Is TopCashback A Scam Or Will You Really Get Cash Back?

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is TopCashback a scamYou like shopping don’t you? I’m sure you do or else you wouldn’t be researching around for a site like TopCashback and wondering if it is a scam or not.

There are a lot of crazy stuff on the internet so it’s good you are doing your research and making sure you’re not getting yourself into any scams.

In my TopCashback review below, you will find out how it works, how to make more money, how this compares to other cash back sites, and if you should sign up or not.

If you like and do online shopping, this will be a great way to save you some more money.


In my review below, I will take you through:



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TopCashback Logo


Program Name: TopCashback


Price: Free

Recommended?  Yes to earn cash back, but not for making money online.

TopCashback Merchants

TopCashback is a site where you can go shopping through and get some cash back from your purchases online.

It’s kind of like getting a rebate after you buy something.

This site started back in 2005 in the UK and launched in the US in 2011, they have millions of members to date and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

TopCashback’s US site is one of the fastest growing sites so far and getting new members added everyday.

They have over 4,000+ stores to choose from at the time of this writing and they will be adding more.

Their stores include well known big companies like Groupon, Ebay, Amazon, Nike, and such but they also have many stores that are small to medium sized as well which makes them stand out from other cashback sites.

You can earn anywhere from 1% to 15% (some even up to 50% but rare) and can shop from a large selection of categories ranging from travel, food, fitness, fashion, electronics, health & beauty, sports, and so much more:

TopCashback categories


You can even get cash back buying gift cards which I thought was pretty cool.

There are many merchants on there and I think they have a huge variety that will make it worth your while to check this site out.




Here I will let you how the process works at TopCashback so you can start earning money:

  1. Sign up for a free account here.
  2. Confirm your email address that you signed up with.
  3. Start searching on their site where you want to shop at.
  4. Click on the merchant you want to shop at.
  5. Click on the “Get Cashback” button for the deal you want to shop for (each merchant can have more than one deal offered).
  6. You’ll then be redirected to the merchant’s site to shop.
  7. Complete your transaction as you usually do when shopping online.
  8. Wait for your cashback to be credited to your TopCashback account.


TopCashback How It Works


Everything is tracked back to you when you shop on the merchant’s site but you MUST START AT TOPCASHBACK’s site.

For example, do not just look at a deal on TopCashback and then start a new browser or tab to type in the merchant’s website, you must have TopCashback redirect you to the merchant’s website or else you will not get the cash back because your purchase transaction will not be tracked like that.

How long it takes to see your cashback in your TopCashback account can be a little while.  This is because merchant’s don’t reconcile their sales reports until end of the month and then they will have to pay TopCashback first then you get credited and will have a payable status.

TIP: Shop near the end of the month so you feel you can get your cashback quicker!


Ways To Cash Out & Get Paid!

Once you have your cashback in your account that is in the Payable status, what you can do is cash out!

They have 5 payout options which is pretty nice:

  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • American Express® Reward Cards
  • Gap eGiftCards

Another nice perk is that there are no payout restrictions!

This is kind of unheard of: There is no minimum on how much you can payout and no minimum time frames to payout from.

So you can payout anytime you have any amounts in the payable status so shop on!




There are still more ways to earn on the TopCashback site so let’s get to that:

CASHOUT BONUS – You get a 3% Bonus if you choose to cashout with their gift card choices so that’s pretty neat and not common with other cashback sites.

ON THE GO APP – You can save even more money while on the go because they have an app you can install on your phone so you can earn from anywhere you go or get the coupons you need to save more in store.

COUPONS & OFFERS – You will be able to get coupons and more offers while on their site or app so you can save even more money.  They have access to the latest coupons and deals merchants are offering so you will get the latest and the codes should always work.

REFER A FRIEND – You can earn money from referring your friends to the site.  Under the “Refer a Friend” tab, you will find a link that you can share with others for them to sign up through.  You will earn currently $15 per sign up!  This amount can change anytime but you will earn whatever is offered at the time your referral signs up at.




I have to say that this TopCashback site is pretty darn good and very competitive with the cashback rates you get as well as other options discussed above.

The variety of cash out options plus the 3% bonus on gift card cash outs are not usually seen on other cashback sites.

As well, their no minimum payout plus no schedule to abide by is another added bonus that is not heard of on other similar sites.

