What Is Affilorama About & Why You Should Think Twice Before Signing Up!

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Recently I discovered another online course for affiliate marketing and I was wondering What is Affilorama about? so I dug a little deeper.  The reason I did this is because I wanted to make sure my choice with Wealthy Affiliate is still the best choice and at the end of this run down of Affilorama, it will be clear who you should choose if you’re thinking about one of these platforms.

There are several components of Affilorama that I will look at:

  • Overview of Affilorama
  • Memberships
  • Training
  • Upsells
  • Support
  • Final thoughts



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Mark LingAffilorama is an online training platform to build an affiliate marketing business and its owner is Mark Ling.  It has been around for 10 years as of this post and the owner’s experience in the online arena is 14 years.

They have training for beginners to intermediate level people who want to get into this business.  They offer free and premium memberships plus a whole lot of other “products” that you can invest in.

From the forefront when you enter the platform, they already want to sell you their products.  When I see a program like this, the first thing I think of is “Wow, you really care about the people….. not.



Basic Membership:

They have a Basic membership that is free which is always good to take a look around and test it out.  First thing I noticed about the free membership is that you don’t get any free websites or have any kind of website builder with it.  You don’t get to build along side as you learn and therefore no hosting for free memberships.

Also, this membership is only for seven days while Wealthy Affiliate’s is unlimited.  Once the 7 days have passed and you don’t upgrade, then you are out in the cold.

There are eight topics to learn from and within each topic, there are anywhere from 3 to 16 lessons within each topic, so that’s a nice chunk of lessons with the free membership if you can learn it all in seven days.  More about the lessons though below.


Premium Membership:

Premium membership allows you to continue with your training with the same set of lessons as Basic plus only 19 more videos.  Of the 19 videos, about 25% of these are about producing your own product.  That’s not affiliate marketing.  You get into affiliate marketing so you don’t have to create your own products.

You do get hosting for 15 domains, but the hosting is limited: disk space 2GB, traffic 75 GB, 10 MySQL databases (meaning you can only have 10 WordPress sites, so why offer 15 domains?!).  On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate has unlimited hosting and can host up to 50 sites.

This membership comes with a heavy price tag of $67/month, although the first month is $1.

Affilorama's Memberships
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When I start looking into their lessons, there are a lot of info to choose from but they are not organized in a way that should be applied to your site as you build it.  Meaning you can jump around to different topics and not really in order that you should as one builds a website.

For beginners, this could be confusing and hard to follow, you may not know where to start or where to go next as you build your website.  The lessons are only grouped by topics.

For both the Basic and Premium training, there are lessons that are totally not applicable anymore in this day and age.



Here is their warning at the top of one of their lessons about using PLR (Private Label Rights) articles:

Affilorama's Warning About Out of Date Content

Copied content is the worst thing you can do for your website nowadays.  Real training would tell you not to even use any word spinners to change up articles to make it your own.  You need to do your own research and create unique content from your own perspective.

What gets me is that they still have these lessons on there even though they have these big warning signs in the lesson.  How about removing those lessons and replacing them with what’s relevant today?  How is anyone supposed to build a successful business with instructions that will hurt their websites?!



The other strategy taught there is backlinking.  Since 2012, we all learned from Google that artificial link building is against their terms of service and a bunch of sites got de-listed from Google and lots of companies’ websites tanked in traffic because of it.  Would you want to do this today?  No.

With every Google Penguin or Panda update, any websites with any sort of backlinking strategies will get penalized, so be careful what you do with backlinking.


They also lack in live weekly video training which is important to have because you can be updated and learn about things that are going on at that moment.  The online world is constantly changing and evolving and this platform doesn’t seem to want to evolve with it, unlike Wealthy Affiliate who’s always improving their platform to make it better for us.




This is the worse part of the training platform.  I really don’t think Mark Ling genuinely wants to help others build successful businesses.  You already want $67/month in membership fees and the training that’s included won’t get us to making a successful online business since you need to sell me more things to start “Making Money”?  Wow.

