How I Made $3.7K With Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Event!

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How I Made $3.7K With Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday Event!People often ask how to make money on Wealthy Affiliate and it’s quite simple.  You just have to follow their training and you’ll learn exactly how to build this awesome online business.

That’s exactly what I did back in Sep/2016 and took that plunge in Nov/16 to go Yearly using Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday offer back then in 2016.

By Aug/17, I made that money back and my online business has been paying for my membership since and then some!

In this post, I will be dive deeper into why Wealthy Affiliate works, what you’ll be learning and how you’ll ultimately build this online business in the following sections:



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Wealthy Affiliate has been in business since 2005 and why they work is simple because its owners are awesome people.

Kyle & Carson truly cares for their members and continuously, every quarter, add and/or improve features that make the training platform even better for us, even without raising our prices.

Wealthy Affiliate is already known to be the number one training platform for affiliate marketing in the industry and their engaging community inside is what sets them apart from the rest.

The members inside are all very supportive of one another as well as having a pay it forward attitude so everyone gets helped.

The 2 main training courses themselves are well organized and takes you step by step on what you need to do to build your online business.

People with zero knowledge can start learning and also build a thriving business with their training because it’s user friend and easy to follow.

Each lesson contains tasks that encourages you to take action on your online business with what you just learned so that you can apply it right away to your website.

Their method works because it’s a long standing proven way to get traffic from search engines, the best kind of traffic, that gets you thousands of visitors a month without paying a dime for it, just like my website here.

I don’t have to pay for any of the visitors I get here and I love it.




There are two courses to learn from at Wealthy Affiliate and why there are two is because you’ll either build a business on your own topic or you build your business promoting Wealthy Affiliate in the affiliate marketing space.

So, you can choose your own niche in a topic you are passionate about or a niche you want to become an authority in.  You will use the Online Entrepreneur Certification course for this route.


The Best Training On Affiliate Marketing Is The Online Entrepreneur Certification course


I chose to promote Wealthy Affiliate right from the start but it’s not always a wise choice doing this because  most times, you don’t know Wealthy Affiliate well enough.

That’s probably why it took me longer than others to reach a 4 digit income, which took 19 months to do.

But the real reason I took that long is that I wasn’t following the training to the “T” and produced content that I wanted to write about, not what works and what the training told me to do.

As soon as I started following the training properly, bam!  Things started happening and my business was finally giving me the results I wanted to see.


Affiliate Bootcamp course at Wealthy Affiliate


As you can see above, I haven’t even finished the PPC sections of that course and so I have reached my goals by just using SEO, free traffic.

I really love the affiliate marketing niche as I find this business model to be so lucrative and I love Wealthy Affiliate right from the beginning so it was a good fit for me.

It’s just that this niche is highly competitive and so more hard work is needed in this niche.

After you decide what your niche is, then you will start learning how to build your site, start laying the foundation with given Pages you’ll need for it, and as well as an “About Me” page.

After that, you’ll learn how to use keywords, what they are, how you find them, and how to use them.  There are many tools to do keyword research with and Wealthy Affiliate has their own keyword research tool called Jaaxy that comes with your membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll also learn how to write content on your new website, how to use social media to bring in more traffic, as well as doing Fetch As Google has helped me get my new posts index fast!

To make money, you’ll continue the lessons to learn how to find affiliate programs, how to use them, where to place your affiliate links, etc.

You’ll also learn how you’re going to earn your visitors trust, without trust, you will not make money.

That’s why you’ll also learn that providing helpful information and valuable content to your readers will be your utmost priority for your affiliate marketing business.

Finally, you’ll learn how to scale your business and go beyond earning what you think you can earn to earn much more!




So, as I mentioned above, when I joined Wealthy Affiliate I wanted to promote them right away and that’s how my site started.

Actually my site started a week before I found Wealthy Affiliate and it was really perfect timing.  I wanted to try affiliate marketing again but this time I wanted someone to really teach me how to do it.

(I didn’t do well at all trying to do affiliate marketing on my own!  Let’s not remind me, this was like 7 years ago.)

I felt so good when I first stepped onto Wealthy Affiliate’s training platform and not sure when I’ll be leaving since I’m making good money with it!

Not only that, I’m also learning on there, doesn’t matter how much money I’ve made with them, I am still learning there guys as there is SO MUCH to learn in this business and so many people to learn from, because of their great community.

Anyway, let’s talk numbers!

My Black Friday results for 2018 was awesome compared to last year’s efforts: $374 in 2017 vs $3,740 in 2018 (see below)!  I literally 10x my Black Friday sales in one year!


Screenshot of What I earned on Black Friday On Wealthy Affiliate


How I earned all that in just a few days is because of all the effort I had put in since a year prior and really is 2 years in the making as this business is very cumulative.

The $3.7K was not really earned by sending out a few emails and posting a couple of posts on my site during the Black Friday event this year, but it’s the cumulative work effort of getting all those people inside Wealthy Affiliate throughout the year that makes this a success for Black Friday.

In this online business, you don’t get paid for the work you do today, but you are paid for the efforts you’ve put in building up to it so, if you can understand this, then you can really succeed in this business as well.

In my second year of my business, I put in a lot more work than my first year and that’s why my results in 2018 has smashed a big goal of mine as well as resulting in earning $3.7K in the last week for the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday event.

This also goes to show how much results you can get when you work hard at something and sticking with it til you see results.

It’s very easy to quit this business and get discouraged.

That’s why building this business with Wealthy Affiliate’s community where you can get support from so many other members who know exactly what you’re going through is the best way to make sure you go all the way and not quit.

To give you a sense of how engaging the community is, check out all the comments underneath my post when I told the Wealthy Affiliate community about my Black Friday results (click image for full story):


Black Friday Results Post on Wealthy Affiliate


I had written that yesterday when the Black Friday is not over yet so it doesn’t include the few more sales I got after I wrote that post.

That’s why it doesn’t match my screenshot above, which was taken at the time of this post you’re reading now.

So, how did your Black Friday go this year?  Did you make any big sales?




2018 has been a great year for me, reaching the Super Affiliate status on Wealthy Affiliate was a big goal of mine and by doing so has earned me a 4 digit online income that I get to passively earn.

I’m also a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador which means that I am a very helpful and active person on the platform, you can confirm this when you sign on.

Only the Top 25 members are Ambassadors, it’s a ranking system they have inside, and to get to the Top 25 members, you need to provide help to the community and be active.

Because of these qualifications, I feel I can really help you as I have helped literally over 5,000 people get started with Wealthy Affiliate.

This means that if you join Wealthy Affiliate using my links or buttons on this page, you’ll be eligible to have me as YOUR Personal Coach.

The platform is free to join but if you’re serious, it’s best to go Premium as it’s much needed to get full access of the platform.

They have one of the best Free Starter memberships though which includes:

  • 2 Free Websites
  • Hosting for those websites
  • SiteBuilder
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • SSL Certificate
  • Level 1 of both courses FREE = 20 lessons.
  • Additional Tutorials

There’s no time limit on this Starter account, since it’s free for life.

You really have nothing to lose to at least just check it out and open a free account today:

Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


Once you have signed up, I will be sending you all the details on your profile regarding how you can get my free coaching services, so look for someone called “littlemama“.

I very much look forward to helping you in your online journey and really get you started earning online!

Your next year could look very different if you start now.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how I make money with Wealthy Affiliate or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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