Is Regular Dollars Legit Or Another Scam That Never Pays Out?

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Is Regular Dollars Legit Real Job or A Scam?These bogus sites are popping up like weeds! Regular Dollars seems like an easy gig but glad you are asking if Regular Dollars is a scam or a legit way to work from home that brought you here today because I have the truth for you!

Looks can be deceiving and you’ve got to be careful here.

With all the claims about how Regular Dollars is a “job” and how they guarantee you will earn $1,500 in your first week with simple task that takes 5 – 10 minutes is quite tempting to fall for it.

In my Regular Dollars review below, you will see how this is something to stay far away from:



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Regular Dollars Logo


Program Name: Regular Dollars


Price: Free

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? NO

This Regular Dollars tries to tempt you with easy money and trick you with lots of “job” words in their home page but one thing is for sure, there are NO jobs here.

A job is something you get hired for by a real company where you get employment benefits, salary or wage, etc.


Regular Dollars Home page


Here they are just offering you an affiliate/referral link to post on the internet to make yourself some money from home.

Therefore, you’re just an affiliate of this site and you’re not an employee or anything that has to do with a job.

Everything is on your own terms and you can post the link to as many places as you want to earn $10 per click with it.

You also get a $25 sign up bonus just to register an account.

But is this all real?  Could you really make $10 per click?

Well, I put it to the test and created an account to see where this goes and found out this Regular Dollars site is exactly the same as Fix Monthly Income and Money Come First!

I will provide the proof and let you see what Regular Dollars is really about!




So, after I created my account, I sure got the $25 in my account.

You can’t cash out until you reach the $300 cash out limit, so I took my referral link to my Twitter account and asked my followers to help me to click on the link to test it for me:


Regular Dollars Twitter Help


Of course, I knew this is not a good site for anyone to sign up on so I just asked them to click on it and told them not to sign up to see if I will earn $10 per click on it.

After 37 minutes, I earned $310 and I qualified to get paid out:


Regular Dollars The Real Scam Begins


So this is where Regular Dollars begins to take you for a ride.

When I click on the “Get Payment” button or the link to get my earnings, it takes me to another tab where I’ll have to complete 3 offers and install apps:


Regular Dollars Affiliate Links


Those offers are THEIR affiliate links to those programs, so if I click on any of those and do what it says, Regular Dollars will make a commission.

This game will go on forever because each of those offers will have more offers and when you think you’re done, there will YET be another offer.

If you somehow have the patience to get through everything and have signed up for all this stuff you don’t want, then you will still NOT get your money.

Why?  Because the only option is “Check” even though on their home page they say they pay via PayPal and all these electronic ways, but there is zero options to change the payment to anything and it just says “Check”.


Money Come First Payment Options


They use this because they can tell you they have sent it and will make you wait weeks and weeks before you’re allowed to complain about you not receiving it.

Then they can at that point declare it lost and then reissue you another check which will take weeks and weeks and you’ll basically never see that money.

You won’t see that money because you WON’T even be able to REACH ANYONE there to complain in the first place!

So good luck with this, it’s all bogus and fake so that THEY can make money from you guys clicking on those offers and getting FREE traffic to their site from you posting your referral links on the internet.

There is basically nothing for you to gain on this site.

You will never see any money from Regular Dollars and it’s a complete waste of time!




Hell YES!  Regular Dollars is a huge scam and you should NOT even sign up to even check it out because you will get major spam in your inbox too.

You will never see a dime and all you’re doing is making them money and giving them free traffic.

It’s a shame these scammers make people believe there are actually jobs here and deceive people into making them money.

It’s malicious and cruel.

There are crooks everywhere and in many different forms as you can see.

I highly do NOT recommend Regular Dollars and you should stay far away from it!




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Regular Dollars is legit, a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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