Is MobileXpression A Scam Or Earn Some Awesome Cash?

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Is MobileXpressions a scam?I came across this MobileXpression the other day and was wondering what it was.  It’s easy to wonder if MobileXpression is a scam because it wants to install stuff on your mobile or tablet so we need to be careful.

I looked into what MobileXpression is all about so I can write this review for you to figure out if you want to use this service or not.

With so many scams on the internet, it’s better to play it safe and research around first.

I will take you through the following:



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MobileXpressions Logo

Program Name: MobileXpression


Price: Free

Recommended? No

As a market research company, MobileXpression collects data from your mobile phone or tablets to learn about how the internet is being used on these devices.

This type of data will allow companies that buy this information from MobileXpression to improve their mobile marketing efforts for their brand and products for mobile and tablet use.


MobileXpressions Home Page


They want to know how you’re using the internet from these portable devices, what you’re buying, what you’re watching, and what makes you click on banners/buttons, etc.

With all this knowledge, companies can then improve their marketing strategies and get their brand more exposed on these platforms.

However, is this all MobileXpression is doing?

In their Privacy Policy statement, there’s a section where they say your personal information will be shared by their Partners List, which when clicked, it doesn’t give me a list but just another clause on that doesn’t say much about the partners they will use.

But then, further down the Privacy Policy statement, there is a section where it talks about if you want to “Stop receiving survey offers without opting out of participation in the Panel”, which means to me your info will be passed on to companies that will spam you with surveys.

This to me is I guess typical of marketing companies to do, it’s like if you get on one email list, you’ll be added to several.

But let’s take a look at how they collect your data.




You will first sign up for an account and make sure your device is eligible which you can do right on their home page.

Once qualified, you will need to install two apps on your device: MobileXpression app and the MobileXpression Connect app.

Once connected, the apps will automatically collect data from your device in the background and then send the data back to MobileXpression’s servers.

It will record all the internet activities you do but it will not record your voice calls, voice messages, or text messages.

I don’t know if this includes Skype, FaceTime, and apps like that since they are over the internet, so this part is unclear and could be a concern if they are listening on these types of calls.



So what do you get for giving them all this info?  Not much.

You get to be entered into a sweepstake every week you’re using the apps but the changes of winning these are slim.

The only sure thing will be the $5 gift card sign up bonus for the first week you are with them.

Other than that, you can see this probability chart to see what your chances of winning are which are all pretty slim except for that first $5 gift card:

MobileXpressions Winning Chances



As I dive into my research more, I find more things to mention here because they could also be a deal breaker to some of you.

Here are some of the complaints I’ve come across about MobileXpression:

  1. Privacy Concerns – I have huge concerns about this myself but others also mention this because we can never me certain what kind of data they are really collecting once you give them the consent to do so.  They could be also sending your personal information to the hands of people you don’t want who will also spam you with either emails, surveys, or other marketing you don’t want.
  2. Locked Accounts – There’s been experiences where you try to go get your gift card reward but you find that your account is locked all of a sudden for no apparent reason.  This usually happens on a lot of survey type sites too but come on, this is $5 gift card!
  3. Battery Drains – You normally already have a lot of apps running in the background if you don’t manually (swipe up for iPhones) turn them off so now you’re going to have two more apps that you can’t even turn off to also help you use up your battery.
  4. Phone Surfing Speed – There’s been noticeable slow down in speed while surfing the net on the iPhone mobile phones vs androids which could be very annoying since we want things instant these days.
  5. Increased Phone Bill – The data transfer that happens from your device back to MobileXpression’s servers can happen anytime so if you’re out and about it may use your data unless you manually set the apps not to transfer over data and only do it while on WiFi.  Unless you have an unlimited data plan, you must watch out for this.
  6. Unsolicited Survey Offers – Some users have complained about the survey offers that keep popping up which is very annoying if you’re just not the type of person that want to do surveys.  I won’t be surprised if you also got more email spam from this kind of service either.




Even with all the complaints, I don’t believe this MobileXpression is a scam but I sure would not trust using this service just because that’s a lot of access to my personal information.

As well, you’re not certain where they are sharing your personal information and it may fall into the wrong hands if not secured properly.

In this day and age, we are already losing a lot of our privacy and I just don’t know why you would want to lose more privacy by giving them access to your phone or table device for such little to no rewards.

This is certainly not a way to make any good money online and you’re better off using other sites like Fusion Cash ($5 sign up bonus, earn cash only – Sign Up HERE for USA, Sign Up HERE for Canada) or Swagbucks (earn cash or gift cards – Sign Up HERE) to earn a little more.

Even those two suggestions aren’t going to make you much but at least it’ll be more than MobileXpression and you’re not giving them all your internet usage data.

I have to conclude that I do NOT recommend MobileXpression as a way to make money online and totally not risky all your personal information.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether MobileXpression is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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