Do People Make Money Blogging? Yes! $2.9K Jun’18 Results!

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Do people make money blogging? Yes $2.9K June income report*** SEE JULY 2018 UPDATE HERE $4.4K!!!***


I’m so excited to share my June 2018 blog income results with you and hopefully answer your question: “Do people make money blogging?”

It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these because I have been busy building my online business and now I can share with you how I’ve been doing.

Don’t fret, just because I haven’t been updating my progress here, doesn’t mean I didn’t document it somewhere else, stay tuned on how to find it…

It’s been an incredible journey so far and I can’t wait to get into my June 2018 income report and show you the following sections:



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JUNE 2018 Income Report

My June 2018 has smashed all records once again and June is my 4th month in a row making a 4 digit online income.

It has taken me a year and a half to start making a four figure income online and it has been well worth it because my site now has such momentum, it will only grow even more from here on out!


Traffic: Almost 2K Visitors In A SINGLE DAY!

My traffic has been increasing over 20% for the last few months and in June I hit a new per day record of 1,968 visitors a day!

This was mainly due to a huge news story that broke out in June in my niche and I was able to capture that traffic by blogging about it a day later.  Could you imagine if I had wrote about it on the day of?  I would have surpassed 2K visitors a day!


Let’s take a look at my traffic on Google Analytics for the month of June 2018:

Income Report June 2018 - Google Analytics for the Month


Here is my traffic Google Analytics graph for the life of my blog which was started Sep 1/16:

Income Report June 2018 - Google Analytics for CYTD


Below are the numbers for each of the graphs above, I had over 37K people visiting my blog in June 2018 and I have touched more than 185,000 people so far in my journey!

I find these numbers pretty awesome especially how slowly I started from as you can see in the above cumulative graph.

This traffic is all generated by blogging using SEO techniques taught at Wealthy Affiliate and I do not use any paid promotions of any kind.

Well, I tried at one point earlier on and PPC scared me a bit because of how easily I can spend hundreds of dollars and not get much results.

Maybe I’m not good at it, but I told myself I don’t need it and kept going my way using SEO because once I have that SEO behind my site, there’s not stopping this traffic!

Here’s another chart to show you where my traffic is coming from:

Income Report June 2018 - Google Analytics Top Channels

You can clearly see above that almost 86% of my traffic comes from Organic Search which is the traffic you really want as that is the most targeted.

The 2nd highest source of traffic is my email list which is at just under 7,000 at the end of June and no, I didn’t take the entire time to build this.

This list really started building in Aug/17 when I implemented my free guide to giveaway to people like you. 🙂  So giving away a freebie really works to build your list with.

When you sign up for my list, you will get my free guide plus 6 days of tips and a guide on how this online business works, it’s been a great source for leads.

This is a screenshot of my Aweber stats as of today (I didn’t take one on the night of June 30):

Income Report June 2018 - Aweber Stats


$2.9K Income Report

I know, I know, where’s the money?

Well, it’s right here and you’ll have to create a FREE account to get to it but it’s well worth the read (click on image):

Income Report June 2018 - Wealthy Affiliate Blog

Not only will you see my June 2018 results but you’ll see my entire Wealthy Affiliate journey under my profile.

I’m known as “littlemama” on the platform which is my username, you will see that I have 126 posts on there documenting my entire progress since I joined on Sep 7/16.

I haven’t left because Wealthy Affiliate continually updates and provide new webinars, resources, and member support.

You can see on my June results post above I have 347 comments on there but that screenshot was taken a couple days ago and now in the 400’s because of the great support I get from so many members on the Wealthy Affiliate platform – people congratulating me and thanking me for the info I provide.

With each progress report I write on there, I offer my friends new tips on how I do my business.

Create Your Free Account Here Now To Read My Updates & Tips!




For my website here, I use the affiliate marketing business model to make money on my blog and what that means is that all I do is send traffic to (recommend) places where people can find what they need.

If those people make a purchase, I will make a commission from the company they bought from.

The process is simple and allows people like you and me to make money without having to create any products, buy inventory, make any huge investments, customer services, shipping, payment processing, and all the other headaches of a store owner.

