Daily Banner Profits Review: Is It A Scam Or Easy $2K Per Day?

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is Daily Banner Profits a scamWondering if Daily Banner Profits really has the system that can make you $2,000 a day or is it just going to scam you silly?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and this statement holds true here.  I would not trust this site with anything.

I’ve done hundreds of reviews and this one smell scam all over it.  I will show you below why this is a scam and why you need to stay far away from this.

My Daily Banner Profits review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Daily Banner Profits Logo


Program Name: Daily Banner Profits

Website: adflipping.com

Price: “Free” (yeah, nope.)

Recommended? No

The Daily Banner Profits system claims it can make you $2,000 a day with only a $250 investment but invest in what?  Online advertising?



Has anyone heard of flipping online advertising?

Where do go even go to trade online advertising?

This whole system is a sham guys, there’s NO SUCH THING as “ad flipping” or “flipping ads” and the sales video at Daily Banner Profits claims that you can make so much money with it.

I don’t know how people actually believe these guys talk about flipping ads for money.

Apparently there are enough people to believe there such a thing or else why would there be so many of these “ad flipping” systems come online lately.

This is very sad to see.  Daily Banner Profits makes it believable by talking about how Facebook and Google rake in billions in advertising dollars but no kidding they do because they sell advertising on their platforms.

There’s no online advertising trading for those companies, they don’t do that, people go on Facebook and Google to advertise on there, that’s it.

Just like advertising as you know it, placing an ad on Facebook, Google, or any of the other social media platforms they talked about.

Not online ad trading.

This is so ridiculous, not sure how they even come up with this.  This is a big scam just like the other ones I’ve reviewed before like Bitcoin Advertising, Bitcoin Millionaire Club, Quantum Ad Code, and Free Ad Cash System.




This scam is quite extravagant as they have pretty much built a fake online ad trading platform that looks like you’re buying and bidding on ads.

But this is all part of the scheme to make it as believable as possible.

I went all the way through to see what it looked like inside and in the member’s area, you’ll see all these ads and crypto you can buy or bid on.


Daily Banner Profits Clicks Dealer Fake Ad Tradiing System 2


When I clicked on the trend, and it’s just the Google Trend of that topic which shows how many people are searching for that term or subject.

Google Trend has NOTHING to do with online advertising.

You’re supposed to get a phone call too so they can talk you into placing a $250 deposit, aka give them $250 and never see your money again.

But they get you on the phone so they can also convince you to depositing way more than that.

You need to be super careful with this scam because you’ll never be able to get your money out of the system again once you put anything in.

That’s why there are so many of these “ad flipping” programs/products because they are fake and once there are too many reviews like mine out there and their income drops, then they will shut this down and come out with another one.

All they do is rebrand it to another name and then again they go promoting to scam even more people.

This is the sad truth and I hope you have not given them any money yet.


The Red Flags

I’d like to point out the many red flags so you can beware in the future.

#1 Red Flag – There’s No Such Thing As Ad Flipping

I think we can all just use some common sense here.  There’s no such thing as flipping or trading ads of any kind, online or offline.

You can trade stocks, futures, currencies, commodities, etc, but not ads.  You’ll never hear of anything trading ads.  It doesn’t even make sense.


#2 Red Flag – Fake Testimonies

They will use actors to play the part of providing you with “real testimonies” and you can hire people like that very easily on freelancing sites like fiverr.com.

Anyone can hire one of these actors for as low as $5 to get one of these testimonial videos made and here’s an example of one:

Daily Banner Profits Fake Testimonies

Copy My CashFlow Fake Testimonials 2


#3 Red Flag – Limited Availability

They claim that there’s only 20 spots open and that the “link” will expire but these are all lies to get you to buy or take action now.

The scarcity sales tactic is very common in scams.

They would never limit how much money they can steal, believe that.


#4 Red Flag – Spilling Out NonSense

There’s a part of the sales video where he says what this isn’t and then goes on to say this isn’t all the trading terms we’re used to and then he also throws in affiliate marketing which has nothing to do with the stock market or financial trading.

This shows me that they just want to throw out any and all terms that they think will sound familiar to you since you’re looking a way to make money online and affiliate marketing may be something you looked at.

Giving you familiar terms and hoping you’re relieved it’s not things you’ve tried that may not have worked for you.

Other familiar terms are Google and Facebook, again nothing to do with ad flipping, their billions are made through people placing ads on their platforms.


#5 Red Flag – Real Testimonies Of Losing Thousands

I didn’t even need to look for these to know this is a scam but I figured people will believe these scammers and lose money so let’s see… and I was right:

Daily Banner Profits Real Testimonies 2

Daily Banner Profits Real Testimonies 3

Daily Banner Profits Real Testimonies 4

Daily Banner Profits Real Testimonies

These real testimonies are from onlinethreatalerts.com and was a post about Banner Bit which is the first of the “ad flipping” scams.

Now they are using this clicksdealer.om platform to make it look even more real but don’t believe it, it’s not real, nobody trades online advertising.




Thumbs DownAbsolutely, Daily Banner Profits is a big scam, you will never see your money again if you give them any of it.

Please guys, use your common sense when looking for online money making opportunities, it’s because people are attracted to quick fast money that scams exist.

It’s too easy it seems to trick people into believing there’s such a thing as ad flipping.

I’m really boggled how they are able to do this but I guess people believe anything when they are desperate for money.

Daily Banner Profits is one big lie, don’t trust it, don’t believe it and save your money!

I, 200%, do not recommend Daily Banner Profits.




To stay away from scams, you need to know that you cannot make fast money on the internet.

Do not believe any program or product that claims you can make hundreds or thousands a day very quickly and only with a few clicks or don’t have to work much for it.

The internet is vast and full of opportunities but it’s not magical or a way to make money very fast.

I’ve been making money online since 2012 and I have tried many things.  The things that can make you fast money can’t make you much of it, which are like surveys, PTC sites, cash back sites, etc.

The only thing that worked best if you really want to make money online is by building your own online business.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Daily Banner Profits is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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