How Do You Make Money By Blogging: My 2 Year Results Are In!

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How Do You Make Money By BloggingAnyone can start a WordPress blog website but how many of those people can actually make money from their blog?

How do you make money by blogging?  Even some bloggers don’t know the answer to this question.

Some may think that blogging is easy but there’s a lot to it than just writing some words on a post.

When done right, blogging can be a very lucrative way to make money online and my two year results will prove that to you.

I had tried blogging a few years ago, but I wasn’t so successful back then because I didn’t arm myself with the knowledge and education I needed to blog properly.

In this post I will tell you how I make my money and what you need in a blog before you even make any money.

I will also show you what I used to get to where I am today so now let’s check out the following sections:



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If you’re blogging to make money, then you can’t actually think about that part as your first thing to-do on your list.

You will need have to think about whether your blog is within a niche.  Some people create their blogs on just about everything but if you create a niche specific site, you will better help the people within it.

You will also rank better for it too if you have a niche specific site and become more an authority blog in that niche.

The next thing you’ll need is traffic, meaning visitors.  It may be obvious but again, some thing about money before even having any visitors on their site.

This is the part that will stump a lot of people and will make people really give up on the blogging idea as it will take some time before your blog will get any traffic, especially if you’re waiting for that powerful SEO organic traffic that’s also free.


Creating A Blog In WordPress That Engages Your Audience


In order to get traffic, you’ll need to know SEO strategies as well as being able to write the content with intent and purpose.

You’ll need to know the words that people in your niche uses to search for things on the internet.  You’ll need to what people in your niche would be searching for.

If you can know that and provide those answers to the things they are searching for, then you will surely get traffic eventually when search engines start to rank you higher and higher.

Google likes lengthy content and you can provide that with high quality information in that content, then Google will likely rank you on first page.

Depending on what you’re writing about and the keywords you’re using, it could take a few months before anything happens to your blog and this is perfectly normal.

People who are in this stage try to use other methods to get traffic like using social media, paid promotions, etc.

However, if you just concentrate on the content and making sure you’ve SEO’d your stuff, then the traffic will certainly come.



How Do You Make Money Blogging?

Once you have traffic on your blog website, you’ll be able to make money and the ways that I’ve been using on my blog here, Work Anywhere Now, is affiliate marketing and display ads.

Affiliate marketing is very popular with bloggers because it means they don’t have to create their own products or service to make money, they can just promote what’s already available online.

You will have to sign up to the affiliate programs of the companies and brands you want to promote and get affiliate links to their products.

With these affiliate links, you’ll be able to put as text links or image links on your blog pages, and if your visitors clicks on them and buys what you recommended, then you’ll make a commission!

Blogs are perfect for this business model because you’ll be able to write a lot about your niche and how you can help your audience with their pains and questions.

Being able to provide your readers with the best information with what they are searching for is what will make your affiliate marketing business a success.

If you can offer information that answers what your readers are searching for, BAM!, you’ll make money because they will start to trust you as you’re giving them valuable information.

When you build trust, your visitors will be more inclined to click on your links and purchase what you recommend to them.

This is how I earn most of my monthly income, the rest is made up of display ads you see on my site.

You’ll start off with something like Google Adsense but don’t try to apply too early because you won’t get approved if your blog is too new, apply when you have 30 – 50 posts.

You will earn a little with Google Adsense which is still always exciting to earn your first dollar online but when your blog reaches 25,000 sessions (not users or page views), you can use an ad network like Mediavine which is way more lucrative.

When I switched, I was earning 3 times more than when I was with Google Adsense!  Big difference!

Just my display ads alone is a small 4 figure income.

Of course, as you progress in your business, you can add other things to make money like your own product but just sticking with affiliate marketing alone can make you a 6 figure income a year so I’m not creating any product any time soon as I’m continuing my journey to get to that 6 figure goal!

As promised, below is my 2 year results, you can see the money doesn’t come til much later when traffic gets higher and higher:

Income vs New Posts Graph


You don’t see traffic in the above chart but the red line is my work effort, how many posts I write a month, and the blue line is my income.

In this graph below, you’ll see that the blue line in this graph represents my traffic (users per month) so you can see that traffic must come first before money, the red line is the same as above:


Traffic vs New Posts Graph


When you are in a very competitive niche like I am, it’s important to know that you must be blogging a lot to do well and to get that traffic.

If you’re in a less competitive niche, you can totally make money earlier and probably get easier first page rankings.

I’ve seen it done where people can make a 4 digit income in 12 months or less even but this is after they have learned how to do this affiliate marketing business really well which brings me to the next section.



My Secret Weapon To Earning A 4 Digit Online Income

One thing I have learned in life is that if you don’t know something, you should learn it properly so you can do it right.

I have learned the hard way the first time around years ago when I tried blogging and nothing happened with that so in 2016 when I wanted to try affiliate marketing again, I wanted to make sure I was going to do it right this time.

This search led me to Wealthy Affiliate, the most prominent affiliate marketing training platform out there in the industry and stands out from the crowd for multiple reasons.

You will get everything you’ll need to create your blog website and start learning how to blog properly as well as learning all the SEO stuff you need to know.

They have weekly live webinars for you to learn about specific trending topics as well as a Live Chat for instant help if you have any questions.

I am actually an Ambassador and Super Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate and that is why I love this training platform because I have earned those titles with my online business with what THEY taught me.

I also highly recommend this training platform because of the help I get from their community which makes my online journey not so lonely which it can be.

Best part of all: You can check it all out for FREE as they have a free Starter membership:

Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


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For all the features and details on Wealthy Affiliate, check out the this post here, otherwise, I’ll see you on the inside and I hope I get to help you in our blogging journey!

If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how bloggers make money by blogging or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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  2. Thanks for the article! It has useful information! I was curious in the past days how i can have an income online. I have no skills and knowledge so how do I make money like you blogging?

    I would love to learn from you.

    Sheila G

    • Thanks Sheila for dropping a comment here! You certainly can learn how to blog like me, because I didn’t know just like you when I started. Then I learned from a comprehensive training platform that teaches exactly this kind of online business and the training worked!

      I have been making a 4 digit online income with my online business so I don’t see why you can’t do it too. You’ll find all the info about this in my guide if you need further info.

      Along with my coaching, I know I could get you onto the path of success quickly and keep you moving in the right direction towards your goals.

      My 2 years plus in this online business will guide you and offer you advice that people charge hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for.

      I know I can help you!

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