Their biggest competitor is (full review here) and even Ebates is losing out members to TopCashback’s many benefits.

Check out this comparison chart below that I found on TopCashback’s site which clearer shows which program is more superior:

TopCashback vs Ebates


Sure there are complaints about TopCashback like not having some transactions tracked properly but this happens with all cash back sites as there are cookie restrictions on some personal computers/laptops or anti-virus or other type of security software that can prevent your transactions being tracked.

However, TopCashback has a great customer support system and will work with you on rectifying any shopping transactions that was not tracked properly and getting your issues resolved.

If you compare TopCashback site to any other cashback site, I think you will find the same conclusion as I do.




No, definitely this is not a scam.

TopCashback is totally legitimate and you will be safe using it for your cashback shopping ventures and I do recommend this site for the purpose of earning cashback on your purchases.

I say that because it’s not a method for making money online, you’ll always be in the red using this method as your cashback amounts will never be over the amount you spend.

You’ll always be at a negative number on your bottom line if you think you can make money with this.

Use TopCashback only to save money from your usual shopping you will do anyway, you’re not making more money than you spend there.

Don’t get the two confused.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether TopCashback is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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25 thoughts on “Is TopCashback A Scam Or Will You Really Get Cash Back?”

  1. TopCashBack is looking a lot like a SCAM to me. I specifically clicked on them and then went to Amazon to buy things, and yet there is nothing showing in my account even though a long time has passed. Yes I know all about the eligible categories and 7 day wait.

    Their support SUCKS big time too, and has not replied me when I questioned them about this.

    In my opinion, most cash back sites are scams or near scams. Sure, they will pay some people off, but they will not pay everyone off, and just because TopCashBack CLAIMS to have a “cashback guarantee” means NOTHING at all.

    Very disgruntled with TopCashBack. These guys are stealing money one way or the other, because ask yourself – Does anyone AUDIT them?


    • Thanks for confirming your experience. Most cash back or survey sites will make you frustrated like this and that’s why I never it as a real money maker.

      Stop wasting your time on TopCashback then go with either Dosh, E-Bates, or Swagbucks. These have definitely paid me, so you’re better using these instead.

      Or ultimately if you want to make real money online, you need to check out what I do and read my guide to find out what the big money maker is.

      Best of luck to you!

    • I used them for a £75.00 Sky cashback offer, used the link ordered it and NO track NO cashback just an email saying it’d been raised with the merchant Sky. Who would reply in 60 days! Sorry?

      I called Sky asked about my order and their reply

      We do not have an offer tracked with TopCashback for you. We do not have any offers with them at all.

      Clearly TopCashback are pulling a scam somewhere.

      And to think I was about to use a 15% off a Panasonic TV at Curry’s…. would I get this? I feel no and TCB would

      • Sorry to hear about your experience Gary, you should really not use sites like this to make money, it’s best to build your own online business and you can learn it all with the training platform I use. All the details of what my online business is and how it works is all explained in my free guide here!

        I wish you much luck in the future and hope you will join me as I’d love to help you out!

    • Hello There Gary,

      Very glad that I stumbled upon this review. I’m sorry you’ve had that experience. I am the new Online Reputation Coordinator here at TopCashback. I can assure you we aren’t a scam and are paying out tons of our members daily. Also, we are the only cashback site to date that never keeps a portion of the cashback, we reward our members with 100% cashback always. If you didn’t receive your cashback, there had to have been a legitimate reason for this, and I would be glad to look into this and offer some tips and suggestions for the future so this doesn’t happen again. I understand this happened a while ago, but I would still love the opportunity to make this right for you. Please email me directly to I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Hi There,

      I understand it has been quite a while since you’ve left this review, however I am the new Online Reputation Coordinator here at TopCashback, and I happen to stumble upon this site. I can assure you we aren’t stealing money, as we are paying tons of our members on a daily basis. If your purchase didn’t track, there is almost always a legitimate reason behind this. For example, perhaps your cookies weren’t cleared before entering the site to shop. Although this was a long time ago, I would still love the opportunity to make this right for you. If you could please send me an email directly to, that would be a fantastic start 🙂

      Best Wishes

  2. I was using ebates but TopCashback is always offering a higher cash back and is often double what ebates is offering. Since last Black Friday I’ve earned almost $300 between the two and have often forgotten to use them at times.

