3D Wealth Machine Review: $10K A Week Or A Scam By Coach Bob?

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is 3D Wealth Machine a scamI know it must be enticing to join Coach Bob and his 3D Wealth Machine to earn $3K – $10K a week within days of joining but is this for real?

Is 3D Wealth Machine a scam really that will just be a huge disappointment?

You’ll be getting yourself into more than you know if you join this Coach Bob so let me breakdown what this really is in my review of 3D Wealth Machine below.

There are certainly lots of opportunities out there but unfortunately there are more scams out there than there are legitimate systems to use.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Program Name: 3D Wealth Machine

Website: 3dwealthmachine.com

Price: $3,247 – $21,847

Owner: Coach Bob

Recommended? No

The 3D Wealth Machine claims that you can start earning thousands of dollars right away within just days of joining.

The 3D Wealth Machine site is by Coach Bob who says he’s your average Joe who is now earning $50K – $100K a month with the system actually behind this.


3D Wealth Machine sales page


You see, you’re actually not joining any “3D Wealth Machine” system, this is just a sales funnel to get you to join the real high ticket program called Leveraged Breakthrough.

I had just reviewed Leveraged Breakthrough not long ago and it was 3D Wealth Machine that got me to Leveraged Breakthrough as well.

So basically Coach Bob is a member of Leveraged Breakthrough and has built his own landing page called 3D Wealth Machine to promote Leveraged Breakthrough with as well as having people to join under him.

So the question really what is Leveraged Breakthrough and if it’s any good?

The quick answer is no because there were two other big players that also had high ticket program business model and the FTC shut them down, you can read the two stories here and here.

Therefore, joining anything remotely related to any high ticket programs are at very high risk and I will explain why in the next section.

There are also more information about high ticket programs that you should know before joining which I’ll go over in a sec since these programs are never as easy as they sound.




This is going to be a system about recruiting and recruiting people for the purpose of having others do the same thing you do.

So you have to buy into the system at one of their levels, they have 4 levels for you to choose from which are Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Ultra Royal.

Whatever level you buy, that’s the level you’ll earn at no matter if your recruits buy a higher package than you.

Once you buy in, you can start recruiting others so they can do the same thing and buy in and promote the same system.

You’ll be given landing pages like Coach Bob’s 3D Wealth Machine to recruit with and you don’t even have to close any sales, your success coach will close the sale.

Once you recruit someone into the system, you’ll earn commissions when they buy into a level.

The income you can earn at each level are:

  • Level 1 – $1,500
  • Level 2 – $3,500
  • Level 3 – $7,000
  • Level 4 – $10,000

So if you bought into Level 3 and your recruit buys at Level 1 or 2, then you’ll earn $1,500 or $3,500.

If your recruit buys at Level 3 or 4, you will still only earn $7,000 for each of those because you didn’t buy into Level 4 to earn the rest of that commission.


The Real Cost Of Leveraged Breakthrough

So before you even get started, you’ll need to spend some serious cash.

Leveraged Breakthrough System Costs

The cost of those levels are not cheap, you’ll need to invest the following to have access to their system to earn:

  • Level 1 – $3,000 + Admin Fee $247 = $3,247
  • Level 2 – $7,000 + Admin Fee $447 = $7,447
  • Level 3 – $14,000 +Admin Fee $647 = $14,647
  • Level 4 – $21,000 +Admin Fee $847 = $21,847

These levels you buy into all have some digital products you can learn from but they are not worth the price tag of these numbers.

A lot of them are just PLR generic products that you can buy for like $10, but they are packaging a few of these per level and then inflating those prices to thousands just so you can have a system to earn high commissions.

They actually have to have some kind of products attached or else this is a straight up cash gifting scheme and that’s illegal.

But, as seen in the other two shut downs, it didn’t matter they had digital products to sell with the memberships.

At the end of the day, the real purpose of all the inflated prices is so you can pass money from a new member to existing members in the system and is all recruiting based with no real retail products.

When you pay for a level, that money goes to three places, the admin fee goes to the Leveraged Breakthrough owners, then 50% of the payment will go to the member that recruited you and the other 50% goes to the sales rep (yeah not likely success coaches) that closed the sale for you.

This is how you’ll earn money too when you recruit people.


Harder Than It Sounds

If the real cost is not a barrier to you at all, then you will have to think about how many other people you can find to also not have such cost be a barrier.

You think a lot of people have thousands of dollars sitting around to just join you and make massive cash?

Recruiting others will be the hardest part of this system and you’re going to have to recruit massively in order for you to find the very few that can have such resources to join you and do the same thing.

You will have to also use paid advertising to recruit that many people because they are not going to teach you otherwise and Google is not going to how any done-for-you sites on its search results.

So you’re left with having to also spend hundreds on paid advertising, if not thousands, to test and perfect your ad campaigns to ensure a high converting one.

At the end of the day, you will be spending a lot more than you think and you’ll find that not a lot of people will be able to join such an expensive system.


High Risk System

This system doesn’t teach you to create anything that you’ll own, since everything is done for you then none of it is really yours.

Even the system itself, you’re using Leveraged Breakthrough, but guess what?  Systems get shut down all the time so what will happen to you when you invest thousands to one day find out you can’t login because their site is down?

