Make $8K/Month Or Is 6 Figure Profit Club A Scam?

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is 6 Figure Profit Club a scamSounds pretty awesome to be able to make $4K – $8K a month but is 6 Figure Profit Club a scam though and just telling you lies?

How does 6 Figure Profit Club even work because their sales video sure don’t tell you too much, and you can even make $500 by watching it to the end?

You really gotta be careful watching these types of sales video, they usually tell you nothing specific and never tell you what you’re really getting into.

That’s why it’s great you are doing your research and seeing if this is for real or not because my review below will show you the real truth!

Check out the following sections of my review to see if 6 Figure Profit Club is right for you:



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Program Name: 6 Figure Profit Club


Price: $99 – $29,997 (Yup!)

Owner: “Sean”

Recommended? NO

This 6 Figure Profit Club talks about copying the owner’s, Sean’s, online business and doing what he does so you can make $4,000 – $8,000 per month.

But plastered over the video, it says “Get Paid $10K – $15K Per Month”, although both numbers are great to have, there’s a huge difference and this is never mentioned in the video.



It’s just about making $4,000 – $8,000 per month “to start” and then you can build it up to $4,000 – $8,000 per day.

These are sure high figures he’s talking about and anyone would love to make 6 figures a month, that’s what he’s hoping anyway so you will fall for his false claims.

He makes it sound super easy where you only have to copy and paste and then work only 1 hour a day to make that kind of money.

These are all shiny objects that he’s dangling in front of you and if you fall for it and pay that first $99, then you’re in for a ride because your spending has only started.

You see, there is no 6 Figure Profit Club system.

This is a fake system that is covering up the real system which is MOBE (My Online Business Education, LTD), a MLM high ticket program which I’ll go into next and detail out what you’ll be involved with if you join.

This 6 Figure Profit Club site is no different that many others that pretend to be its own system while misleading you to a high ticket program like these ones:




How this really works is there is a member of MOBE behind 6 Figure Profit Club’s site, and the 6 Figure Profit Club site is just a landing page with that sales video to lure you in with fast money and hardly any work.

Throughout the video he tells you nothing about MOBE but all the links underneath the video goes to the MOBE’s income disclaimer and terms & conditions, etc.

The high ticket program is not as easy as his video makes it sound and it’s about a lot of recruiting as well as super high costs.

The “5 income streams” he talks about, each one of those will cost you 4 – 5 digits, just take a look here at MOBE’s compensation plan:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


So, not only you have 4 – 5 digit one time fees but also 2 – 3 digit monthly fees.

High ticket programs like MOBE uses the “licensing” business model where you have to “pay to play” sort of speak, meaning you have to buy in to have instant access to their products and then promote it to make those high commissions.

This “Sean” guy behind 6 Figure Profit Club will make money off of you when you buy any of those products and once you do, then you do the same as “Sean”.

You will then promote the products you bought into by using a template landing page like 6 Figure Profit Club and also trick others to go into this high ticket program, MOBE.

When your leads buy, then you can make high commissions too.

But wait, how hard is it to bring in people to a system like this?

A lot harder than what “Sean” makes it seem because how many people you think have over $64K to invest in a business like this?!

It means you will have to do some massive recruiting to find the very few that will join you.

But how to bring in massive leads?  Paid advertising, that’s the main way they will teach you and you’ll be spending thousands more to learn how to use paid traffic.

Paid traffic is not easy to perfect the right ad campaign to bring in massive leads so you’ll need to do a lot of testing and optimizing to create the right ad.

Guess what I paid to get you on my site today?  Nothing.  I learned how to build my site to attract its own organic free targeted traffic.

But they don’t want you to learn what I know because “it takes too long” and I’ll admit, paid traffic is a lot faster, but you’ll have to have the money to play and lose first.



I want to show you a few red flags of 6 Figure Profit Club that shows you how you can’t really trust this guy “Sean” or his website.

I quote “Sean” because look at the beginning of the video vs another part of the video where he introduces himself again, two completely different pictures:

6 Figure Profit Club Fake Owner

He must have some magic pill to go “Benjamin Button” (grew younger) on us during the video.

These guys will hide themselves and not tell you the truth about anything, all you’ll get is deception and dishonesty.

Next, he goes to tell you how you can get a $500 discount at the end of the video and telling you how his system is worth $3000 but will be yours for $599 and here is how you’ll use your $500 discount.

But guess what? Look at what it says below the video:

6 Figure Profit Club $200 Original price

What is the real original price?  He can really say just about anything.

Then, he pressures you with a scarcity sales tactic by tell you that there’s only 100 people that he will take in and that there’s only 12 spots left:

6 Figure Profit Club Fake Counter

Again this is fake because I’ve been on this site multiple times, on multiple days and it never changes.

This is just to pressure you to buy now, buy today, and they would never limit how many $99 they can sucker people into, so don’t worry if you want to submit your $99 because they will take it happily.

Finally, he goes as far as making this system as real as possible by packaging like this:

6 Figure Profit Club Fake System


I hope these red flags I’ve shown you will help you identify future sites like this so you don’t fall for it like one of my readers did and got herself into over $15K of debt!

I could really go on and on here guys but I think you get the real picture of 6 Figure Profit Club and MOBE.




I’m going to have to call 6 Figure Profit Club a scam because it’s totally misleading, deceiving, and quite frankly highly unethical to market like this.

The underlying system MOBE is not great either for letting their members market the way they do and their high ticket program is in high risk alert since a very similar company with the same business model just got sued by the FTC.

I’m not even sure how MOBE has been in existence for this long but I’m sure the FTC is finding a way to bring them down.

Based on everything I’ve said, I highly do not recommend 6 Figure Profit Club or MOBE.




Nope it doesn’t and guess what?  I don’t have to lie or deceive anyone either.

I just tell you the plain truth about how I’ve built my online business and that you can use the same steps I took to build yours too.

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You’ll get to choose the topic for your business and not just promote what everyone else is doing.

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There’s is really no magic system or formula to just dump money in your bank account like the scams tell you without doing much work.

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Stop being scammed into high ticket programs and build yourself a sustainable long term business without forking out thousands of dollars!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether 6 Figure Profit Club is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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