Is American Diversified Publications A Scam Or Real Jobs Waiting?

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is American Diversified Publications ( a scamLooking to work from home and wondering if American Diversified Publications will give you real jobs or is American Diversified Publications a scam just wanting your cash?

They are found at and when I first got on to it, it sure looks like a scam site.

This is because they are making things look way too easy to make money online and trying too hard to convince you of it.

I know how making money online works and it’s not that easy so when opportunities just try to lure you with stacks of cash, it’s sure a warning sign of what’s to come.

I have put together this American Diversified Publications review to show you how you could just be wasting your money if you buy into it.

Let’s take a closer look at this program:



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American Diversified Publications logo


Program Name: American Diversified Publications


Price: $35 Digital, $34 Hard Copy + Shipping

Owner: Kyle Shaw

Recommended? No

American Diversified Publications is a site claiming it has the best easy work from home job opportunities for you and their directory has all the info you need to get started.

What you are really paying for is their exclusive list of home based opportunities that you can already find online for free.


American Diversified Publications home page


There are first of all no jobs on the site for you to find even though they use that word “job” in several places on their site.

There’s really no employment to be found in their listings so don’t be misled there.

You will be presented with business ideas and ways you can start a home based business so that means nothing is guaranteed and nothing will be as free as they make it sound.

From what I see, a lot of these opportunities they offer have been around for years and are known as scams like the mail processing or email processing.

You will certainly NOT get paid as high as they stated on their site like these rates:


American Diversified Publications Listing Fake Rates


I mean, does it even make sense?  $117.50 per bookmark?!  LOL!  These piece-meal type opportunities are never this lucrative.

These home assembly offers have been around for a long time and also known as scams too because you will never assemble the products to their liking and they will make you pay for more supplies and materials.

They also list how you can do surveys for free, yeah no kidding, they all do and there are tons of survey sites online so why would anyone need to pay you for your list of surveys?

Also surveys are a huge waste of time as you don’t get paid much for your time and I’ve reviewed quite a few survey sites.  The only survey sites I recommend are in this post here.

However, all the survey sites have a lot of problems and you end up making pocket change if that but mostly it’s totally not worth your time.

American Diversified Publications is basically just trying to get your $35 for information that you can get online for free but let’s see what else is in store for you.




If you haven’t noticed, American Diversified Publications makes you provide your name, email address and mailing address no matter where you click, initially when you first land on their site.

This is on purpose, they won’t even let you buy anything without giving them this information and this is because they are trying to build their email list as well as mailing list.

If you do provide your info to them, you will end up with a lot of email spam and junk mail.

They are trying to sell you a directory, so why do they need this information otherwise if you’re not putting that info in there to buy something.

This is a tactic some people use to build their mailing lists and I’m sure it works most of the time.

They do this so that they can email you even more offers so they can make commissions from those offers.


Facebook Cash

Another thing I want to point out is this Facebook cash, how you can make money sharing on Facebook.


American Diversified Publications affiliate program


This has to do with promoting American Diversified Publications’ products and through their affiliate program which is free to join, as with many affiliate programs they are all usually free to join.

They again make it sound easy to make money from just posting your referral link on Facebook and while you might make a couple of sales doing that because people know you on Facebook, posting links like this will not work in the long run.

You see, this is called affiliate marketing, while this is a perfectly awesome business model to use to make money online as it’s something I use everyday, but you can’t just spam Facebook or anywhere online with your affiliate links.

You will likely get your friends annoyed or get yourself banned from these platforms if you do too many as well.  Posting links all over the place is not the correct way to use affiliate marketing and you certainly won’t make any kind of significant income like that.

Also, just posting the links doesn’t make you money in minutes.  People need to take action first like buying their directory, then you will get a commission which they don’t say how much that is until you sign up.

So it’s not as easy as they make it sound on their website by just sharing on Facebook, there’s a lot more to it than that.

You will also not get paid until you earn enough to make their $100 payout threshold, which is really high for the industry, another sign of not a great place to work with.




I would say American Diversified Publications is a scam because you are not really getting the info you want and are being misled about how great these opportunities are when they are not.

As well, they deceive you by using the word “job” when there are no jobs there at all.

You are also buying information that’s readily available online with just a quick search.

You will only get spam once you sign up with them as that’s how they will make money off of you by just keep sending you offers that they will make commissions on if you take action on any of them.

I would be very weary about using this website and buying their product.

I highly do NOT recommend American Diversified Publications.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether American Diversified Publications ( is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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4 thoughts on “Is American Diversified Publications A Scam Or Real Jobs Waiting?”

  1. I am interested in stuffing envelopes from home. Is this real or is this a scam? I really need
    some extra money coming in here. How does this work? Who do I get paid from?
    You can contact email me at Or call me at 612-834-6059.

    Thank You
    Sara Tomczik

    • Hi Sara, that’s probably a scam too, I had heard about that being a new scam going around, I will be posting about that soon.

      If you need extra money and a method that actually works, you need to check out my free guide here to see how I have built my 4 digit online income.

      There are no easy ways to make money online but there are legitimate ways like the one I’ve used.

      If you need money more in the immediate, I would suggest to get a job locally first as building an online business takes time to see results.

      Best of luck to you,

    • Hi, This is not the actual company, you need to contact THEM DIRECTLY. This is Work Anywhere Now blog that talked about American Diversified Publications. If you have a request with them, you’ll need to contact them there.

      I haven’t sold anything on my site to date of this comment.



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