As of this post, they have 3 upsells:

  1. AffiloTools – Free, $17/mo, $47/mo, $97/mo
  2. AffiloBlueprint – $197 one time payment
  3. AffiloJetPack – $997 (!!) one time payment


#1) AffiloTools – basically Google Analytics, add your Facebook & Twitter accounts, and some keyword rankings of your site, all that can be found elsewhere for free.  If you want to look at everything in one spot, then I guess you can pay as the free is very limited:

The keyword research tool in here is so limited that I can’t even tell you it’s a keyword research tool.  It’s basically to see how your site ranks.  All the pricing involved here $17/mo, $47/mo, and $97/m0, are way too expensive and should be included in their membership like Wealthy Affiliate’s tools do.


#2) AffiloBlueprint is actually what the Premium membership should be a Step-by-Step training on how to build your site and make money from it through affiliate marketing!  However, you need to buy this extra module if you want to make money online.  Is it worth $197? HECK NO!

Affilorama's AffiloBlueprint


#3) AffiloJetpack is the worse of them all, a “done for you” system <= scam words by the way.

Affilorama's AffiloJetPack

What this includes are 5 done for you websites, email marketing all written up for you, 3 eBooks, 14 profitable niches to pick from, and 20 content cheat sheets (so they’ve kind of improved on the duplicate content part) so you can create unique content.

The language on this sales page is horrible, all it screams to me is SCAM:

Affilorama's AffiloJetPack

All this for only $997, one time payment, and you only get 1 year of hosting for your 5 websites.  Ha!

First of all, anything done for you is not good, that means everyone paying for it has the same 5 websites you have, there goes your uniqueness.  There is no such thing as set it and forget it when it comes to building your own business.  All this language just tells me that they just want your money.  They are just trying to lure those who don’t have a lot of time to build their own online business.

Building an online business takes time, dedication in learning, and building something unique on your own with your own voice.  Wouldn’t you want to know how to build this business from the ground up so you can build it again and again as you expand your online empire?  Save your money here.




There is no live help, so you are at the mercy of the forum and company blog, both of which are not updated that often and not a lot of members are on at a time, like not even 20 members were on when I was on there.

When I posted a question on the forum, it took at least 2 hours for someone to say something and then it was not even the answer I need and so I asked it another way and finally got an answer a few hours later.  We live in a world where we need answers quickly so we can continue with our work.  Not having live help or even enough members to be online to help each other, is a big drawback of this community, or lack thereof.

Joining a membership has the benefit to get help from other members, I always learn from members at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s really black and white between the two communities.

Can you contact the owner and also get help/advice from Mark Ling?  Nope.  However, I can from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate and I have many times.  I’ve even seen Kyle on Live Chat as well to help members out.




When I join a platform, I want to know that the owner(s) really care about the members that join.  I don’t see that with Affilorama as they don’t even replace outdated lessons on their training and make members pay more for training that should be already included in the Premium membership.

So what is Affilorama about?  It’s about a training platform that gives you just enough to maybe pay for that first month, but it’s really about the upgrades because every page of the membership lessons have their products advertising on the bottom.  This doesn’t tell me they care about people first.

I’m so happy that I’ve chosen Wealthy Affiliate!  With either the Free (unlimited time) Starter membership or the Premium membership ($49/month or $359/year), you get SO MUCH more than the Affilorama platform, and without any upsells.  The training at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none and it’s all organized in a step-by-step manner and if you follow the lessons here, you will make money online without buying more crap!

If you’re ready learn with the best, just click on the green button below:




It’s really a no-brainer to go with Wealthy Affiliate, but if you’re still on the fence, read my full review HERE.  If you want to give Affilorama a try anyway, by all means, give it a spin yourself and click HERE.


Let’s make money online!

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10 thoughts on “What Is Affilorama About & Why You Should Think Twice Before Signing Up!”

  1. I’m so pleased that I am with wealthy affiliate, I admit that I have had to wonder whether there might be something cheaper out there, but it definitely wouldn’t be quite as good. It is amazing that you get the website builder, affiliate program, training, help, support and domain name all in one go! You very rarely see a platform with so much packed into it!

