Is Picoworkers A Scam Or Make Pocket Money? [Full Review]

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Is Picoworkers a scamAre you looking at Picoworkers as a way to make money online from home but not sure if Picoworkers is a scam or if they really pay?

You’ve landed at the right place to get your answers because my Picoworkers review below will give you all the details you’ll need to find out if this opportunity is right for you.

Being able to make some extra cash is always great, especially at the comfort of your own home which I know I thoroughly enjoy and so can you!

My review will take you through the following sections:



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Picoworkers Logo


Program Name: Picoworkers


Price: Free

Owner: Octobrain, Inc

Recommended? No

Picoworkers is a website that connects companies and/or individuals who want small online tasks to be done with people like me and you who want to do the work.


Picoworkers home page


You will also be able to do bigger jobs that are recurring or ongoing which is a big plus to get continuous work.

The people or companies that are the ones advertising their tasks or jobs to be done on there are called employers but you’re not being hired as an employee but just a worker/contractor/freelancer.

Picoworkers doesn’t charge employers to put their tasks on the site and they don’t have to pay anything unless they are satisfied with the work completed by the contractor/freelancer.

As a worker, when you complete a task, you will upload proof of the work being done or whatever is required of the project at hand.

Both parties have the right to cancel a project (employers) or resign from a project (workers), so you’re not stuck if you can’t finish a project for whatever reason.

I had just finished reviewing a similar site to Picoworkers called Microworkers and Picoworkers works in similar ways but they do differ in the sense that you can actually get ongoing or recurring tasks at Picoworkers.


Picoworkers Small & Ongoing tasks available


The small tasks are often like these:

  • Like/share/comment a post on social media
  • Follow a social media account
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Download or install some app
  • Signing up for things
  • and much more…

The types of ongoing tasks are as follows:

  • Customer service rep
  • Writing tasks on blogs and other online forums
  • Providing content for social media profiles
  • Creating simple web pages
  • Commenting on blogs
  • and much more…

I like this platform because of the variety of tasks you get to do and the ongoing or recurring aspect allows you to earn more and making Picoworkers a more dependable resource for online work.




Now, let’s take a look at more details on how you can make money on Picoworkers and the process of actually getting the money out of their platform.

Here I will also show you some things to be weary about as well and the potential problems you can run into.


How Much Can You Make

Everyone must register on their site and each person can be both employer and a worker so you only need one account.

You will get $1.25 for signing up and you’ll only need to earn $5.75 to be able to cash out, so their minimum payout is $7 which is very nice.

Each of the small tasks will earn you up to 30 cents and most of them are around 5 to 10 cents.

For simple tasks like liking or sharing a social media post, I guess you can’t expect much and you can expect to earn about maybe $30 a month doing small tasks alone.

For the ongoing or recurring tasks, those seem to pay more for work that is more involved like being a customer service rep or building a simple web page.  These examples will pay $10 or more.

But still, most of the tasks under the ongoing tasks pay only about 15 cents to 30 cents a task so those higher paying jobs are rare but do exist.

From what I see, you’re not going to be making any significant amount of money from this Picoworkers site and you will have to do a lot of tasks to even hit their $7 minimum.

After all that hard work and want to get your money out, you’ll have to lose some of that money to fees when you withdrawal.


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How To Get Paid

When you cash out, you’ll need to use picture verification and you will have fees to pay.

The picture verification process is a bit slow often taking a week or two to get this done.  Most frustrations I’ve found online is this process here.

Although, I have seen people getting paid by Picoworkers, so this process may take longer than it should because they have so many accounts to do through maybe?

Once you get verified, next you’ll have to deal with the fees that they charge for your withdrawal which I feel this should be paid by the employer not the workers.

The fees are significant and high as you can see in this table here but they do provide quite a few payout options which is nice:

Picoworkers Withdrawal fees

I wish Picoworkers had a different way to pay themselves because the workers on there aren’t earning that much money and then they add this fee on top of it.

So you’ll have to figure out if this is worth your time to have fees taken out of your earnings like this.



