shared some points he follows every day as an affiliate marketer.

    I recommend to anyone interested to build up a website to work from home to make some time to watch Kyle’s video.

    • Thanks very much Alejandra, appreciate you stopping by. It’s great to be able to learn from the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s pretty cool that way. 🙂


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