Is Seven Dollar Click A Scam Or Easy PTC Site To Make $7K?

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Is Seven Dollar Click A ScamCome across Seven Dollar Clicks and wondering if you can make money that easily or is this just another PTC scam that just won’t pay?

I could tell you right now that PTC (paid to click) sites are not very reputable to start with and even the legitimate ones will not pay anywhere close to $7 a click so you need to beware of these sites.

I’m glad you are researching this though because I will show you what this Seven Dollar Clicks is really about and why this is not worth your time at all.

In my Seven Dollar Clicks review below, you will find the following:



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Seven Dollar Click logo


Program Name: Seven Dollar Click


Price: Free

Owner: Unknown

Recommended? No

For this Seven Dollar Click review, I did sign up under an alias to see the inside and check out how it works so this will be my honest review of all that I have seen.

I also would like to mention that I have reviewed other PTC (paid to click) sites like these called Two Dollar Click, Seven Dollar PTC, etc, so I will have some experience in this to spot out anything not right.


Seven Dollar Click Home Page


Seven Dollar Click is a PTC site that will pay you $7 per ad that you click and view for 25 seconds.  It’s free to sign up as well.

Once the time has elapsed, then the clock turns into what you’ll be doing next.  It will show something like this: Click 2    9324 <=== That means that you will click on the number 2 in 9324.

Once you click on the right digit, then it’ll be recorded in your account under “My Account” and “Stats”.

As I tried this with my account, that’s exactly what happened and you can see that my account has 3 clicks (which are three sites I had to look at for 25 secs) and my balance is $28 (it’s not $21 because one of the ads was $14):

Seven Dollar Click My Account


Their minimum payout amount is $7,000 and in order to have access to a payout, you must be a paid member.

There are a lot of options to be a paid member and the more you pay, the more you can earn from your referrals.

They range from $59.99 – $99.99 for a monthly, $199 – $699 for yearly, or a “for life” payment term option at $750 – $975.

It’s possible to not upgrade until you have earned $7,000 in your account so you don’t have to pay these fees until later.

So by this point, if you don’t see any red flags from anything I’ve written already, then I’m really glad you’re here and not take their bait.

This may all sound okay to pay the membership fees to get access to $7K but oh my, you will never get your $7K, I can guarantee it.

I will explain in the next section which will be an eye opener.




I’m sorry to report but this section will not be pretty!

I will be revealing all the red flags of Seven Dollar Click and these red flags mean only one thing.  More on this later.

You see, in this PTC industry, there are standards to meet if any PTC site would want to survive the masses and Seven Dollar Click is WAY off standard in a LOT of things they are doing.

So let’s take a closer look at what Seven Dollar Click is really up to with the following red flags:

(I will try to go short in descriptions since there are so many!)

#1 Red Flag – $7 A Click

This is laughable because $7/click is nowhere near the standard in this industry, it’s usually just fractions of a penny!

From just their name, I knew this is not going to be a good review.

How could they be supposedly paying a rate that is insanely higher than the standard of not even a penny?

This is just to lure those who are major money hungry and don’t know better.


#2 Red Flag – Super High Minimum Payout Amount

This is also another crazy high amount compared to the standard.  We’re talking about way off like Seven Dollar Click’s minimum payout is $7,000 vs industry standard at about $25.

I guess it makes sense to have a higher payout amount because the clicks you’re getting are so high but damn $7K is really super high.


#3 Red Flag – Expensive Memberships

I have never seen a PTC site that has membership fees and then, to top that off, their pricing is super high.

If this is not a red flag, I don’t know what is!


Seven Dollar Click FAQ Red Flags 2


#4 Red Flag – 75 Days Waiting Period To Get Paid

This is total BS.  Once you are a paid member and you request to be paid out, they make you wait 75 days to get paid.

There is no need to wait 75 days and this is totally unheard of in the industry.

As well, in their FAQ, one part says 75 days and another part says 75 business days…. those two are quite different and I hope they just mean 75 calendar days.


#5 Red Flag – No Mention of Payout Methods

Now, every site that you can make money on always talks about how you are going to get paid.

Seven Dollar Click FAQ No Payout Options

Not here at Seven Dollar Click, they don’t say anything about how you will get paid which only means one thing.


#6 Red Flag – Can’t Buy Memberships From Balance In Account

You’re not able to pay your membership fees with the money you’ve accrued in your account.

Umm, that’s because that’s not real money!  They want YOUR real money.


#7 Red Flag – “Your account is in good standing, and that you have not breached our Terms Of Use”

Their FAQ is full of this statement and the reason behind needing 75 days to wait to pay you out so they have time to check everything through and that you’re in good standing.

They mention this several times in their FAQ and then here’s the kicker on the next red flag.


Seven Dollar Click FAQ Red Flags


#8 Red Flag – Guess “Why have I not received a payout?”

“A: – You have breached our Terms of Use and thus do not qualify for a payout.”  Of course.




Oh my goodness, yes for sure, Seven Dollar Click is a huge scam and a time waster!

With all those red flags, that only means one thing: they will never pay you.

They are there just to take your membership and referral payments.  That’s why they have the membership fees and encourage you to buy referrals.

Oh man, and the 75 day waiting period ensures that you will at least pay them a minimum of 3 months worth of fees if you take the cheapest option.

That is why there are no mentions on how you will get paid.  This is one of the main things any PTC site will tell you, how you will get paid and what options you have.

When you have paid 3 months, then they will disable your account and you will just have to assume your account has violated their terms and not in good standing.  That’s how they’ll get you!

You can also forget about any referral income since they won’t be paying you and if you want to contact them, you’ll never get a reply.

For all the reasons above, I highly do NOT recommend Seven Dollar Click.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Seven Dollar Click is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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  1. Thanks for this review, it really helped me know this is a scam and glad to read this first before I wasted more time.

    So appreciate your work and I hope you keep it up,

  2. Question? I see under proof on seven dollar click it shows PayPal or Bitcoin. So I’m am confused or if it’s real. Because I know PayPal does pay and is a source to use.


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