Is 60 Minute Profit Plan A Scam Or Make $30K+/Month?

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is 60 Minute Profit Plan a scamHere’s a new Clickbank product called 60 Minute Profit Plan and claims you can make over $30K in your first month but is 60 Minute Profit Plan a scam?

Clickbank sure doesn’t have a good reputation with products like this on there, I just reviewed The AZ Code that was just launched on there as well and what a piece of garbage that was.

I don’t have high hopes for this one since it’s got millions of red flags all over it which I’ll show you.  Okay, not a million red flags but enough to show you this product is not to be trusted.

My 60 Minute Profit Plan review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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60 Minute Profit Plan logo


Program Name: 60 Minute Profit Plan


Price: $37 + Upsells

Owner: Brittany Francis

Recommended? No

The 60 Minute Profit Plan promises you the world and back from the beginning of the sales video all the way to the end.

It keeps telling you how much money you’re going to make with the 60 Minute Profit Plan but never tells you what you’ll be doing to make that money.


60 Minute Profit Plan home page sales video


You wouldn’t know if it was legal or illegal and they just expect you to buy because they say it will make you a 5 digit income in your first month.

They have testimonies saying they make hundreds of dollars in their first hours of trying this system and she herself making hundreds during her lunch hour.

Of course, she says this is all easy too with just a few clicks, she can really make thousands and thousands of dollars very easily.

She goes on to tell her story on how she’s tried everything from cryptocurrencies to selling products on Shopify, to trying her hand at social media and trying to be an influencer.

She said she even used thousands of dollars to try so many other methods but she’s been broke and hard up for money, so how can she even spend thousands of dollars on other businesses?

It doesn’t really matter what she says because everything she says is not true, and this is all a story to just get you to buy.

I did buy 60 Minute Profit Plan just so I can see how bad this product is, and I’ll show you what you’ll get.

But before that, let me show you all the fakes testimonies I found in their sales video.  It’s easy for me to find them since many other scams have done the same.

Here are some samples of the fake video testimonies on 60 Minute Profit Plan:

60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Video Testimonies

60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Video Testimonies 5


60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Video Testimonies 2

60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Video Testimonies 4


60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Video Testimonies 3

60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Video Testimonies 6


The other “success stories” she told you about that had just pictures, they are just stock photos and their pics are found on many other websites on the internet:

60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Success Stories

60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Success Stories 2





Yup, just as I suspected, this is a piece of crap product that is NOT going to bring you the riches it promises in their sales video.

This would be called false advertising and I believe that’s illegal.

I bought it since it’s on Clickbank and I can get a refund pretty quickly, here’s my 60 Minute Profit Plan receipt:

60 Minute Profit Plan Receipt


As I suspected as well, I had to go through two other upsells to get me to spend $97 on a Pro version and another $97 on some other crap I didn’t even pay attention to.

I always like to see the main product because it should stand up on its own and deliver what the sales page said that they used to convince you to buy this.


When I finally got to the product, I was not blown away.  I was right, as expected.

What you get will not make you $30K+ in your first month or any month.

You are basically given four methods of making money online (while in their sales video, it sounded like they only had one system that makes them $30K+/month, not four methods):

  1. Email marketing – 12 videos
  2. Surveys – 1 video
  3. User Tester – 1 video
  4. – 1 video – doesn’t work

The Bonus Method is actually nothing, the button doesn’t work, nothing really happens when I click on it, the button just moves a bit and that’s it.


60 Minute Profit Plan Members Area Four Methods


Of the 4 methods, you will only get three because the 4th method video doesn’t even work because it’s some random YouTube video that they don’t even own that got taken down by YouTube.

The Survey and User Tester videos are also borrowed from other YouTubers and they are not their own.

Only the videos in the Email Marketing section looks like it’s theirs but very low grade and you can tell is more of a PLR (Private Label Rights) type of video as well.  Some general email marketing talk about how to do email marketing in MMO niche.

You think you can make $10K in 90 days learning from those 12 videos that only total 1 hour and 8 minutes long?

I don’t think so.

Surveys are a huge waste of time and you will never close to even a fraction of the $30K+/month they claim in their sales video!

