Is Online Millionaire System A Scam Or Can You Be A Millionaire?

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Is One Millionaire System a scam?This system sure sounds super good right?  Or, is Online Millionaire System a scam like all the others?

You can’t help but be tempted since you only have to do 30 minutes of work a day and be able to make thousands of dollars so easily.

You won’t even have to do any sales since they give you a sales team to close all the sales for you right?  And wow, all those people in the sales video are making so much in a month while you make that in a year.

Should you really buy Online Millionaire System?  In my review below, I show you exactly why I don’t recommend this and how this is a total scam.

Let’s go through the following:



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One Millionaire System Logo


Product Name: Online Millionaire System


Price: $97

Owner: Sam?

Recommended? NO.

I’m glad you are on my review because wow, I wouldn’t want you to get scammed into the product that’s behind this fake system called Online Millionaire System.


One Millionaire System 1st page


The first page of Online Millionaire System is there to wet your appetite and get you to give them your email address.

Then you will get to the second page where they will really play you with high income testimonials, flashy lifestyle, and how you can have all of this with little to no work.

It goes on and on about the thousands of dollars you can make with no work virtually and in a very short time.


One Millionaire System Sales page


But really, they never disclose everything about this product but, because I’ve done so many product reviews in this space, I was able to recognize right away that this is not the real product.

This is my reason for writing this review so many of you can be aware of how these products are very manipulative.   This is similar to another products I just reviewed Aspire Today and Massive Online Paydays.

I know One Millionaire System is not the real system because the way the sales video explains how money is made and some of the testimonies I’ve recognized from other products that lead to the same thing.

So the Online Millionaire System website is highly misleading and unethical because there is no system that exists in that name.

But that doesn’t stop them from telling you how you can make thousands of dollars with only 30 mins of work a day.


One Millionaire System $10k with very little work


And that they will do all the work for you so you just have to send them leads basically and they will close all the deals for you.

They will even generously give you a coach to help you along the way but this is no real coach to help you with your online business.

I know all this because I have seen this testimony below used in MANY products that lead to the same thing, MOBE ( (My Own Business Education):

One Millionaire System Testimonies for MOBE


Other products like Massive Online Paydays, I can tell even faster that it leads to MOBE because their disclaimers will say so, but Online Millionaire System used its own disclaimers which makes it even more of a scam because it’s not disclosing what You’re ACTUALLY Buying.

In the next section, I will go into more details about why MOBE is highly not recommended.




As revealed in the previous section, Online Millionaire System is not the real system you’ll be buying.

Instead, you are buying the MOBE system which is a very expensive and highly risky business for any beginners trying to make money online.


One Millionaire System high ticket products


Many people who have joined this program go into massive debt in the thousands of dollars.

Why this is it’s because the way this program works and what the sales video don’t tell you is that you have to buy into all their “high value products” and “high end packages” before you can promote and make commissions from them.

There are recurring fees as well as very costly one time payments for their high ticket programs seen here:

  • Silver – $2,497 + $27/month
  • Gold – $4,997 + $64/month
  • Titanium – $9,997 + $121/month
  • Platinum – $16,667 +$198/month
  • Diamond – $29,997 + $297/month

One Millionaire System ProductsThis is why they say you can earn thousands of dollars in commission because if you do join the Diamond level for example and are able to sell one of those to someone else, you will indeed make that kind of commission.

But, in order for you to get to the Diamond level, you have to pay for all the other levels too… which makes a total investment of about $64K!

This is what your “coach” is for: to get you to buy/upgrade and get yourself into massive debt as they will help you get loans even to get you to the next level so you can “make more money”.




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This coach is also the “sales team” for the person that got you to sign up for the initial payment of $97, like the owner of One Millionaire System.

The hardest part of this whole thing is getting leads to the done-for-you sales pages they will give you to promote MOBE.

They will teach you how to use paid advertising to do this which is highly risky for people not in this field and can again lose even more money on advertising campaigns that won’t convert.

Done-for-you sales pages or one-page websites don’t get any traffic on their own because search engines like Google will not stand for these types of sites so they will not show it to anyone.

Therefore, the only way you can promote your sales pages is by advertising as this system won’t teach you any other way.

You also won’t be able to build your online business any other topic since this MOBE system is geared at training you to recruit others to join their program and have them do the same thing you do.

It’s a nasty cycle that I hope you won’t get caught in.




Definitely, Online Millionaire System is a scam as there is no Online Millionaire system and it masks the real system all the way through the checkout page.

Remember also to look for the 11 ways on how to spot a scam, one of the most obvious is making thousands of dollars with little to no work and in a very short time frame.


One Millionaire System 30 minutes of work a day


A product is a scam to me when you are tricked into buying something that you don’t know about.  Would you buy a Ferrari just to get a Hyundai on delivery day?  No, so why would this be any different?

You will not get the One Millionaire System and instead you will be tricked into buying into one of the worse, expensive programs out there called MOBE.

Is MOBE a scam?  I guess not because you will get a training product when you buy it… but what kind of training system makes you spend thousands of dollars and gets you into massive debt?  Not a very good one.

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there that do not require you to pay for anything before you can promote their products.

Most affiliate programs are in fact FREE to join and FREE to make commissions from promoting their products.

Affiliate marekting is one of the best ways to make money online but there are so many unethical marketers out there that take advantage of people and abuse the system.




There is a much more honest way to make money online with affiliate marketing which I have found and been using since Sept 2016.

I have found a very safe way to learn how to use affiliate marketing and build an online business that will generate its own organic free traffic.

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Stop wasting time on scams that gets you nowhere or gets you into crazy debt!

Learn the right way to make money online and you’ll be finally on the road to success.

Just know that making money online is very real but it does require your real work effort, time commitment, and dedication.

If you can offer those three things to your online business, you will be well on your way to being able to work from home and be your own boss!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Online Millionaire System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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