That’s what happened to hundreds if not thousands of members of MOBE & Digital Altitude when these two were shut down by the FTC.

They are just left with nothing to their name after spending their fortune in the tunes of $30K or more all gone, you can read these losses on in the comment thread of this post here.




Thumbs DownCoach Bob is just someone who’s trying to build his online business with a landing page called 3D Wealth Machine, so I don’t consider this a scam.

In his video right at the beginning, he also tells you about Leveraged Breakthrough so he’s not hiding anything there or having you blindly funneled into a high ticket program.

Although some of the things he says on 3D Wealth Machine is a bit misleading on how fast you can earn money, but I believe you can make money with the system he uses.

Whether you make the kind of money he says is up to you to find out because you’ll have to go all in to try it out.

I don’t get involved with high ticket programs though, ever, because of their high costs, high risk, and just a bad business model altogether that doesn’t create any value to anyone.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend 3D Wealth Machine.




I have a much cheaper way to make thousands of dollars a month, and I never “pay to play” with programs like Leveraged Breakthrough because it’s not a wise business model to join.

You’re better off learning how to make money the traditional way and build an online business for yourself so you can understand how things work.

If you don’t understand how things work, you may run into more scams.  Just knowing how things work can save you from many scams because you will see right through their lies.

I did just that back in Sep/16 and these days my online business generates a 4 digit online income for me to enjoy on a consistent monthly basis.

You can find out what this online business is about and how it all works in my free guide here:

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I learned from a legitimate source how to build my own online business from the ground up and never looked back and my free guide shows you exactly what I used so you can use it too to build yourself an online business of your own choosing!

Building an online business is not fast and sexy, it requires a lot of hard work, learning, and dedication.  If you can’t consistently work on your online business, it will not work for you.

If you want to earn real income, try what I try for FREE and only pay when you see value in the platform I used.

Stop wasting time on high ticket risky programs and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether 3D Wealth Machine is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



22 thoughts on “3D Wealth Machine Review: $10K A Week Or A Scam By Coach Bob?”

  1. Hi Grace, Love the name first off.my name is Tavia Glenn. I just really and truly want to know if you can really make money online, I mean i’m sure it would take time, i’m looking to make a decent living at home. i’m not getting around very well most days, but I still love to shop. lol! could you reach out to me with some information please. Thank You, Grace

    • You’re obviously a real user of 3D Wealth Machine and your comment is directly at them, not me.

      Leaving your comment here does not do anything, they will not see it. I’m just someone who is telling you about this program and how you should not join.

      So I did not make any phone calls to you just to be clear as I have no phone numbers from anyone but my own.

      I hope you will get your money back, but if you feel ripped off, you can get help from the Federal Trade Commission by filing a claim here.

      Best of luck to you,

    • Hi Byron, what’s real? What are you talking about? The program I use? Of course it’s real, didn’t you see my income proof? Also, it’s free to check out anyway, so you can SEE for yourself it’s real. You can look at my profile (search “littlemama”) and see the hundreds of people I help and inspire on that training platform.

      Check out my guide again so you can get the info! 🙂 I provide you with REAL coaching on the platform as well.

      Hope to see you on the inside!



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    • One of the nuisances about writing about different products is that people start to think you are part of that product.

      Hi Christopher, I have NOTHING to do with 3D Wealth Machine or Coach Bob.

      I did NOT make any calls to YOU or Your Daughter. Also, WHY would you plaster her number here??

      That is the right step to do, calling FTC and reporting them.

      You did the right thing there, but coming on MY blog and tell me to remove your daughter’s number from my non-existent calling list is not helpful to you or your daughter.

      I hope FTC will help you,

      • Please unsubscribe me now!! I’m tired of your calls and I’d love to press 9 to be put on the do not ever call me again list but it doesn’t work!! Can I please call someone and talk to a real person so they can truly understand my frustration? And maybe be put on the DO NOT CALL LIST!! Give me a number to call! Maybe an address to come and give a personal visit would be really fun at this point. Leave me alone!!!!!


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    You received a voice mail from COLORADO SPG CO.

    • AGAIN, Like I told you last time, this website has NOTHING TO DO with 3D Wealth Machine or Coach Bob. Please STOP coming here with their messages. There’s NOTHING I CAN DO about this since this is NOT ME calling you. Please report them to the FTC, link on side bar.

      Good luck to you.

  4. Hi Grace,

    I really appreciate your article on 3-D wealth building/Coach Bob and leverage breakthrough.

    I am currently doing my due diligence on this program and I’m leaning towards using it.

    The main reason is because of your article, where you stated you don’t consider this a scam.

    You also believe you can make money with the system that is used.

    You believe that the 3-D wealth machine doesn’t create value for anyone.

    I disagree, it’s value is in the better lifestyle it provides for others which contributes back into our economy, our community and families.

    Thanks Les J

    • Hi Les, don’t be so selective when reading my article, I also wrote that other companies with this type of system have been SHUT DOWN BY THE FTC who claimed this type of system is a scam. I don’t call it a scam because I don’t have the authority to, FTC does.

      You also have not read the rest of the comments above where people are experiencing non-stop calling from them.

      Good luck to you,


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