Is Online Success Plan A Scam Or Have You Hit The Jackpot?!

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is Online Success Plan a scamHave you come across the Online Success Plan and wondering if this is a scam or if you really hit the jackpot?  I’m glad you’re wondering because it’s never as good as it sounds.

I researched this for my review on this Online Success Plan and not only I’ve seen this before, they are really up to no good as this is all a facade to make you think you’re joining Online Success Plan but you’re really not.

You are being tricked into something you would probably not join if you knew the truth from the start.

Let me show you what this really is in my Online Success Plan review as follows:



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Online Success Plan Logo


Program Name: Online Success Plan

Website: (old Nov/17), (current Jul/18)

Price: $97

Owner: Jordan Daniels

Recommended? NO.

Online Success Plan is just a ploy to make you feel excited about finding such a system that will give you “millionaire websites” to earn “truckloads of cash” in no time and with of course little to no work.


Online Success Plan Sales Video
Nov/17 Version


Online Success Plan Sales Video 2018
July 2018 Version

Jordan claims he has these secret websites that has earned him so much money that he doesn’t know what to do with it so now he’s sharing them with others too so people like you can benefit.

Wow, how generous of him.

If these websites have such earning power to make you a millionaire, then why is he selling them for only $97?!

He even brings up how companies buy other companies for millions, even billions, of dollars so why is he only selling his for $97?

Because his “millionaire websites” don’t exist guys!


Ultimate Online Success Plan Fake Millionaire Websites


It’s all a sham to get you to join a very risky business that you would not touch with a ten foot pole if you knew upfront what it is, at least I wouldn’t anyway.

This site is exactly the same as Ultimate Online Success Plan except for the name and URL, which I just reviewed as well.

Both of these are from Jordan Daniels and has the exact video in it too telling you the same thing about his millionaire websites that don’t exist.

Let’s take a look at what this BS is about.





This Online Success Plan originally came out last November, and they were misleading people to a high ticket program called MOBE at that time and that is what you’ll see me write about just below this update here.

Earlier last month, MOBE was shut down by the FTC, so now these guys behind Online Success Plan is probably promoting a mystery system behind it.

So again, if you buy into Online Success Plan, you’re not buying “Online Success Plan” at all but into some other program that you will not know anything about until you have paid.

Because I had identified this as a scam already earlier, this still remains a scam today and I hope you will not trust this Online Success Plan website.

Original Post Continues:

So Online Success Plan is not a plan or a system or anything Jordan Daniels created.  He is just feeding you a bunch of lies to push your emotional buttons.

It is all a sham to lead you, oh I mean MISlead you, to a very high ticket program called MOBE (My Online Business Education Ltd).

MOBE is a program that makes you purchase memberships/programs before you can promote them to make a commission from them.

They call this a “license to sell” program, but I don’t pay to play with the business model I use to make money online everyday, so you may not want to either after seeing the following prices!

  • Silver – $2,497 + $27/month
  • Gold – $4,997 + $64/month
  • Titanium – $9,997 + $121/month
  • Platinum – $16,667 +$198/month
  • Diamond – $29,997 + $297/month

Yes, those are 4 and 5 digit pricing PLUS monthly freaking fees on top of that.  Have your eyeballs falling out yet?

Then, on top of it all, you must “qualify” for each level before you can earn from them so it means you cannot make commissions on the levels you haven’t bought into yet.

So if you’re a Silver, and you bring someone in who upgrades any level above you, you won’t get that commission, doh!  Nope, that commission will go up to the sponsor above you that is at that higher level.

Therefore, in order to make sure you earn at every level, you have to invest over $64K!  Wow-zers!

Too rich for my blood.

So basically, to earn “truckloads of cash” you must sell these high ticket programs and even though they give you a coach, the hardest part of this program is getting leads.

You will get some 21 day training that you will have to finish in 21 days so no breaks for you.  Then you’ll get a $15 one-page website like the one that you landed on at Online Success Plan.

You will then have to buy traffic to send people to this one page website because it won’t be ranking on its own on any search engines since Google hates this sort of site.

So not only you’ll have to invest in the high ticket programs, you’ll have to buy traffic in hopes that they convert and do the same thing you do.


Ultimate Online Success Plan Personal Coach


Your coach is not really there to help you get leads, he is there to get you to upgrade and spend thousands of dollars.

He will even convince you to take out loans and get yourself in to huge debts if he has to in order to get you to keep upgrading.

I had a reader who got herself $15K in the whole from joining programs like this, read her story here.

Don’t end up like a victim because programs like this is very hard to do and it’s always WAY harder than they make it seem.

There is no magic system that will just send you “truckloads of cash” I’m afraid.


Oh How About That $500?

You’re supposedly guaranteed to make $500 but that’s if you follow their “instructions” to the tee like buying into every single level of those high ticket programs.

You will get no breaks and have to do the 21 day training as they say in 21 days.


Ultimate Online Success Plan $500 Guarantee Clause


If you follow everything and still don’t make any commissions in your first 30 days, they will gladly give you $500 because you would have at least giving them $2500.

Therefore, you’ll still be in the whole even if you get the $500.

If you don’t follow all their instructions, you will get nothing.




Yes, Online Success Plan is a scam because it doesn’t tell you what the real system you’re buying into is and it doesn’t tell you all the costs involved.

This site misleads you with income hype, fake news, fake limited availability, and fake testimonies to get you to join a very expensive program that you would otherwise not give a second thought to if you knew the truth in the first place.

Is MOBE a scam? Not exactly because you do get training for your money and you can make money from it if you’re an expert in the field but it’s a very risky business model for anyone starting to try to make money online.

I also find MOBE very unethical to have their affiliates promote their program in disguise and trick others into joining.

Not cool at all.

I highly do NOT recommend either Online Success Plan (cuz it’s not real) or MOBE (cuz it’s way too risky, expensive, and unethical).




Lots of hope in fact.

The problem is that you have been searching for ways to make money very quickly and when you do that you will be led to scams like Online Success Plan.

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You can do the same thing if you’re willing to learn, work hard (as this is not a get rich quick scheme), and really dedicate yourself in your online business.

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Forget about looking for that magic system or push button method that neither exists!  Use a sound business model that’s been proven to work.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Online Success Plan is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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