Four Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce Product Pages

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Four Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce Product PagesAs a business owner, you probably rightly worry about marketing, advertising, and quality SEO content to draw customers to your site.

However, it is also important to note that once a customer arrives on site, he or she is likely or not likely to complete a purchase based on how well your actual e-commerce product pages are designed or how they function.

To understand the importance of product-page design, consider a typical grocery store. Stores with wide aisles and clean floors are much more likely to encourage shopping than narrow, crowded, dirty aisles.

Similarly, there are specific strategies for your product pages that will serve to welcome, inform, and process customers in a way that not only creates sales but also serve to ensure customers return.



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1. Responsiveness

Although it might go without saying, any online website must be responsive to the type of device a potential customer is using.

Responsive product pages ensure the product looks good and functions regardless whether it is viewed on a large monitor or on a tiny smartphone.

However, responsiveness also involves load speed. Especially on smartphones, the images might look good, and they might resize according to the size of the screen, but if they are not optimized for size, they might not load quickly.

In an era of impatience and immediate online gratification, your product page must adapt to the view screen size of the user and do so in lightning fashion.

Otherwise, you will lose a potential sale–in lightning fashion.

For responsive sizing, it is best to purchase a responsive template that you can test before you buy it.

Once you find a template you like, in terms of speed, it is best to load the template with images compressed as .jpg files, keeping them no larger than 100 to 150 kB in size. F

or faster delivery, 10 to 50 kB images work even better, but today’s connections are often fast enough to offer some leeway.

One of the best ways to ensure responsive product pages is to use an e-commerce module, such as the Advanced Product Options Suite Extension for Magento 2.

Doing so ensures responsive product pages, and it offers a variety of additional services, such as allowing you to design the overall layout according to a variety of proven templates.



2. Complete Information With Reviews

Complete information does not mean a wall of text. In fact, you should have no more than 100 to 300 words distributed in small, easy-to-read paragraphs.

Instead, complete information means including all the product information a customer requires, including operating instructions, features, and specifications.

Upfront pricing is also important. If you do have members-only pricing that only members can see, offer that as a teaser button–not as the only option.

Information videos on the use of complicated or intricate products will help inform readers.

Additionally, helper videos instill trust in the viewer, helping to increase traffic conversion rates.

Finally, refund policies should be clearly stated.

Because of the importance of information on any product page, it is important to use help when it is available.

As such, modules by companies like Mageworx who offer modules, such as the Advanced Product Options Suite Extension for Magento 2 will certainly assist.

This particular module, for instance, offers additional tools for inventory tracking. It also allows you to manage and display product along with all the available options.



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3. Photography

Quality photography involves adequate lighting and angles.

It also involves positioning the products according to effective composition rules, such as grid spacing.

Because photography is so important, it often warrants professional assistance as poor photography kills the sale–instantly.

Photography should also entail a variety of shots. Especially with food or supplement items, product shots of the ingredients are important.

For larger items, such as appliances, cars, or houses, closeup shots of important components are critical.

The thing to remember with closeup shots is that each closeup shot is a product shot unto itself. As such, you will need someone capable of creating such shots, i.e., a professional.



4. Call to Action(s)

In the real world, sales representatives presume a sale or direct a person to test a product.

For an ecommerce business, you must rely on a call to action (CTA), which can be accomplished via one of four manners.

– text

– graphics

– video

– audio

Keyboard with Online Shopping Cart Icon on Return ButtonText-based calls to action involve highlighted or bold text.

Graphics might include buttons or banners that instruct a user to engage in an action.

Common graphic CTAs include save-for-later buttons.

Of course, video and audio often go hand-in-hand, and for any ecommerce business, having quality video can also come in the form of a video avatar (online sales representative), who prompts a shopper to complete the sale or to ask questions.

Calls to action can, of course, involve other things than simply asking the person to buy something now.

Instead of such a direct approach, an effective call to action will take the buyer’s interests into consideration.

For instance, if the product is one of the aforementioned responsive website templates, a call to action might be a button that prompts the user to test drive the template.

Similarly, if the product is a home listed on a realtor’s website, the call to action might be to tour the home via a 360-degree virtual tour.

Additional calls to action can be a prompt for the shopper to consider adding other necessary items in the sale.

In fact, including other items might seem like a simple add-on or up-sale technique, but for certain products, it is one of the most welcome calls to action in existence.

For instance, cameras or video equipment often require additional equipment, such as lenses or lighting gear. Because of this, the CTA might be described as additional necessary gear or equipment.





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