Is Life Force International A Scam Or A Great Money Maker? A Look Into Their Business Opportunity

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Is Life Force International a scamI was asked about Life Force International the other day and I thought I’d look into it so I can write a review about it to see if Life Force International is a scam or if you can really make money with their business opportunity.

If you know Life Force (aka), you would recognize their breadth of products in their retail line and that they have been around since 1984.

However, just because something has been around for years, doesn’t mean they are legit so let’s get cracking on this.

I will take you through the following:



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Life Force International logo


Program Name: Life Force International


Owners: Wayne and Gerri Hillman

Recommended? No

This MLM company Life Force International was created in California by Wayne and Gerri Hillman and has been around for years now as mentioned earlier.

They started here in the States but now has offices internationally in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

They have a large selection of health and wellness products that are aimed at various solutions for joint pains, athletes, weight loss, energy, immune system, and a lot more.


Life Force International home page


Their products have a favorable reputation from what I have researched but I’m not really here to evaluate their products, so I won’t be getting into the details of what they are.

Life Force sells their products using the direct sale method using distributors (aka members, partners, etc) who can make money selling these products and/or help others find this great business opportunity.

You can earn commission from the people you recruit into this program and there are many ways to earn here, not as simple as just selling one of their products.




There are two ways to make money with Life Force’s business opportunity and they are:

  • Sell products
  • Make commissions from your downline


Selling Products

You will be able to buy their products at a low manufacturing pricing and sell them at a retail price to make money from the difference.

Selling products will be easy if you already have a business in place and you’re just adding these products to your store.

However, most people who start this kind of business don’t have a business already so they rely on selling these to friends and family.

Selling these products to friends and family can’t last you too long unless they are in need of these products every month which they do have an “Autoship” option where you can order monthly automatically.

If you don’t know how to sell to strangers then you’ll find it hard to sell the products which will pile up if you’re not good at sales.


Recruiting Others

The other way to increase sales is by bringing in other people to join this business opportunity as your downline, people who join under you.

There are 7 ways to make money from the team you build underneath you, and you can see them in this one-page compensation overview:

  1. Fast Start Bonus
  2. Achievers Club
  3. Residual Bonus
  4. Rising Star
  5. Infinity Bonus
  6. Diamond Pool Bonus
  7. Generational Power Bonus

Of course, the higher you go in ranks, the more money and bonus opportunities open up to you.

You will have to reach a certain amount of “business volume” (BV) at each stage and you will need to have Autoship as well each month.  You can earn as deep as 5 tiers underneath you on some levels.

You qualify the Diamond Pool and Generational Power Bonuses when you have Diamonds in your downline.  There are 4 levels of bonuses here.


Life Force International home page 2


Will This Work For You?

As you can see, there is a lot of room to move up and gain a lot of commissions from recruiting people into the business.

However, it’s the recruiting though that most people fail at in these MLM opportunities.  This is no different than other MLMs like LuLaRoe or Rain International.

You’ll never get to those higher ranks if you don’t have enough people in your team and not everyone in your team will excel at this so you have to recruit lots and lots of people.

If you don’t know how to drive leads to your business, then you’ll soon dry out and you won’t get the sales needed to move up the ranks.

You will still have the problem of selling all those products you have to buy to keep your BV up every month as well.

So if you can’t recruit so others can sell for you to keep up your BV every month, then you’ll have to sell yourself.

If you can’t sell yourself, then you’ll be stuck with tons of inventory and you won’t be making much money.




You can rest assure that Life Force International is NOT a scam and that their business system is legitimate.

If you really like their products and are good at sales/recruiting, then this may be good for you.  You’ll have to determine that and I hope you can know by now that this business opportunity is good for you or not from my review.

I’m not a fan of massive recruitment nor buying a bunch of products you can’t sell, that’s pretty much what you’ll be stuck with in the end.

Although not a scam, I still do NOT recommend this to you as your way of making money because with the internet these days, there are better ways to make money.




If you take a look at this video and see my explanation regarding using affiliate marketing instead of the MLM business model, you will see a clear winner.

You may be able to see other options and opportunities that will open up to you if you choose affiliate marketing instead:



I personally don’t like sales myself and I don’t know a lot of people to recruit others into anything so that’s why I really love this other business model I’ve been using since Sep ’16.

It’s a business model that won’t make you recruit others or bug your friends and family, or sell anything.

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You’ll be able to build an online business on a topic you love and recommend (not selling) products to other people.  Not just products of one company like Life Force, but as many other companies you want to work with.

This business model will also use the power of the internet to drive success to your business.

There will be no need to bug anyone or sell anything, you can just build this on your own.

Stop joining MLMs and start using a modern business model that works better in today’s world.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Life Force International is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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    • Hi Diane, No, it’s not a scam, but as you can see in my review, it’s not the best way to make money online. See my guide here for a much better way, one I’ve been using since 2016. You’ll be learning how to build your own online business that drives it’s own visitors and sales, the training is very powerful in this sense.

      Best of luck to you,


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