How To Make Money On Instagram With NO FOLLOWING [YES, Without Followers]

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Do you know how to make money on it? 

How about if you don’t have a following, how do you make money then? 

In this article, I am going to show you how to make $100 per day on Instagram with no following. 

If you have no followers, this is the article for you, so I suggest you read this article till the end. 

I’m going to show you a very good tip that is going to make this more lucrative for you. 

Also, keep on reading till the end if you want to find out how I make my 4-digit online income.

So without further ado, let’s get into how this will work:





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Find Something To Sell

If you don’t have that much of a following, the next best thing to do is find people with followers and this is how you can make money on Instagram.

You can make $100 per day using other people’s accounts. 

By doing so you are going to be making easy money faster than building your own Instagram account for sure. 

How are you going to make money by using other people’s accounts?

You need to find something to sell if you do not have any products of your own the next best thing to do is sell other people’s products

How do you use somebody else’s products?

That is known as affiliate marketing and that is available for you online. It is possible to get an affiliate link from your favorite products like shoes or makeup or coffee, whatever topic that you are interested in, there is a brand or company out there that will actually give you a link so you can promote their products. 

They will pay you commission for any sale that you get and you will be able to earn money online.



Step 1 And Step 2 Of the Process

Step 1: Sign up With An Affiliate Program

What do you at first? 

Go to Amazon, you can use any company you want but this is just one example, this is open to any affiliate program that is available on the internet, you can find their affiliate site at



screenshot of amazon affiliate program webpage



Think about a niche or topic in general and stick to it, you do not all kinds of products in general from different areas. 

You want to have products that are going to be aligned with the Instagram account that you’re going to be using.

Signup with a program that you want to promote products from. 

Amazon is just one example as they have so many products that you can choose from, same with Target, found at, they also have too many products to choose from. 

You can signup for their affiliate programs and use their products to promote or you can even use something like ClickBank, found at which has a high number of categories. 

There are some products where you can earn a lot for example some health products actually pay you $50 to $80 or more per sale. 

So as you can see it is not hard to make $100 per day by doing this on Instagram. 

Look through the popular niches on ClickBank, you will be able to see the products that pay the most that are why they are the most popular. 

What you are going to do is you can either use any of these websites and click on promote and get their affiliate links, you have to signup for an account first. 


Step 2: Find Instagram Accounts

This is when you have to find the Instagram accounts that you want to promote on. 

You are going to find accounts that have followers and you are going to ask them how much is it to do one post on your account and do a story too. 

You can ask them to do whatever you want to do but basically you are going to find an account in your niche. 

So for example, if you want to promote a coffee store, you are going to look for an account that specializes in posting coffee pictures and is all about coffee with a high number of followers. 

You want to make sure that their posts have a good amount of likes and comments on them so then it will show to be an active account. 

If they have low comments or likes then their accounts are not active. 

You are going to also have to make sure that these accounts don’t have a blue checkmark which means they are verified and they are a brand for themselves and no brands are going to promote anybody else’s products. 

You need accounts that do not have a blue checkmark, have a high amount of following, and will take shoutouts. 

You just DM them and see how much money it will cost you to do a promotional post on their account or do a story and also ask them about links on their profile and see how much it will be to put up your link on their profile. 



Build A Kit Store

You can basically do one product at a time or you can actually build a store. 

This is the bonus that I wanted to show you at the end,  you can build an affiliate store for free on Kit, you can find their website at 

All you have to do is sign up for the affiliate programs that you want to promote products from. 



kit screenshot webpage



Build your free store and then promote your store link and anybody who buys the products listed in your store, you can earn a commission. 

You can ask the big Instagram accounts to promote your Kit store and earn money like this. 

It does not have to be just one or two products it can be a bunch of products and you can earn commissions like this. 

This is going to be very easy to do and that is how you can make $100 per day using Instagram accounts that are not yours. 

You just have to grab your affiliate link or build your own store at Kit. 



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Let’s make money online!

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