Is Rain International A Scam Or Pyramid Scheme? Answers Here!

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Is Rain International a scam or a pyramid scheme?Rain International offers some really good products for your health and wellness, but is their business opportunity a scam or a pyramid scheme?

There are many ways to make money and one of these ways is going through multi-level marketing companies like Rain International.

However, a lot of people are weary about MLMs because they are like pyramid schemes that most people want to stay away from.

In my Rain International review below, I will show you all you need to know about this opportunity so you can make a better informed decision before you join.

I will walk you through the following:



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Rain International Logo


Program Name: Rain International


Price: $249

Owner: Byron Belka

Recommended ? No

Rain International is a MLM company that produces a line of health & wellness products that are seed based, bringing you the most nutrition packed supplements that your body needs.


Rain International Home page


Focusing on your body’s need for clean and green nutrition, Rain International has gone back to basics to create their products that are developed from seeds and plant based ingredients which are organic, non-GMO, and cold pressed for highest quality.

Their main four main products are:

  • Soul – Restores – Consists of black cumin seed, black raspberry seed, chardonnay grape seed and D-Ribose.  Soul promotes good health, neutralizes free radicals, muscle health flexibility, and builds an energy reservoir.
  • Core – Cleanses – Packed with chlorophyllin, aloe vera, spirulina, wheat grass, cranberry seed, milk thistle seed, kale, black cumin seed, chlorella and dandelion.  Core promotes increased immunity, balances PH levels, and eliminates toxins.


  • Form – Builds – Designed to burn fat and suppress appetite, Form is the most powerful and cleanest protein supplement on the market.  Includes these main ingredients: Sacha inchi seed, pea protein, chia seed, cranberry seed, and pumpkin seed.
  • Revri – Skin Care – Reveals the beauty in your skin by combatting signs of aging, thicken the epidermis, visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and revitalize the skin.  Also, Revri provides hydration, antioxidant protection, and vitamins needed for a healthy, youthful glow.

They sell their products through direct sales of associates that join this program and today we will be looking at this part of their business to evaluate if it’s a good opportunity or not.

I think their products are pretty great and the idea of getting the purest and most natural nutrition from seeds is very innovative as well as making these products very powerful.

I have seen many good reviews about their products so let’s now look at their business opportunity.




Looking through the Rain International compensation plan is worse than going through the old school yellow pages.

It’s got more levels and ranks more than it’s really necessary and takes a 24 page PDF to go over everything, see it here if you have the time.  Although, I must admit it’s not as bad as LuLaRoe’s compensation plan which is triple in size!

The main ways you’re going to make money with their business opportunity is by selling their products to customers and by recruiting others into the program.


Rain International Compensation Structure


The people you recruit in are your business centers or team as they call it and you can earn from your personal sales, team commissions, and generational match bonuses.

Two of the three ways to earn from your downline is mostly geared towards recruiting (the team commissions and generational match bonuses).

You have a minimum personal point volume to reach each month as well which can be generated by purchasing the products yourself or selling to real customers.

There are several ranks that you can achieve in this structure and they are the following:

  1. Associate
  2. Rain Associate
  3. Manager
  4. Senior Manager
  5. Bronze Executive
  6. Silver Executive
  7. Gold Executive
  8. Platinum Elite
  9. Pearl Elite
  10. Sapphire Elite
  11. Diamond Elite
  12. Black Rain Diamond

The higher you rank, the more money you make, giving you incentives to reach as high as possible but it’s impossible to climb ranks on sales you generate by yourself.

In fact their compensation plan is based mostly on how many people you can recruit as this is one of the ways to increase your sales every month.

Since everyone that joins need to meet a minimum amount on their own, the more people you recruit to join, then the more sales volume for your team as a whole.

But many people fail at MLMs because of this recruiting feature, as it never works out for those on the bottom of this structure and all the gains are at the people on the top and the owner.

The more you recruit the faster the people before you will gain in ranks, and for you to reach those higher levels in their compensation plan, you would need to recruit thousands upon thousands.

These MLM structures are the way they are because it’s geared for the people on top to win as they build a huge sales force through making others recruit.

While the people who are doing the recruiting, usually don’t have the tools or training to know how to recruit in such masses.

I love the way MLM compensation plans show examples of recruiting just 5 or 10 people but really, to make all those sales you need, you’ll need much more than 10 people to move up the ranks.

People usually run out of ways to recruit and thus ultimately fails to continue with this business.




Rain International is definitely not a scam as it’s a legitimate business selling products to consumers with a business structure for direct sales.

You’re not being scammed into some program that runs away with your money but it’s a real business that you can choose to start if you like their products.


Rain International's Seed Based Health Products


Is Rain International a pyramid scheme though?

A pyramid scheme is very similar to MLM’s and that’s why they are often mistaken as a pyramid but having said that, there is one distinction between the two: retail sales.

Clearly, Rain International has a line of health products that they sell so, no, they are not a pyramid scheme but you have to be careful since the way to move up the ranks is by recruiting more to get more sales.

There are some MLMs these days that will cover their “product line” as membership packages that each person pays to have the right to sell them, like Digital Altitude.

MLMs like those are more on the pyramid side I think but I would have to look into their sales to really determine whether their sales come from associates just buying into the program or from actual sales from consumers.

Same with Rain International, it would be interesting to see whether or not their total sales come from actual consumers or just their own partners buying all the products to move up the ranks.

From what I can see though, Rain International is not a pyramid scheme.




If you take a look at this video and see my explanation regarding using affiliate marketing instead of the MLM business model, you will see a clear winner.

You may be able to see other options and opportunities that will open up to you if you choose affiliate marketing instead:



Although Rain International is not a scam and not a pyramid scheme, I still do not recommend them as a business opportunity because you ultimately still need to recruit to succeed.

I think the MLM business model is very outdated and does not work as well as before when there was no internet.

Now with the internet, there is much more reach available to you and if you’re using a better business model than MLM, you can make a lot more money and without recruiting a single person.

The business model I’ve been using since Sep ’16 uses the power of the internet to drive your online business that will make you commissions without selling a single product too.

What you’ll be doing instead is just recommending, so instead of just recommending Rain International products, you can recommend all sorts of health products and supplements.

Why just promote one company’s products when you can promote as many as you want while working for yourself?

I have explained how this business model works in my free guide here:

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My free guide shows you what this business model is all about, why it works and where you can actually get started for FREE.

You won’t need to buy any products or pay for any application kit fees.

You’ll need to just learn how this works, follow the guide to learn where to get proper training, and then start building your new online business in a topic you’ll love.

I’ve enjoyed this much better than any other MLMs I’ve ever tried and I have tried a few in my lifetime.

This business model is way easier to build and a proven path to succeed online.  I haven’t looked back since I found this, and have been enjoying monthly online income from it.

You can too!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Rain International is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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