You only earn pennies doing surveys and maybe up to $2 if you’re lucky.  You will not be making any significant amount of money doing surveys of any kind online.

The User Tester is a legitimate way to make some money online and what you do is test websites to see how easy they are to use or whatever the owner wants to find out about their site.

Though you can make some money as a User Tester, you’re not going to come close to $30K+ a month!  No Way!

The fourth method really just talks about being a freelancer on and you can do many different tasks for money.

This would be a decent method but I find it hard for you to make $30K+ a month from it any time soon.


60 Minute Profit Plan Lies


Was 60 Minute Profit Plan Worth It?


All the methods could have been searched on YouTube basically since they used 3 videos from there already and the email marketing ones on YouTube will be just as good as what they had in there.

Three of those methods will not get you to $30K+ a month.

Email marketing has that potential but you will not get there from their 1 hr and 8 mins of generic training.

You may learn some stuff if you’re totally new at this, but I’m sure you can find the same information on YouTube.

I’m also sure you will not get to $30K+ a month with that email marketing training.

All the information in this 60 Minute Profit Plan could be found on YouTube for free, so don’t waste your $37 or $27.




Thumbs DownWhat do you think?  The sales video keeps selling how much money you’re going to make with this 60 Minute Profit Plan system but all you’re getting is free information found on the internet.

On top of that, it’s completely different, once I’m in the member’s area, there’s nothing that talks about making $30K+/month anymore.

So you were lied, misled, and deceived into buying a product that is totally different.  You don’t get a system that makes you $30K+ a month but four methods that won’t get you there anytime soon either.

Some would consider this a scam because it doesn’t deliver what you were sold to.

However, some others would not consider this a scam because you did get some training for the money you paid.  Like you got something for your money.

So, you can make your own conclusion here based on all I have revealed.

At the end of the day, I don’t care how many disclaimers they have, they really shouldn’t market like that to people when they are proving low grade training (not sure if I can even call training that, more like general info on the 4 methods) that will earn people nowhere near what they say is just dishonest, unethical, and deceiving.

I do not recommend 60 Minute Profit Plan.




You must remember not to go for shiny objects of making money fast and making it easily.  The more you’re looking for that, the more you’re going to get scammed.

If you really want to make money online, it’s best to build an online business using the business model I use and learn from a legitimate source that has comprehensive, step-by-step training for you to learn at your own pace.

The business model I use takes advantage of millions of products that are online as well as any future ones that come available as well.

It’s beginner friendly and I’m living proof that it works since I’m still a very active member there.

You will find out everything about this online business, what business model I use, and where this legitimate source is in my free guide here:

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My online business started Sep/16 and I now get to enjoy a 4 digit online income while being a stay-at-home mom for my girls.

It takes hard work and determination this online business, so it will not be for you if you want money now or soon (no system will really make you money quickly, everything takes time to build).

Building an online business takes time and real work effort, so expect that if you’re going to make real money online that could be job replacing one day.

Stop wasting time on scams and start learning from real training today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether 60 Minute Profit Plan is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



8 thoughts on “Is 60 Minute Profit Plan A Scam Or Make $30K+/Month?”

    • Hi Edith, in general I would agree with you, majority of the programs on Clickbank for making money online are not that good at all. They are either scams or really low quality products.

      I did find a legitimate way to learn how to make money online which I share in my guide here. It’s been something I’ve been using since Sep/16 and now making a 4 digit online income with it, it’s the best thing I’ve tried in the making money online space and it’s been quite rewarding! 🙂

      Best of luck to you,

    • Thanks Eddie, yeah it sure is huh? It’s a major rip off. Get real training and learn how to make money with a legitimate source, find out here in my guide!

      My online business has given me a 4 digit monthly income now but it took a lot of work so expect that if you want to be successful… just like anything else in life. 🙂

      Best of luck to you Eddie!

  1. Thanks foг a marvelous posting! Ӏ defіnitely enjoyed reading it, you really saved me from trying this product out. That’s ridiculous that people can sell products like this.

    • Hi Shelly, Yeah, Clickbank doesn’t do a good job of weeding the bad products out and most of the products on there are junk.

      If you check out my guide here, you’ll learn the exact method I used to earn my 4 digit online income and I know you can do the same!

      Thanks for visiting!


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