Make Money With Piggy Bank GPT Or Is It A Scam? Full Review

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is Piggy Bank GPT a scamLooking around the Piggy Bank GPT website and wondering if you can make some money or will it scam you?  Is Piggy Bank GPT worth your time?  Will Piggy Bank GPT pay you?

These are all great questions and if you’re looking for answers, my Piggy Bank GPT review below has them and you won’t be disappointed.

Sometimes a site can look enticing but you never know if they are just going to waste your time so you are smart to do your research first.

Let’s get to my review and see what Piggy Bank GPT is about:



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Piggy Bank GPT logo


Program Name: Piggy Bank GPT


Price: Free

Recommended? No

The Piggy Bank GPT site offers you an opportunity to make money with doing online tasks like answering surveys and signing up for offers.

You will be collecting coins when you complete these types of tasks and these coins can be redeemed for rewards or cashed out.


Piggy Bank GPT home page


GPT stands for get-paid-to and there are many of these types of sites around like Swagbucks and Fusion Cash are the more popular ones.

Most of these types of sites are pretty simple and it’s not hard to make money but at the same time you’re also not making a lot of money with it.

This type of work will be good for people who just want to waste some extra time they have and use that time to make some pocket change.

This path of making money online will never have the earning potential compared to what I do which is to build your own online business.

But this could be suitable for those who just want to fool around and make no more than $100 a month if that, usually a lot lower.

Piggy Bank GPT is no different and from what I can see from logging into it, you’re definitely not going to make much money here.

I will explain in the next section.




Well, I have to report that Piggy Bank GPT doesn’t work that much.

When I was in the members area, it looks like they have “Walls” of things you can do, however, all but one were not working.


Piggy Bank GPT Walls


All but one wall, the “Paymentwall”, were just blank or have some sort of error on the page.

Piggy Bank GPT Errors on Page


When I went to see their “Offers” which looked more promising since there were a bunch more categories but nope, most of those had nothing in them too.


Piggy Bank GPT Offers


When I did find some offers you are going to get about 10-80 coins for completing each of those but most are on the lower end.

You can redeem them for gift cards or cash which is about 100 coins to $1.


Piggy Bank GPT Amazon Gift Card Redemption


Some gift cards cost more coins and some a little less, but they are valued around that much.

You’re really not making a lot of money here with each offer you’re earning about $0.01 – $1 at most and then you don’t even have a lot of opportunity to earn.

They also had a “Contest” section where you can use your coins to enter contests but there were no contests there to enter.

There are just a lot of things missing and not working on the site that makes me wonder how they can be successful all these years since they claim they have been paying since 2010.

It is true that the domain and the site started that year, but who knows how much they have really paid out since there’s hardly anything there to earn from.

My seven welcome messages are all dated between 2011 & 2014 which is very weird since I signed up in 2018, I guess they don’t have a system that can send automatic emails with current dates.


Piggy Bank GPT has Old Welcome Messages


There’s one more opportunity to make money on here and that’s the referral program which sounds lucrative to make 25% off your referrals.

However, it’s really not worth your time since there are hardly any opportunities to make any money here so why refer others to a semi-dead site?  Make 25% of nothing is still nothing.

These are all red flags for this Piggy Bank GPT site and it doesn’t look too good as a money making choice.


Will You Get Paid?

There’s been reports in my research that say they do pay and have paid but recently there’s been problems with payment.

You can get paid via PayPal, Skrill or Bitcoin and minimum payout amount is only $1.

Honestly, I don’t think this part is much of a problem when you can’t earn enough to get any decent money out of the platform.

Maybe this place has shut down or not well maintained (obviously, look at their home page, still Christmas theme?!  It’s Feb!).

I highly doubt their customer service is very effective either.




I don’t think Piggy Bank GPT is a scam but at the same time, I don’t think it’s worth your while to sign up with them.

There are hardly anything for you to do on there and more than half the site is empty.

This is one of the worse GPT sites I’ve seen but you’re not being scammed like some other GPT sites I’ve reviewed before.

If you like this kind of site to make money, you’re better off signing up with Swagbucks (Sign up here) or Fusion Cash (USA-sign up here, Canada-sign up here), both are more popular and have way more opportunities to earn real cash.

But if you want to make full time income online, none of these GPT sites will be the answer for you since most of these sites only amount to some extra spending money in your pocket.

From all the above, I do not recommend Piggy Bank GPT.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Piggy Bank GPT is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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