How To Create An About Page That Engages & Wows Your Readers!

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how to create an about pageOne of the typical pages you should have on your website or blog is an “About” page and in this post I will teach you everything about how to create an “About” page that will be engaging to your readers.

When you have your blog or website, these types of pages are necessary to lay down your first layer of foundation.

The “About” page is usually accompanied by a Privacy Policy and a Contact page; these three pages are very typical for any site and should have as a bare minimum.

Today we will concentrate on just the “About” page and you will learn the elements that you should include to give your audience a full picture of who you are or what your company is about without being so boring!


I will go over these topics:




How Long Should It BeYour “About” page can be really any length you’d choose but I don’t believe you need a lengthy one.

If you can write about 300 – 800 words, that will be more than sufficient. Of course, the longer you make it, the better it is sometimes if you can capture your reader with a personal story they can relate to.

When you write your “About” page, you should bring your personality into it as this is the best way to connect with your readers.

Remember this is not a technical piece of writing, you just want your readers to have a good idea of what you are all about and why you are having this website.

But at the same time, you want to bring your audience in on a personal level so sharing your experiences is important and then tell them the very reasons why you want to help them with your website.

If you can do this, you will really connect with them and they will share your feelings.  You will then also gain a level of trust.

Make it an easy read for your audience by writing in a conversational format, like writing an email to a friend.  This will feel personable as well as fun to read.

If you can add excitement and enthusiasm in why you want this website out there, then you will make it an “About” page everyone wants to read!




The elements you should include in your “About” page are:


I will now go into each of these elements in greater detail:


Your intro can be just two to three sentences long to start by saying when the website was launched and a brief description of what the website or blog is about.

You can name stats like how many customers you’ve served, or number of products sold, and what locations you serve.

Your brief description of what the website is about should be only one or two sentences as you’ll go into more details in the next paragraph.



Here you can start by going into the history of you or your company and talk about what has brought you to this point to create this website.

You can also talk about how you came up with this idea and what or who inspired you to do this.  Think about your motivations and why you wanted to pursue.

Describe your products or what you are trying to do with the website, what information will be available, and what the website’s purpose is in greater detail.



Specify what kind of people you are trying to reach and why.  Think about your target audience for your website and describe why they will benefit from your products or blog.

Speak to the reader on a personal level and connect with them in this section, saying stuff like you know how they feel or that you’ve been through it too (only if it’s true of course!).

You may also talk about why you connect with the audience you’re targeting, this is especially important if you’re not part of the audience you’re targeting.

Let’s say your website targets Dads but you’re a Stay At Home Mom, you can say you relate to Dads because you are closely dealing with one and know how to help other Dads in whatever situation you want to mention.

Focusing on how you will help your target audience in this section will ensure that the people reading it will know what they’ll get out of your website, and why they should stay on your website.



In this last section, you will cover what your goal is for your website or blog which can be the result of your help to your target audience, which ties into the previous section.

Having a goal is good so not only you’re accountable but others can follow you on your journey.  How you have been doing to get to your goal is something people will look forward to read about and follow along.

Why they would do this is because so they can also do what you do if they have the same goals.

Your goals also bring your “About” page to a close and can conclude nicely here in this section.

Always ask your readers to contact you if they have any questions and offer how they can contact you.  This call of action is important on all your pages and blog posts.




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