Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy A Scam Or Think Your Way To Millions?

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is Millionaire's Brain Academy a scamGetting into a millionaire’s brain would be helpful to know what they do to make their money but could this be real or is Millionaire’s Brain Academy a scam that will not help you at all?

There is no doubt having a positive attitude could help you get more positive results but are our brains really wired differently?

Could we learn to connect our neural connections to become a millionaire ourselves?

Millionaire’s Brain Academy seems to think so and my review below will tell you what I think about it and show you what you need to decide whether this is right for you.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Millionaire's Brain Academy Logo


Program Name: Millionaire’s Brain Academy


Price: $47

Owner: Winter Vee

Recommended? No

The Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a self help product that will help you get a millionaire’s brain so you can also earn like them.

The program tries to tell you that a millionaire brain is wired totally different from those who are not millionaires.

It claims to have the know how on how the millionaire neutrons are connected and if we just did that, we can all be millionaires.


Millionaire's Brain Academy sales video


Apparently that’s what’s been holding all of us back, because we don’t have the right neurons connected in such a way to have success in our lives.

In just 7 days, Winter Vee was able to rewire his brain to think like millionaire and his activity level goes through the roof with idea as well as attracting new partnerships.

He claims he earned $22k the first week he did this and then another $44K in his second week.

Of course, he’s now an apparent millionaire because of how he rewired his brain to think like a millionaire and has perfected a system to have you do it faster.

He claims that he made the path to connecting the right neurons even easier to do and you won’t take as long as 7 days.

His method became so amazing that his method was coined “brain miracle” and all you have to do is just watch movie previews.

He has subjects watching these movie previews and see amazing results, apparently having their income rise 20% – 50%.

He’s saying if you use his method, you can see such changes too.

I’m all for having a positive attitude to achieve positive results but having you watch short clips everyday is not going to change your brain that much.

Changing your attitude, your perspective, all takes time and it’s not a matter of just watching some clips and you’ll be a millionaire.

You’ll actually have to do the kind of work that will make you a millionaire also.




What you’ll actually get from Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a 121 page ebook about how you can change your mindset.

There are already tons of books and information online on this and this product sure does not add anything new to what we already know.

Millionaire’s Brain Academy’s sales video keep telling us there’s some big secret to his method but there’s nothing new in this 121 page ebook.

All you’ll find inside is some information on how to remove negativity from your life and change those negative thoughts in your head to positive ones.

You’ll have some info on knowing why most people fail to reach their goals and what you can change to get better results.

All of which sounds like information that I have heard of before and Millionaire’s Brain Academy’s ebook really doesn’t bring anything new to this space.

With every self help product, there’s usually a workbook or worksheets to fill out and this product is not different.

Millionaire’s Brain Academy will supply you with a workbook you can use to write down what you want to change and get some new goal setting done.

Some of this stuff is useful but really, it’s not anything I haven’t heard before.



This Millionaire’s Brain Academy product is sold on Clickbank and so I do expect two things: low quality product and upsells.

You will be hit with three upsells:

  1. Hyper Wealth DNA – $197 – some videos and audios that will make you go from broke to millionaire in 10 days.  Again, not a lot of actual value here.
  2. Copy Paste Wealth – $97 – done for your templates, I never use done for you stuff, you’ll never learn how things work if you do.
  3. Jumping Audio Program – $97 – whatever this entails, I sure will not buy this.

Their upsells are never worth what they are because when you try to exit, the prices drop in half so how good are these upsells anyway if you can just drop prices like that?!



When I was researching Millionaire’s Brain Academy, I came across a few complaints that confirmed what I thought this will be if you get their ebook.

You can find on that there are real customers complaining about how this ebook has no new information in it and they certainly felt ripped off:

Millionaire's Brain Academy Complaints


Millionaire's Brain Academy Complaints 2


Not surprising to find that their product is not as good as it sounds.  These types of products just lure you in with the thought that you can change your brain to become a millionaire.

Changing your thoughts and your way of thinking takes a long time to do as well as needing continuous repetition in order for your brain to start thinking more positive thoughts.

But even so, changing your thoughts will not turn you into any millionaires any day soon.




I believe it’s not a scam because they are giving you an ebook for your money so you are getting something for it.

Now, whether that ebook is any good is a whole different story and how they marketed that to you, some would say they are a scam because they led you to believe you can become a millionaire by buying his method.

So, if you don’t become a millionaire is it their fault?  Does it come down to whether or not you’re able to be consistent with their methods and teachings?

All I know is that you don’t need to buy this to get the information you want, there are tons of YouTube videos on this very topic of how to rewire your thoughts for success.

There’s nothing new in Millionaire’s Brain Academy’s ebook that would make this process any faster or evolutionary as he had claimed, and you may see this as a scam.

Whatever you decide is up to you but for me, this is not a good product to buy and I have to conclude that I do not recommend Millionaire’s Brain Academy.




As much as you can change your mind to think positively, you won’t see any increase in your income unless you take action.

Just thinking and thinking in your room is not going to make you any richer.  What can bring you an income is learn how someone else has done it and you learn from where they have learned.

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It’s not going to happen.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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