Good Business Opportunity Or Is Mindset 24 Global A Scam?

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Is Mindset 24 Global a scamAre you checking out Mindset 24 Global and wondering if that’s a good way to make money or is Mindset 24 Global a scam?  Does Mindset 24 Global work?  How do you make money with Mindset 24 Global?

There are many questions to be answered and my Mindset 24 Global review below will answer these so you can make a more informed decision.

There are advantages of joining MLM companies but there are also things to watch out for and what you should know before you join.

I have prepared the following Mindset 24 Global review:



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Mindset 24 Global logo


Program Name: Mindset 24 Global


Price: Free to $2,000

Co-Founder & CEO: Brian McLane

Recommended? No

Mindset 24 Global is a MLM company that launched in Sep 2017 and co-founded by Brian McLane who’s also the CEO currently.


Mindset 24 Global Home Page


They provide products to improve your mindset that is life changing that can help you be more successful in your life.

Mindset 24 Global Product ContributorsThe products are created by some of the experts in the field with such famous personalities as:

  • Kevin Harrington – used to co-star in the TV series Shark Tank and known for expert marketer in the infomercial field.
  • Jay Sargeant – famous author and master trainer of NLP, who offers the best training in communications and persuasion strategies.
  • Dr Michael Beckwith – best known for his work in the “Secret” movie and the law of attraction.
  • Sensei Ken Hayashi – an author, a TV personality, a coach and teacher of how the ‘Bushido’ principles of the Samurai can used to improve your life and performance.

They all have expertise that will be beneficial to the products they bring to the table.

While some people think developing their mind this way is nonsense but for some others, you can really rewire your thinking and thus rewire your life.

There are definitely no shortage of self-help topics out there, and this group of products with the input from such experts, anyone looking for this type of help will probably find their products extremely helpful.

The sale of these products are through their sales agent and this review will be diving more into the business opportunity that is offered at Mindset 24 Global.

You will be able to make money through the sale of these products plus from the people you recruit into the system.

Will you be able to make a lot from them?  Do you have to pay?  If so, how much?

I will answer all of these questions in the next section.




In this section, I will go over how the Mindset 24 Global compensation plan works in summary.  I won’t be going into the nitty gritty of it all as most MLM compensation plans are extensive and elaborate, this one is no different.

The full compensation plan is here, and I will be pulling the main/important aspects you should know.

Anyone can join for free but that won’t get you anything, you have to pay to qualify as an active agent which is $50 a year so the free account is really nothing.

Once you’re an active agent, you’re able to earn in 3 ways:

  • Coded Bonus
  • Coded Match
  • Level 7 Profit Sharing Pools

I will go through each of these in a bit but I want to show you the four packages of products that you can buy or sell:

  • Series 1 package – $100
  • Series 2 package – $400
  • Series 3 package – $1,000
  • Series 4 package – $2,000

In order to make commissions for those packages, you either have to buy the package or sell the package.

If you don’t want to waste time, you can invest $2K and then you’ll be able to make commissions from each series.

Buying each level gives you the qualifications for previous levels, that’s why buying Series 4 will qualify for all 4.

If you don’t buy, you must sell one of each series to qualify and then you can start making commissions after your first sale.


Coded Bonus

Once you qualify, the Coded Bonuses work as follows:

  • Coded bonus means your sales will be coded to you or to the pass up line.
  • The sales that are coded to you, you will earn commissions for those sales:
    • Series 1 $25
    • Series 2 $100
    • Series 3 $250
    • Series 4 $500
  • The sales that are coded for the pass up line goes up to your sponsor, the person that go you into the business.
  • How this works is that only half of your first 6 sales will be coded to you: 1st, 3rd and 5th.
  • After your sixth sale, then every 3rd sale will be passed up and this continues infinitely.

From the sounds of it, the sales are to other members that you bring in, your referrals.

Therefore, when those people who are coded to you makes sales, then you will be getting their pass ups the same way you passed up your sales.

It’s important that you qualify to 4 stars quickly or else you lose commissions to your upline.


Coded Match

The Coded Match pays out a 100% match on all of your personal’s Coded Bonus commissions.

Whenever any of your personals (not just your coded lines, all personals) earns a coded Bonus, you will get a 100% match on their earnings as long as you are qualified at that Series or higher.

In order to qualify, you need to be active in that Series plus sell 2 of that series.  Therefore, to qualify for Series 4, you will have to either buy or sell a Series 4 package plus sell 2 more of these so your invest is either $2,000 plus sell $4,000 of product or just sell $6,000 of product.


Level 7 Profit Sharing Pools

This is an extra way for you to earn a piece of the companies whole pie.  20% of every commissionable dollar goes into these Profit Sharing Pools.

If you are in these Profit Sharing Pools then you can not only earn from your own downline but other people’s downlines.

All the money that goes into the Profit Sharing Pools are then split up into 8 official levels but only 7 levels can be achieved by members joining.

Here’s a chart of how the 20% is split amongst the Profit Sharing Pools:


Mindset 24 Global Profit Sharing Pools


Qualifying for the first 4 Star levels are easy if you just buy the Series 4 package from the get-go, then you will get the other series, qualify for Coded Bonus and be in the Profit Sharing Pools.

To qualify for the rest is a little harder because you need to have multiple 4 star ranks in your downline:

Mindset 24 Global Profit Sharing Pools Qualifications


Will This Work For You?

This depends on how much you like selling self-help material to better our lives with improving our minds, then this may work out to some levels.

If you’re really good at sales and sell $10K in your first 30 days, then you get even more rewards and bonuses waiting for you.

However, if you’re not good with sales, then you’ll have to know how to recruit other people to do the sales for you.

You will still have to qualify to earn any commissions so if you don’t sell, you should be ready with $2K.

If you’re not good at recruiting as this is what the compensation plan is basically about, having your referrals buy products so you can make a commission, then you’ll need to know how to recruit massively.

Unless you know how to do SEO and bring free targeted to your landing page or website, you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars, probably in the thousands even, in paid traffic.

Also, most MLM companies I find don’t offer you significant training into how to recruit people in.  Most people go to friends and family but who’s left after that?

Your whole business is based on people you know?  That’s not going to work.

So, you’ll either know how to build a website that attracts it’s own free organic search traffic or you will pay tons of money in advertising.

The name of this business is recruiting and often businesses like this don’t last as FTC will come after them in due time.

You’ll have nothing left in your business if that happened to Mindset 24 Global, so this is a risky business you’ll be going into.




I do not believe Mindset 24 Global is a scam, however, I also never a fan of MLMs or the way their compensation plan is so heavily based on recruiting other people in.

I’m not a fan of MLMs because you’re stuck with one set of products and most of the time they don’t teach you really how to build your business right.

This business model is old and one that will be phasing out soon if they keep using it as a recruiting scheme.

Not once, I noted, did they mention anything about retail customers or retail sales in their compensation plan.  All sales I realized are qualified as your personal recruits, and you will earn money from their pass ups to you, infinitely deep.

When there are no or little retail sales, this would be considered a pyramid scheme because the money you make from it is based on recruiting members and then buying into the program to do the same thing you do.

Very risky business to go into since the FTC can stop this shenanigans at any time, just like how they did to Digital Altitude in Jan, 2018.

I do not recommend using Mindset 24 Global.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Mindset 24 Global is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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