WordPress 4.7: How To Add Back Missing Underline and Justify Buttons

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WordPress Missing Underline and Justify Buttons | Work Anywhere NowAfter the WordPress 4.7 update, we lost the Underline and Justify buttons on our post edit toolbar which should not be missing in my opinion!  I don’t know about you but I was livid!!  LOL  How can they take those buttons away?!

Yes, I know you can use your keyboard to get those functions, but it’s way more convenient to have them in the post edit toolbar and just click with the mouse.

I use them often, especially the Justify button, and I want to have them back on my toolbar!


Thank goodness there is a way to get them back!  Here’s my video for a complete walk through to add back the Underline and Justify buttons:

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If you can’t see the video for some reason, I will explain here:

#1) Add new plugin “Re-add text underline and justify” by going to your WordPress menu to the left:

  • Select Plugins
  • Then click Add New
  • Search the name of the plugin “Re-add text underline and justify”
  • Click on “Install Now”
  • Click on “Activate”

Re-Add Text Underline and Justify Plugin | Work Anywhere Now


#2) After you’ve installed the new plugin, you’ll go to your WordPress menu again:

  • Select Settings
  • Then click Writing


Here you’ll see a new option: “Editor Style” and if you look at the drop down, you’ll get three options.

The first option: “Default  – without underline & justify buttons” (boooooo) does nothing, keeps it like it is with the 4.7 update.

Re-Add Text Underline and Justify Plugin | Work Anywhere Now


The second option: “Re-add underline & justify buttons” adds the buttons back to where they were before the update, which you need to click on the Toolbar Toogle icon to see:

Re-Add Text Underline and Justify Plugin | Work Anywhere Now

Re-Add Text Underline and Justify Plugin | Work Anywhere Now


The third option: “Re-add underline & justify buttons + arrange” – my favorite option because this puts the buttons back where they should be:  Underline button next to the text formatting buttons and Justify button next to the alignment buttons!

Another reason why I like this option is that you don’t have to toggle as often to get to these buttons, they are on the first level of the toolbar!

Re-Add Text Underline and Justify Plugin | Work Anywhere Now

Re-Add Text Underline and Justify Plugin | Work Anywhere Now


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So happy to have these buttons back on my toolbar!  Now I can write with ease again. 🙂

Did you miss your Underline & Justify buttons in your WordPress?  Please leave me a comment below if you like this mini tutorial and let me know your thoughts!  I always reply and love to hear from my readers. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “WordPress 4.7: How To Add Back Missing Underline and Justify Buttons”

  1. Watched the whole video. Why? because I also said what the hell? where is the underline button?
    I thought I screwed something up like always. Thank you so much for this tutorial and training. I will install the plug in asap after I write this comment.
    Amazing, thanks again
    Cheers, Peter

    • Hi Peter, I’m so glad you found this tutorial helpful! I don’t know why WordPress would take that away?! It doesn’t even make sense, these are basic word processing edit tools. I’m just glad I was able to find a way to get those buttons back! 🙂

      Best to you!

  2. I have rarely used the underline button. But I always justified my content before publishing it. When I could not find it I could not figure out what has gone wrong. However, I found that the issue can be addressed differently. Go to the keyword shortcuts & click on the icon. A box containing the details of shortcuts will open up. The direction therein says for underlining a line, the command is Ctrl+U and for justifying your text, it is Shift+Alt+J.

    • Thanks Barnali! I known about the keyboard shortcuts already but with this little app above, you can have the buttons right on the top part of your toolbar. I guess it’s a matter of preference, I like to just click on the button and some others may find it just as fast with keyboard shortcuts.

      Appreciate your tips!

  3. Oh man, this is just want I needed and wonder if my eyes were not working properly! Glad I found your post!


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