As a worker, you will be rated at the end of each job and you can’t get below 75% if you want to continue working on the platform.

It’s very good to have a rating system since employers have a chance to hire workers who are rated well and know that the workers are dependable for the work that needs to be done.



Some of the issues I pointed out above is confirmed by these testimonies I found online:

Picoworkers Complaints


Picoworkers Complaints 3


Picoworkers Complaints 2




I would not consider Picoworkers a scam because there is evidence of people getting paid but you will have to decide if this is all worth your while.

Yes you can make money on there but very little for your time and no long term potential for an increase of your earning if you stick with it.

If you want to make enough to get some extra $30 – $50 a month, then this may be suitable for you but if you’re looking for an online option to make you more than that, then this would not be the place to do it at.

I think tops, even with the ongoing tasks, you’re only looking at up to maybe $100-300 a month and probably on the lower end of that, I’m not sure, just depends how much time you can spend on there.

Doing little tasks online to make money is never a worthwhile option for me personally but if you like this kind of work, you may like also the following:

That’s a legitimate platform as well, very popular in the industry, and people have less complaints about them.

To conclude, I don’t really like Picoworkers because of the payout fees and low pay, so I am not going to be recommending this option for to make money with.




I was just like you looking for ways to make money online and though I’ve tried many things including these types of getting paid for doing online tasks, surveys sites, amongst other things, these options never fulfilled everything I wanted.

What I really wanted were:

  • A way to make consistent online monthly income I can depend on (and potential for my income to grow for long term sustainability).
  • Be able to work anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Be able to work when I want and still make money when I don’t.

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Learning how to do all this is not as difficult as you think and much easier with business tools that will be provided to you.

There’s really no better solution than to build your own online business to make a living online!

Stop wasting time with making pocket change and start building a real stream of income for your future!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Picoworkers is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



18 thoughts on “Is Picoworkers A Scam Or Make Pocket Money? [Full Review]”

  1. A bad experience in picoworkers

    Picoworkers block me account without any reason. With 19$ in balance and 181 referrals, picoworkers scam

  2. I created an account in Picoworkers today. But i didn’t get any verification link in my email. so that i cant open my account. what can i do ?

  3. I have placed an request for withdraw my balance (24$) on 14/09/2018 but till now no any response, I have send two reminder ticket to them but no any response for that also
    so I think now they become scammers

  4. I created an account in Picoworkers in date 15th October but i didn’t get any verification link in my email. so that i had tried an another mail. Result is same i cant open my account, email: what can i do ?

  5. I’m having problems as well. Made a withdrawal nearly a month ago, but have not received it. Support isn’t responding either after I contacted them.

    • This is looking like a very unreliable platform to use. I would probably stay away from it now, it seems more and more people are having problems getting money out of there.

      Sorry to hear of your experience but glad you shared your experience here. Check out my free guide to see how you can build your own online business instead.

      Wish you much success!

    • I have same problem with you, my withdraw request is still in pending, support and email doesn’t give any respond even I contacted them 3 times (now is more than a week, my picture verification is also in progress, it’s taking more than a month),
      Now I am very sure that Picoworkers is a SCAM. I wish I could have read your message earlier.

  6. Hey, is a scam I deposited in my account and when I try to run campaign all I found was fake IP Spam on my website. I tried to get the refund of my remaining balance but they block my account for spam for no reason. I just want everyone to know don’t trust them they are totally fraud network and they only have fake traffic.

    • Hi TheReporterToday,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. If there are spam bots on your website after asking for workers to help you do tasks for you, it may mean that the people who are trying to earn your money is doing some fishing things, it may not be Picoworkers themselves.

      The people who are trying to earn are the ones that are probably doing the spamming. Picoworkers are the middleman, they connect workers with advertisers/task owners, so there have no need to scam you.

      There are insane amounts of people on sites like Picoworkers so they can make some money online, but they are not all good people and some will try to game the system.

      You couldn’t just disapprove the submissions since they are bots?



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