How To Learn How To Build A Website: Easier Than You Think!

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How To Learn How To Build A Website: Easier Than You Think!How to learn how to build a website these days is easier than you think because of all the user friendly website builders out there today.  However, which of these places would be best to build your website at?

You also want to learn how to do it so you will need proper training.  A lot of the website builders these days, though easy to use and learn, they do not provide training with the website builder.

Today, I will show you a place where you can get proper training on how to build your website that has a user friendly website builder, as well as the best hosting for your website.

If you are also building this website for blogging, then you’re in for a even better treat because this place will teach you how to blog as well as how to make money from your blog!

Could it be possible there’s one place that can provide all this?  Yes!  I will show you where you can get all this training for building a complete online business.


I will go through the following:




In order to build a website, you will need to know about certain technical factors and I will go over them here:

  1. How to Find the Best NicheA Niche For Your Website – Before you start learning how to build a website, you should think about what topic will your website be about.  A niche is a group of people your website will be serving to, think of it like a certain specific topic you’re aiming for.  Your website should not be too broad of a topic and you should aim to narrow it down a bit.  Like don’t just have a site about sports, pick a sport, and if you can, go down even one more level about that sport.
  2. Domain Name –  Next, you should think about having your own domain name.  This will be the name people will remember you by so think about what your website is going to be about and come up with a name that will capsulate it.  If your website will be a mini-niche site, you may even use a keyword instead of a brand name.  A brand name is used for authority sites, meaning a site like mine you’re on, it’s about how to make money online, but I talk about various aspects of that topic.  Mini-niche sites are very specific and more narrow down like best juicing machines, so you can use more of a keyword (words people use to search for best juicers) for your domain name.
  3. Privacy Registration – When you register your domain, you want to know that this is an option so people don’t know you are the owner of your domain to prevent spam or unwanted solicitation to you.  Usually this is an extra cost, but I know where this is included so keep reading!
  4. WordPress – You will need to know about WordPress and how to use it in the backend to build your site with.  Wordpress is a content management system to help you organize your articles you create on your blog.  It was mainly used for blogs but because WordPress is so flexible, you can use it to also just build a website for any business and even e-commerce online shop.Laptop with hands, plant, and phone
  5. WordPress Themes – Another aspect to learn about is a WordPress Theme which is the look or design of your website.  There are plenty of free themes to use and when you first build your website with WordPress, you will get a default theme.  Themes can be changed at anytime, so not a lot of time needs to be spent in finding the perfect one in the beginning.  You will figure out over time which theme you’d rather have and you may even want a paid one for more flexibility and functionality.
  6. Web Hosting – Where you want to host your website is a crucial decision because you don’t want to host it at a place where it’s not secure or does not allow your website to perform well.  You also want to ensure your host is using the latest and greatest technologies as well as having measures for backups, securely monitored closely, and quality control.
  7. SSL Certificates – This is an option website owners are looking more and more to get because it makes your site more trustworthy and search engines give you better rankings because of having a more secured website.  Usually this is needed if you process personal information but even blogs these are using it to just make the site more secured.
  8. Website Speed – Another factor you want to consider when building your website is your website speed, which host will give you the best loading speeds for your website will also help you rank better on search engines.  Most web host don’t do anything for you on this, and it’s really hard to get your site’s speed up if you want to fix it (I know, because I had to do this on my own since I started this site outside of the place I’m recommending below).  You want a web host that has this measures to make your site super fast.

How to Build a BlogWith all these factors to consider, you will want to build your website at a place that takes all this into consideration and have tools in place to give you all of it.

This is just some of the main factors of building a website, you also need to learn how to use the back end of WordPress, how to pick your niche, how to write your content, how to build your website from the beginning like what pages you’ll need and what plugins to use.

You’ll also want to learn how to make your website search engine friendly and how to write with keywords so Google and other search engines can find your website.

You will learn everything you’ll need at the place I’ll be telling you about in this next section!




If you consider all the factors above, most web hosts / website builders will only give you maybe a third to a half of that list up there.  They won’t give you everything because you’ll need to pay for it and pay extra for the add-ons, and because they generally don’t provide you with training.

wealthy affiliate logoAt Wealthy Affiliate, you not only get everything on the list above, but you also get to learn how to build your online business using affiliate marketing!

If you only consider the side of website building and the hosting of your websites, their Premium membership costs way less than many web hosts with comparable plans and they still won’t have everything Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Check out my full analysis of their web hosting compared to other competitors here.

Now, in addition to all the points listed above, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to blog and how to make money from your website.  I know no web host does that!

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that has everything you’ll need to start an affiliate marketing business and be successful at it because of the techniques they teach and the in-depth training they provide.

You will learn how to build your website from zero knowledge with their main step-by-step training course that has 5 levels and 10 lessons in each level.  This course is called Online Entrepreneur Certification and they also have a second course called Affiliate Bootcamp which has 7 levels with 10 lessons in each level too.

You will also get two free websites to start to see if you like it and the first 10 lessons with it for free as well!

They have much faith in their lessons and so they let you try it out with their free Starter membership before you decide to upgrade to Premium membership.

I’ve been a member there since September 2016 and have not found another place like it!  There’s also a huge community of members in there that will help you through your journey and answer questions for you along the way.

There’s really so much to check out that you should just go to my full detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate and see everything they offer, plus watch a video tour of the platform too:

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Button


If you want to learn how to build a website, there’s really no better place than Wealthy Affiliate, especially if you want also want to monetize it and make money.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your site and offers you an easy way to start making money online with low cost of entry compared to any other businesses like selling products or services.

I hope you will check it out and see the value Wealthy Affiliate provides.


If you have any questions or thoughts about how to learn how to build a website or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I’ll reply very soon!  I always do. 🙂



Let’s make money online!

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  1. Thanks for your post, very timely and needed to know where I can learn how to do this. I’m looking for step-by-step help, will Wealthy Affiliate provide this? I’m a slow learner and want to make sure I can follow along.

    • Yes for sure you will be able to follow along! There is also a huge community of members inside on the platform that you can ask for help from. This is the part I love best about Wealthy Affiliate, you will have full support, even from the owners!

      You will be in good hands if you train with Wealthy Affiliate and you’ll also learn how to make money from your website using affiliate marketing so it’s a win, win!

      Best to you!


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