I don’t mind leaving all that to the big companies. LOL

Before this blog, I had 2 handmade online shops which I still have one of them,, and I didn’t like the fact that I had to sew (only learned it to make the dolls), locked to a single location, and all the pressure/headaches of a shop owner.

Nowadays, I just blog from any room in my house, or at a coffee shop or on vacation (I did this in June in Mexico), and this online business provides me with such flexibility as a stay at home mom.

Almost every product or service online these days have some sort of affiliate program attached to it so there’s plenty for you to get niche ideas from.

Therefore, I make money from many different companies, the ones I affiliate with, but you’ll see that my biggest affiliation is with Wealthy Affiliate of course!

Not only because they have a great affiliate program but because I have learned so much from them and I want to show others that there is a legitimate place where they can really learn how to make money online.

By learning at Wealthy Affiliate, you can choose any topic of your own to build your online business with and you certainly don’t need to do what I do.

Different members on the Wealthy Affiliate platform make money with various niches and there’s plenty of money to be made in each niche.


I Love Passive Income

Another aspect of my online business earns from is just purely ads that I have on my site which is totally passive once I got it set up.

I earn $20 – $50 a day from ads on my site and this will keep increasing as my site keeps growing in traffic.

So is my earnings from affiliate marketing, this is also passive in the sense that I can make money even if I’m on vacation, eating, sleeping, etc because my website works for me 24/7.

It only works for me because I’ve been building it since Sep/16 and hasn’t stopped.

If I continue building it from this point onwards, I will eventually hit 5 figures with this blog and I can’t wait for that day!

I’ve been wanting to build this passive income stream for a long time and I have finally done it!  It’s a great feeling and gives me even more motivation to keep going.




The secret is that there is no secret!

You will see on my site here that I write a lot about scams and other low quality products that usually market themselves as having the secret to online success.

Once you know how the process of making money online works, how websites work, you will be able to see that their lies are quite obvious and that’s why I can tell which products are good and not good from my experience.

The real KEYS to online successes are:

  • Patience – You may be learning a new set of skills here, nobody wakes up one morning and just know how to build this online business so you need to know that you will not make money fast doing this.

This online business is very cumulative and the work you put in today will be fruitful down the road, this is also why many people quit blogging because they don’t see any results but they were so close if they only continued.


  • Perseverance – In this online business, especially in your first year, you will run into issues and roadblocks that you will need to overcome, just like in anything new you are learning in life.

You need to persevere through these problems and find out how to fix and get over your bumps in the road.

It’s not how many problems you encounter, it’s how you handled them and how you get back up from them.  I once heard that the more failures you have the better since the more failures you encounter will only lead you to success.


  • Persistency – Never give up, this is so important!  Many people give up too easily and they don’t see how this business works.  It’s a long term process and if you keep going, you will see results.

If you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate and learn the techniques taught there, you will make money if you just keep applying those techniques to your site.

It’s a proven method and blueprint to building this business, and my online business is living proof that their training works!




I’m a stay at home mom that wanted to make money online so I can finally contribute to my family’s finances once again like I did before I became a mom.

I was in the corporate world before becoming a mother and quit my accounting career for my family.

Ever since my kids were younger (they are still young but in grade school now), I wanted to start making money money online because it has been so tight with just my husband’s salary and needed the flexibility of an online business.

I’ve tried so many things online including blogging back in 2012 which I failed at because I had no clue what I was doing.

Flash forward to Sep/16 when I finally found Wealthy Affiliate, my online career changed and now I get to make a 4 digit online income on a consistent monthly basis with an all time high of $2.9K thus far!

Now it’s my turn to give back and help others also achieve their online success, by offering you my free guide here that helps you learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and how the process works:

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Not only that, if you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate using my affiliate link here (or in my guide), you’ll have me by your side your entire journey and will help you all the way to making $0 to your first dollar and much more!

I’ll be your personal coach/mentor/friend (whatever you want to call me) you will be able to reach out to and ask any questions to which will be done inside Wealthy Affiliate through their private messaging 1-on-1 system.

I have mentored many members on this platform and I always offer my full knowledge to everyone I meet in there, whether they signed up through my link or not.

However, those that do, will have my special attention of course! 😉

Having someone by your side will only fast track you on your path to success!



So, do people make money from blogging?  Heck YES! I do and I can help YOU do it too!

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding any of the above or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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