Is Fast Earners Club A Scam? Read This Review First!! See The Truth!

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is Fast Earners Club a scamHave you checked out Fast Earners Club and wondering if you could really make money fast online?  Is Fast Earners Club a scam that’s going to leave you high and dry?

My Fast Earners Club review below will show you everything you need to know about this product and why I would avoid this at all cost if I were you.

There are tons of products like this online and it’s hard to tell whether they are good or not if you are new to this industry.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of programs and products in this space so I can spot things and know when people are lying or misleading you down the wrong path.

Without further delay, let’s check out my Fast Earners Club review in the following sections:



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Fast Earners Club


Program Name: Fast Earners Club


Price: $39 + upsells!

Recommended? No!

Fast Earners Club sure talks about making money online fast but doesn’t really share or show how their product really works.


Fast Earners Club sales video


You’re essentially supposed to buy on a 6 minute video about nothing but things you want to hear which is make money fast online which is really a myth.

A lot of people get lured into products like this because they think that it’s possible to make money fast on the internet but that’s just not how it works, I know this because I’ve been doing this since 2012.

Fast Earners Club is basically an info digital product that consists of a few PDFs training about the following ways to make money online: eCommerce, eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, all of which cannot make you money fast or right away!

As well, each of those are huge topics and a PDF on each isn’t going to be anywhere close to be enough training by any means to teach you how to use those methods to make money online.

It’s more like probably an overview of each one if you’re lucky but most products like these, the information you get is pretty much useless, just like products like The AZ Code or 60 Minute Profit Plan.




Products like Fast Earners Club will never just be the initial small payment, you will be hit with a $149 upsell as soon as you buy it.

Products with upsells like Fast Earners Club tells me the main product is not going to be enough and so you’ll never know what’s the true cost of such a product until you go through it all.

There are also a bunch of lies and misleading information on Fast Earners Club’s sales video that I want to point out as well which are red flags about this product.


Red Flag #1 – Making Money Within Your First Hour

There is absolutely no way you can make over a hundred dollars within your first hour of trying what is in their PDFs.

Fast Earners Club Lies About Earning $100 in First Hour

Each of those methods they show you requires a huge amount of work and there’s a big learning curve when coming into making money online which will require tons more training than what you get with this product.

No method can actually make you money that quickly unless you do some surveys but you won’t be earning $100 anytime soon with that.


Red Flag #2 – “Doesn’t Involve Generating Web Traffic”

I was shaking my head so hard when I heard this line and at that point I didn’t even know what this really was.

Fast Earners Club Lies About Not Needing Web Traffic

To ANY online business, generating web traffic is your online businesses lifeline.  Without web traffic (visitors) to your business, you will have nothing.

So either these guys have no idea what they are talking about or they are just plain lying through their teeth to you.


Red Flag #3 – Claims Over The Past 30 Days Hundreds Have Joined

No, they have not.

I know this because I was able to find their video on YouTube and found that they have only uploaded this sales video on April 25, 2018 and as of this writing, it’s been less than a month so here’s another lie.

Fast Earners Club Lies About How Old They Are


Their domain was also registered on the same day and today as I’m writing, this domain is only 23 days old.

Fast Earners Club Lies About Being Over A Month Old


All they want to do is lure you in with lies, lies, and more lies.  Not sure what else you can trust in their sales video.


Red Flag #4 – Hardly Any Work, “By Clicking Your Mouse”

In order to make money, they said that all you have to do is two simple steps of which the second was to just “follow the simple done-for-you signals by clicking your mouse and that’s it!” – this is the worse one of all.

Fast Earners Club Lies About Clicking Your Mouse


I know what those four methods entail from my experience, and each of those will require at least 20 – 40 hours a week or more to build successfully.

There is NO WAY to make money from those methods by just clicking your mouse.  It’s going to be way more involved and tons more work will need to be done to generate any sort of income from those methods.




Thumbs DownI would have to say that Fast Earners Club is not a very good product for what they are trying to do and quite misleading in so many ways.

I will have to call this one a scam because of the following:

  • Lies
  • Lies
  • Lies
  • Lies

When you’re being tricked and lied into buying a product that’s not going to deliver what they tell you, it’s a scam right?

I would say so and that’s what the definition of a scam is if you look it up.

Each of those methods they tell you about inside the product are actually full blown online businesses you can build but all of them will take lots of your work effort and time.

No fast money will come that easily from what they tell you in their sales video.

The only peace of mind you’ll have with Fast Earners Club is that it’s processed on Clickbank and they do honor their 60 day money back guarantee.

From everything I’ve pointed out with this product, I have to conclude that I do not recommend Fast Earners Club.




When I started online back in 2012, I used to get very frustrated in searching for ways to make money online and I have been scammed myself.

I have done a few different methods and the one I like best doesn’t require me to invest tons of money in any inventory, do customer service, packaging, shipping, or even deal with any shop owners headaches which I’ve had before as I had two online shops.

The business model I use simpler than that and takes advantage of the products and services that are currently online today and only gets better as more of it come online in the future.

I started this method back in Sep/16 and I earn a 4 digit online income with it from the comfort of my home which allows me to be flexible for my kids as a stay at home mom.

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It’s a comprehensive training platform that teaches you specifically how to build an online business using this business model that I use.

I am still a very active member of that platform because of all the resources that are available on there and the many ways you can get help on there to get questions answered if you’re ever stuck.

The support itself is really priceless because you’ll not only have me in your corner but also a whole community of like-minded people to get help from.

Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Fast Earners Club is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



8 thoughts on “Is Fast Earners Club A Scam? Read This Review First!! See The Truth!”

  1. Thanks for your review, very thorough and glad I didn’t go for it. I’ll check out your guide instead.


    • Hi Lucas,

      I understand your frustrations in this space and agree that most products in this industry are either scams or very low quality products that doesn’t work.

      The reason I have this site is so I can show people what has worked for me and where I learned everything from. This is why I created my free guide here to show you how I did it and what I used to build my 4 digit online income.

      It’s a real, legitimate way to make money online, it’s just that since it’s real, it actually takes hard work and lots of time which most people won’t do.

      Making money is very real, but you need to be patient because the scams are lies and it really takes hard work/time to really build an online income.

      I wish you much success,

  2. Thanks for your review, so appreciate you telling the truth and how it really works. I will check out your guide instead.


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