    • Hi Emma, I’m so glad you feel the same about Wealthy Affiliate! Yes there just so much in the Wealthy Affiliate that you can really even compare to the other training platforms. Even in the comparison table above, if there’s a green check on Affilorama’s platform is either not as good or you have to pay extra for it, they are so expensive.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey Grace,

    Great review on Affilorama. I can’t believe how bad some of these “companies” are! I really cant believe that they advertise that their training is out of date, how ridiculous! I am a member of WA as well, and love it there. I do sometimes look around just to make sure it is the best, so that is why I am so thankful for websites like yours that give me the scoop on these other companies! Ill be staying far away from Affilorama, so thanks again.

    • You’re so welcome Katie and glad you have found Wealthy Affiliate too. Companies like Affilorama don’t care about their members because if they did, they would update their lessons, they would not sell you more products, they would improve your platform and evolve with the internet.

      I’ve personally been encouraged and helped by the owners at Wealthy Affiliate and I can reach out to them anytime, unlike Mark Ling. Kyle & Carson of Wealthy Affiliate truly want you to succeed, while Mark just want your money.

      Glad you’re at Wealthy Affiliate!

  3. Wow. I cannot say that I’ve never seen a scam like this before because there are so many on the internet! They offer mediocre training and always encourage expensive upsells! I’ve actually never heard about Affilorama before but I appreciate this post to ensure that I avoid it at all costs. I think what really stood out to me is that the platform offers no live support. I have been doing affiliate marketing with WA for about two months now and to tell you the truth, even though the training is top notch, because I am a beginner, there are things that I did not understand and needed the help of the community. So I really appreciate the live support and I think any newbie would too!

    • Hi Lindsey, loved having your perspective here as a new member of Wealthy Affiliate! I’m glad you see the benefits of a Live Chat where you can truly get help almost instantly. Glad you are getting your training right from the start at a place that is members first! I wish you much success in your online venture.


  4. Hi Grace great review of Affilorama, but I have to disagree on some points like The AffiloJetpack, the services offered by Affilorama are 100% legit, Mark Ling is not a scammer is a man by word indeed.

    Affilorama is a great place to learn just like Wealthy Affiliate, but what makes Affilorama bad is various upsells and high fees.

    I receive regular emails from Sarah Chrisp from Affilorama, they offer lots of value they are a great company but too much upsells for my likings.

    Wealthy Affiliate offers more services and it’s costs less.

    To sum things up, Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate are both great companies, but WA is slightly better and it costs way less.

    • Hi Anis, I’m glad you see it that way. I know I used the word scam, but what I mean is that the system he offers in the AffiloJetpack is not good for anyone trying to build a successful online business. Would you want to have 5 websites that are the same as others? Would you want to pay $999 for this system that is done for you?

      If Mark Ling is such a man by word, why doesn’t he offer the AffiloBlueprint in his Premium membership?? That kind of training is what’s needed in the Premium area, but instead, he offers 25% training on how to create your own product, which is not even affiliate marketing anymore. His platform is for affiliate marketing training.

      I’m glad you have a better experience at Affilorama than me, but the Wealthy Affiliate platform is not just slightly better, it’s a LOT better in my opinion. But everyone needs to try for themselves to see which one they’ll like better.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  5. Hi Grace. What a site!!! I wish I had seen a site like yours about 15 years ago. I can relate to everything you have on your site. There are so many A holes out there trying to #@$%##$ everyone over to make themselves rich and to %$@#@$ with the rest of the world. Thank you for this site, it is fantastic. I believe in “what goes around, comes around”. I hope you have great success with this site.

    • Thanks David for your enthusiasm about my site! This gives me much encouragement to keep working on it! 🙂

      Well, all I can say is that there are many that just want to make money, and there are those that want to help others. I’m in the boat of the latter and I believe helping others outweigh making money as I know that will follow if you help enough people. So that’s my priority and the people I work with will have the same.

      I feel that with Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate, I just don’t feel the same with Mark Ling.

      Thanks for stopping by!! I wish you much success too. 🙂


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