Easy $1K/Day Or Is Millionaire BizPro A Scam?

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is Millionaire BizPro a scamWow!  There are so many things wrong with Millionaire BizPro I don’t know where to start! So if you’re wondering if Millionaire BizPro is a scam, then you have to read my review below.

I will show you how many lies and schemes are in this product and it’s not to be trusted at all.

You will also see how this is a cover up for another cover up that covers another program.

It’s awful how many people do this and the underlying program needs to be shut down as they keep teaching people to mislead and lie!

In my Millionaire BizPro review, I will take you through the following:



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Millionaire BizPro Logo


Program Name: Millionaire BizPro

Price: $47

Owner: Fake

Recommended? HELL NO

This is one of the most ridiculous sites I’ve ever come across and I’ve done a lot of reviews on my site here.

The amount of lies Millionaire BizPro feeds you is just hideous and I hate that innocent people are watching their sales video and actually believing what they’re saying.

I’m glad there are those few of you who are smart enough to come search out what this really is because it’s a very awful tactic they’re using.


Millionaire BizPro Home Page Sales Video


They feed you things you want to hear like making thousands of dollars overnight as soon as you buy it with their push button system that can just turn your $47 into over $1K in just 24 hours with hardly any “work” they put it.

There is no such system people!

Making money online doesn’t work that way and no one can create your account with a push of a button.

I will show you how this Millionaire BizPro can’t be trusted as this is not even a system.  That’s right, Millionaire BizPro is FAKE.

If you go through their site and click on the $47 button to go checkout, it forwards to another product’s checkout page called Automated Daily Income, which I’ve also reviewed before!


Millionaire BizPro Forwards to Automated Daily Income


The deception doesn’t stop there, Automated Daily Income is also FAKE.

Yup, that’s not a real system either.

In my Automated Daily Income review, I had already uncovered that this was a cover up for a high ticket MLM program called MOBE.

It’s disgusting what lengths these affiliates will go to cover up the real program MOBE.

I’m tired of it and I’m just going to let it all out of the bag and show you the lies of Millionaire BizPro!




There are multitude of lies in the Millionaire BizPro sales video that is all done to deceive you and make sure you hear what you want to hear which is make thousands of dollars very quickly with hardly any work.

Wouldn’t we all want that huh?  An easy and quick way to get $1,000+ everyday in our pockets with 15-20 minutes of work?

But guess what, no such system exists so stop searching for it.

Here are all the lies I’ve found on Millionaire BizPro:


The voice over shows a picture and says that was him but nope, that’s a stock photo found on Shutterstock:

Millionaire BizPro Fake Owner

We will never find out who the real liars are for these sites because they will always hide behind their lies.



This is just plain lazy of them.  There are two girls in their testimonies that have the same name, city and state.  If you’re going to fake it out, do it properly lazy liars.

Millionaire BizPro Fake Actors

These are actors found on freelance sites like fiverr.com where you can hire these guys for as low as $5 for a quick video.

Here’s one of them:

Seven Figure Profit Code Fake Testimonies 4 Fiverr

And this particular woman has been used in multiple scam products that I’ve reviewed so she’s used to doing these types of videos.



These types of sites will always use the scarcity sales tactic with how many spots are left but really there are no limited spots because if you come back to their site another day it will have the same number of spots left.

Millionaire BizPro Fake Limited Availability

Also, they will say this video or site will be shut down by a certain date, but I’ve had this site on my browser for a few days now and it’s still there.

Millionaire BizPro Fake Closing Date

In fact, it’s on YouTube this video since Oct 2015, so no, they are not shutting down a damn thing and they will take as many $47 payments they can scam.



This is one of the biggest lies of all and people gobble this up like they have found gold!

Millionaire BizPro Little to No Work and Get Rich Quick

The internet is a great space to make money from but guess what?  It doesn’t work the way they say.  You will NOT make over $1K in 24 hours of buying this and only working 15-20 mins.

It doesn’t work that way.

You will not make that ever without spending thousands more dollars because the underlying system MOBE makes you pay and upgrade to those high ticket packages.

That system is also not push button where you can just suck money out of the internet.  There are things you need to learn and see how to use the system which in my opinion is the worse thing you can try because of the high cost and risk associate with the methods they teach.

Here are their high ticket packages:

  • Silver – $2,497 one time + $27 per month
  • Gold – $4,997 one time + $64 per month
  • Titanium – $9,997 one time + $121 per month
  • Platinum – $16,667 one time + $198 per month
  • Diamond – $29,997 one time + $295 per month

The MOBE program makes you buy into these packages before you can sell them and make high commissions from them.

So you’ll need around $64K if you want to make commissions off all levels, you have that kind of money lying around?  If not, they will tell you to take out loans.

Even if you do have the money and you invest in the lowest level Silver, you think it’s easy to get other people to also buy into that program so you can make your $1K?

I highly doubt it because you’ll get done-for-you crap sites that you’ll have to spend even more money on ads to get those landing pages shown.

You see, you can’t get those types of landing pages found on the internet so no one will see them until you pay to get them in front of people.

And even then, unless you know how to create high converting ad campaign you’ll be out even more money before you can get any type of commission in the door.

It’s way harder than they make it sound and getting leads is not automated so be prepared to work more than 15-20 minutes a day.



I almost fell of my chair listening to this because it’s so ridiculous and totally whacked.

You can’t manipulate online traffic, it does NOT work that way.

Millionaire BizPro Manipulate Traffic is a lie

There are techniques you can learn to get your “gateway” (website) seen but not the way they teach you.  No way, those done-for-you landing pages will never get the online traffic like my website gets because it doesn’t have any dynamic content on it.

One-page sites don’t get ranked or seen by anyone… I know something about this because this is what I do everyday in my business.

People come to me, my website, like the way you came on here and it’s because I know how to write my posts that will bring traffic to my site.

Those done-for-you landing pages have nothing and are static which Google will not rank or show anyone in their search results.  As well, everyone who joins gets the same ones, so there’s a bunch of duplicate content that Google don’t want either.

So no, you will NOT get to manipulate any online traffic, it doesn’t even work that way.  They will say anything to get you to buy this program, even these blatant lies.




A million times yes, Millionaire BizPro is a scam because of not only all the lies on their sales page but also this is not even the system they are really selling!

They are tricking you into buying MOBE, a very costly and risky program for anyone not knowing what they’re doing.

For them to cover that up with Millionaire BizPro, and then Automated Daily Income, just shows to me how deep they will go to deceive people.

These are all scams.

Is the underlying program, MOBE, a scam?  No, not technically but, my God, why would you want to work with a company that tells their affiliates to market their program so unethically?

If MOBE is so great, why don’t their affiliates just say how great MOBE is instead of putting on layers of lies?!

I highly do NOT recommend Millionaire BizPro or MOBE.




If I were you, I would stay far from any program that talks about fast cash and not working much.  There is no such system that will do that on the internet.

Use your time and money to actually build a real online business that will really earn you an online income without having to be deceptive or misleading or unethical.

I know exactly what business model that will work better for you and you will be able to build an honest business on a topic you love.

I have explained everything about this business model in my free guide here:

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My guide will show you how the business model works, why it works, and everything you need to know to get you started today for FREE.

You won’t be tricked or have anything dishonest thrown at you, just offering you a real opportunity to learn in a safe environment to build the online business you’ve been looking for.

I’ve been using this since Sep ’16 and it has been brining me a consistent online income month after month.

You can learn this too and forever be free of scams finally!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Millionaire BizPro is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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