Is Copy Success A Scam Or Easily Make $1000’s Commissions?!

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is Copy Success a scamAre you excited to see the Copy Success system and wondering if it’ll work for you? Or, is Copy Success a scam that will leave you with huge debts?

There are sure a lot of these sites that talk about big commissions but never fully talk about what the real system is or what is all involved.

You must be careful about sites like this because you can get blinded by all the bling they splash at you and tell you things you want to hear.

In my Copy Success review below, I will reveal the truth as follows:



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Program Name: Copy Success


Price: $37 + Many $1,000s Upgrades

Owner: Paulo Barroso

Recommended? No

The Copy Success site is a sales pitch for a system that they don’t really tell you about in great detail and what’s all involved.

Instead, it gives you all sorts of fuzzy feeling about having and making a lot of money, even up to over $23K a month like this Paulo guy did.


Copy Success home page sales video


It sounds easy in six steps but it’s always way harder than they make it sound and I will tell you why that is in a bit.

But, the point of the sales video is to push all your emotional buttons so you can fall in love with the idea that you’re going to make thousands in commission in the next 7 days and I think that’s just misleading.

In fact, you can’t even get through all the training they provide you in 7 days, let alone actually making money already.

Copy Success is no better than sites like Secret MillionairesSimple Profit SecretInternet Millionaire Coach, and The Freedom Secret which I have all recently reviewed that does the same thing.

They all talk about the automated side of the business but then fail to mention that the hardest part of the system is really all up to you.

I will go into this more below but just know that Copy Success is NOT a system or program in itself, you are being misled into a very expensive MLM program that you may not join if you knew better.

So, let’s take a closer look now.




All these sites I mentioned above including Copy Success (and even more not mentioned here) are all just sales funnels that lead to Digital Altitude’s Aspire program.


Copy Success checkout goes to Aspire


But all those fake sites make it sound like they have the system, or that they built it themselves, or found some loop hole which are all very misleading and unethical.

Aspire is a legitimate program that comes with training that you can actually use with any business, however, most of their support efforts is geared towards making you into an affiliate and there’s a big reason for this.


Copy Success Aspire's high paying commissions


They want you to become affiliates so you can earn those big commissions of $500 – $7,000!

Actually, not really.

Yes, you can earn those, but what they don’t say is that YOU need to BUY those high ticket products yourself first before you can sell them and make those high commissions.

So, let’s take a look what you have to pay:


Aspire membership levels:

  1. Walker – $37/month
  2. Hiker – $67/month
  3. Climber – $127/month

The high end packages are one-time payment:

  1. Base – $595
  2. Rise – $1,997
  3. Ascend – $9,997
  4. Peak – $16,997
  5. Apex – $27,997


Woah, not only you have monthly fees, but you also have huge amounts to invest before you can make a penny.

To add to it all,  you can only make money from the levels you buy into.

So if you’re a Walker, you can’t earn anything if you sell a Climber membership, it goes up to the sponsor above you that is a Climber.

Same goes for the high ticket packages, you will need to invest in more than $57K if you want to make commissions from all levels and that’s how you can earn those huge commission checks.

While they promise you will get a personal coach, but all that personal coach is going to do is to get you to buy and spend your life savings or get you into huge loans so you can upgrade.

Your personal coach is the your sponsor’s sales team that closes deals for him/her.

Your referrals personal coach is your sales team that will close sales for you.

So, let’s say you have $57K lying around and you invest, how do you make that money back?

You will have to get leads/referrals into the system to get them to do the same thing you’re doing which is to also get them to invest thousands of dollars.

First of all, how many people can have such cash or want to put so much money into something that has such a low success rate?

Second of all, this part of getting leads is not automated and it’s up to you to get leads from the websites they give you.

Websites that won’t rank on search engines and websites that mislead people like Copy Success.

That means you will have to also spend money on advertising to get people to your one-page sales video website which could be very expensive as you’ll need thousands of leads in hopes that some will get into the program.

But, you’ll need TONS of people to get into the program to get your $57K back.


Aspire Today Earnings Disclaimer


What incentives do you think the coaches have to help you get that $57K back once they have it?  Once they have “closed sale” on you, you think they’ll still be around to help you make your money back?

I sure hope so but with the low success rate they keep posting about on their earnings, I just don’t feel the coaches are there to do much after they have made you upgrade and spend your live savings away.

See here for a story one of my readers told me about her getting into $15K debt because of programs that promised her the world but have nothing to show for it but a debt she has pay year after year.




Yes, I have to say Copy Success is a scam in itself because it’s not telling you explicitly what you’re getting yourself into or all the costs involved before you buy.

Copy Success is misleading and using sales tactics that are highly unethical.

Is Aspire a scam?  No, not really because you can make money with the training it provides if you’re an expert in the field, but how can you work with a company or products that push people to deceive others?

Maybe I’m too naive or innocent but that’s just not how I want to do business.

Therefore, I do NOT recommend Copy Success as it’s highly misleading or the very risky business of Aspire.




Nope it shouldn’t, if you are using the right business model.

Especially for beginners, I don’t recommend such a high cost program like Aspire as there is much to learn about how to make money on the internet, which is a new skill to learn.

I’ve been using a business model since Sep ’16 that is newbie friendly and it’s an online business you can learn to build from the ground up.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Copy Success is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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