Borderless Income System: Is It A Scam Or $1000’s In Your Wallet?

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Is Borderless Income System a scamThe Borderless Income System sounds like the way to go to make $1,000’s of commissions but does it sound too good to be true?  Is Borderless Income System a scam?

While looking at this system, I found something very familiar and realized this is not what it seems guys.

This is why I had to write this review to warn you about sites like this that hide the real program and does not discuss what everything is involved.

My review of Borderless Income System will show you the truth about this and let you know how this really works in the following sections:



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Borderless Income System Logo


Program Name: Borderless Income System


Price: $49 + $10,000’s more

Owner: Ewen Chia

Recommended? No

Borderless Income System claims it is a system of its own that you can make commissions of $1,250 to $20,000 per customer without selling anything yourself.


Borderless Income System home page sales video


You will get a system that will provide so many things done for you that all you have to do is get leads.  Well, that sounds easy, right?

You will even get a sales team to do all the selling for you and you are going to make thousands of dollars “hands free”.

Ewen has chosen to use Borderless Income System because it supposedly works and has made him well over $500K.  A system that can make you money from all over the world (well, any online system will do that, it’s the internet).

On the Borderless Income System home page, you even see pictures of their product line and even their checkout page looks like that’s is what you’re buying: the Borderless Income System.



But, once you pay: SURPRISSSSSSSSE!

You didn’t buy Borderless Income System, and in fact, there is no Borderless Income System.

Borderless Income System doesn’t exist.

Borderless Income System is just a sales page to funnel you into a very expensive and risky program, read on to find out, but this site no different than these other sites I’ve reviewed before that mislead you the same way:




You didn’t buy the Borderless Income System, you bought MOBE!

OMG?!  MOBE?!  I didn’t want to join MOBE, I thought this was Borderless Income System??


My Online ATM is really MOBE


Exactly.  Ewen didn’t want you to know it was MOBE, that’s why he hid this very fact.

Why does he have to hide such a fact?  Because you wouldn’t join otherwise if you already know what MOBE is.

This MOBE is a very expensive MLM program to join because before you can promote any of their high ticket products that make you thousands in commissions, you actually have to buy them first so your sponsors (people who brought you into MOBE) can make their commissions first before you can make a single penny.

Are you ready to see the real cost of this program?

These packages run you in the thousands, just check it out:

  • Silver – $2,497 one time + $27 per month
  • Gold – $4,997 one time + $64 per month
  • Titanium – $9,997 one time + $121 per month
  • Platinum – $16,667 one time + $198 per month
  • Diamond – $29,997 one time + $295 per month

If you want to make commissions on all of these levels, the ones that pay you those $1,250, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 commissions, and more, you’ll need to spend a total of $64K!

You probably don’t have to do that all at once, you can start with the Silver but remember you will get a personal coach that will help you with your business.

Wait, not really, that coach will just help you spend and spend and spend until you are at the Diamond level.

So your personal coach is really the sales team of your sponsor that will close deals for him.

If you bring in a lead, your sales team will be your referral’s coach.

The whole system is geared towards promoting this MOBE high ticket system because that’s how everyone gets those high commissions they talk about.

So your primary job, since everything else is done for you, is to bring in other people that will do the same thing.

If you bring Bob in, your sales team (Bob’s coach) will make sure Bob spends money so you make a commission.

But how many Bobs would you need to bring in that will also be crazy enough to spend thousands of dollars to make back the thousands you’ve “invested” in the system?

A LOT.  Thousands in fact because not everyone you bring in will join obviously.

So how will you bring in thousands of people when you’re using a bunch of templates that everyone else is using?  Paid traffic – another risky way to do business for someone new to this business.

Unless you’ve been around the block and know what you’re doing with paid traffic, you’ll be losing hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars trying to perfect high converting ad campaigns.

Also, you’ll most likely get a site like Borderless Income System to trick others into thinking it’s a different system to get them into MOBE.  Is that how you want to do business?

It’s totally so unethical and I don’t agree with this kind of sleazy sales tactic.




Yes, Borderless Income System is a scam because there is no Borderless Income System.

They make it look like it is a system but it’s really MOBE.

I just don’t get why these affiliates need to hide this fact if MOBE is such a great system to join and making them so much money.  I would hollering at the top of lungs that MOBE is so freaking awesome.

From what I gather, and in my opinion, they hide this fact because it’s not as successful as they make it sound and it’s definitely not as easy or simple either.

For beginners, this MOBE system is way too risky and too expensive.  You need to be a know-how expert in this industry to join such a program.

Is MOBE a scam? No, not really, but come on, why would you want to work with a company that allows and encourages their affiliates to mislead and trick people like that?!

I’m not down with that and I’m also not down with paying before playing.

I highly do NOT recommend Borderless Income System (since it doesn’t exist) or MOBE (too risky and costly, and frankly unethical).




I honestly can’t say I can go into a program like MOBE because I plainly don’t like to lie.

I’ve been where you are and I’ve been scammed too many times before I finally found a safe and honest way to build an online business that doesn’t compromise my integrity.

I hate being lied to and I wouldn’t do that to others because what goes around does freaking come around.

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You won’t be tricked into anything with my free guide, you don’t even need to give me your email address when you click that green button.

Just plain honesty me, telling you what I’ve found that works for me and have been finding awesome results with it.

It’s the safest way to learn, you will see all the costs involved (nowhere near the cost of MOBE) but there’s also a FREE option that you can start with that comes with everything you need to actually get your online business started today and live on the internet.

Remember you are building a business, and as such it does require real work efforts so I’m not going to feed you lies about any push button or magical systems that don’t exist.

Just a real way to build an asset in a topic you’ll love working in, and with your hard work, you will be able to generate an online income for years to come.

So stop wasting time on scams and unethical programs, and do things the right way today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Borderless Income System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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