How To Make Money Searching On Google – Make $12-$30 Per Hour

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HOW TO MAKE MONEY SEARCHING ON GOOGLEWould you like to make some money from home? 

In this article, I am going to show you how to make money just searching on Google. 

Do you know how to search on Google? 

Then it is going to be an extremely easy method for you. 

Keep in mind that this is not particularly a very lucrative option. 

If you want to know about a better option to make money online then I suggest you keep reading this article till the end.

So without further ado, let’s look at how you can use this method to make some money:





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How To Become A Search Engine Evaluator

The first thing you need to do is go to Google just by searching

So how can you earn money from Google by searching?

You can become a search engine evaluator and how that works is let’s say I’m going to search for something on Google.

For example: How to make lasagna?

When you first search this, you will see that a lot of things will come up on Google.

As a search engine evaluator is to see what comes up that is going to be relevant for you.

So for this example, ‘How to make lasagna’ obviously you are going to see a bunch of recipes, there are going to be results on easy recipes, more complicated recipes, and classic ways.

So for example, if you want to search on something that is more specific such as ‘How to make lasagna without meat’

So when you get these searches, you will be able to see more results and evaluate if they are relevant, are all these results showing recipes without meat?

You will be able to see that sometimes they put results in that are not relevant at all, searches such as I found a result showing ‘The best meat lasagna recipe’.

So that is not good, right? And if it is on the first page, then it is worse. So you are going to report the results that are not relevant to what you were looking for.

So this is the type of work that you are going to be doing.

Let me give another example such as:

‘How to make a golf swing’

On the searches, there should be videos that teach you how to do that.

The first few videos will be about how to do a golf swing so those are all relevant.

Followed by a few articles that are all going to be focusing on the best way to swing a golf club.

You have to look at everything and see if they are really really relevant and after evaluating them, you have to rate all of these results.

So that is what you are doing, you are just evaluating if the search engines are good or not. That’s it and this is how you can earn some money from Google.



Apply For Work At Appen

There are companies that will hire you to do such work, one of these company is named Appen, you can find their website at

This company helps other companies, research AI and make AI better for other companies for machines to work our way of using the search engines. 

They need to learn how the words are interpreted in a search engine or how images are interpreted. 

They hire people like you and me to make sure the machines are doing what they are supposed to be doing and that is what Appen does. 

Appen also has a lot of other kinds of jobs listed on their webpage and you will also be getting notifications for jobs that are available and suited for you on the email you signed up with on their site.



appen webpage screenshot



This will help you to apply for jobs easier and know when you have the opportunity to earn some money online.

Appen takes orders from other companies and hires people like you and me to do the searches. 

So this is one of the companies that do stuff like this and you can just as easily signup on this website for free and earn money online being a search engine evaluator. 



Lionbridge Is Also A Good Option

There’s another company that pays you to evaluate search engines too and that’s called Lionbridge, you can find their website at

There is actually a variety of simple tasks that you can do on Lionbridge:

  • Data Research 
  • Data Entry 
  • Language 
  • Testing 

There is a wide variety of things that you can accept. You do not have to accept everything, of course, you get to choose what simple task you want to do. 

They will offer you a competitive rate per task with your expected productivity to complete a task. You will be able to see further details on your sign up process. 

All you have to do is sign up for free, you do not have to pay any membership fee to join them. 

You must be at least 18 years of age to work for them and your country of residence must be your uninterrupted residence as in you must be living there long term. 

You can be a search engine evaluator for them too as they also help in training artificial intelligence. 

They are training AI how to rate certain images, videos, and other content on the search engine. 



lionbridge webpage screenshot



Learn how to evaluate our words and what they actually mean to us. So being a search engine evaluator will let the companies know if their machines are giving us the most relevant searches and if they are not they will fix it.

That is why they are letting companies such as Lionbridge hire people like you and me to make sure the machines are learning the right thing. 

Another good thing about Lionbridge is that they will never send you marketing emails or anything like that on your email address and they request you to add them to your email address book, just in case they aren’t sent into the spam folder.

So you can just signup on their website for free and you will have to complete one placement evaluation before you are allowed to work.

You will only be allowed to work for those tasks that are related to the talent you have demonstrated on the placement evaluation. The higher your score, the greater your chances are to get tasks.

If you like this kind of work you can earn up to $12-$30 per hour doing this, it will depend on where you are working.



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If you like this kind of work you can earn up to $12-$30 per hour doing this, it will depend on where you are working. 

If you want to earn more money online, it will be best that you save the money that you earn from this method and use that money to obtain some online skills. 

Doing stuff like this will be trading time for money, you are not really making any passive income. 

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to make money by just searching on Google or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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