  3. Large purchases cash back is always denied. The will pay cash back on small purchase here and there but if you make a large purchase they pocket the money and deny you your share of the cash back.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thank you so much for your comment, although I can assure you we are paying out tons of our members daily, regardless of the amount. We actually never pocket any amount of money, as we are the only cashback site to date that rewards members with 100% of their cashback. I know it has been quite some time since then, but I stumbled upon this site and thought it would be great to get in touch with you to try to turn this experience around for you. Please email me directly to

      Thank you

  4. TopCashBack is a scam! I joined click thru to Amazon, Was suppose to receive a $15 Amazon Gift Card for joining Amazon Prime $119. Never received my gift card. Filled out a ticket and they responded it wasn’t payable. No explanation as to why it wasn’t payable. No phone number to call, No e-mail to write to them. No customer Service. I contacted amazon, they called me right away and asked how they could help. I explained to them what happened and if they had any contact with TopCashBack. They said that it was their responsibility for the gift card, but they went to their website to see what I could do. After a few minutes, he said he sees there is no way to contact them.

    • Hi Lou, thanks for your feedback about TopCashBack. I’m surprised to hear this as they are a pretty good site to get cash back from. If you feel you were scammed, you could file a complaint with the FTC here.

      A lot of these types of sites are a bit flakey though so I would just keep at it and file another ticket or support ticket with TopCashBack and ask them for a better explanation as to why you didn’t get your $15 Amazon gift card.

      I’m sorry to hear of your experience but it’s going to help others in the future, thanks for leaving your comment here!


    • Hi There Lou,

      I’m very sorry to hear about the experience you had with TopCashback. I know it has been a while, but I am the new Online Reputation Coordinator and I would love a chance to make this right for you. I can assure you we work with members on a daily basis to resolve any issues they have with their accounts. I do know that whenever there is an issue with transactions tracking, there is almost always a legitimate reason for this. In any case, I would be happy to offer some tips and suggestions on how to maximize your TopCashback experience overall. Please send me an email directly to to discuss further.

      Best Wishes

  5. Dreadful. Have been using this site for years and they used to be excellent but all of my big purchases for the last 18 months have not tracked and after waiting months for every investigation they just say they can’t help. £1600 worth of sofas, 2 lots of car insurance at several hundred pounds etc all not tracked. Would advise against using this site.

    • Thanks so much for providing your valuable experience with everyone here Alison! It looks like they have turned for the worse so yes, I agree with you that no one should be using TopCashback anymore.

      Grateful for your comment,

  6. Three months ago Rick Broida (Cheapskate) recommended TopCashBack. So, I joined, and carefully went through the process to get $20 back. I purchase ink from Best Buy, being careful to go through Cashback first, as specified.

    Well, it is three months later, and not only did I not get $20, this possibly fraudulent company does not even show my having made that purchase!

    TopCashBack needs to change its name to NoCashBack.

    • Hi There,

      I’m so sorry to hear about this experience you’ve had. Please email me directly to with your receipt and purchase details so I can try to turn this around for you. Tracking issues can be from a variety of different things most commonly related to cookies not being cleared. I would be happy to also provide tips on how to maximize your TopCashback experience overall. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  7. Don’t take a chance on using top cash back, you will not get paid out. They come up with every excuse every time as to why you weren’t paid. Start with oh you didn’t click through our website, um yes I did here’s the proof. Oh you used a promo code, no I didn’t use a promo code, oh then you didn’t clear your cookies, yes I cleared my cookies here’s the proof, oh then you used a different account, um no again here’s the proof, oh let me check further for you…… as time and time – months and months go by….. let me nudge this shat more…. more time goes by, oh let me contact the retailer…….. unfortunately the retailer didn’t approve the transaction. Sorry. LOL…. this will happen. So I contacted the retailer…. the retailer didn’t know who top cash back was but they knew Ebates. They looked into top cash back and told me they would not recommend them. When you try to use top cash back u can’t use another cash back site and you lose out on that cash back for that purchase. You also can’t believe the positive reviews from trustpilot because businesses pay for people to review to improve their SEO search engine. It’s on their website. This is the biggest joke and scam.

    • Hi Jack,

      Wow! What an experience you’ve had over there at TopCashback. Sorry to have received your message. However, this will definitely help many of my readers here and will let them know NOT to use TopCashback since they just make up every excuse in the book to not pay you.

      Unfortunately, these types of sites aren’t really regulated so they can do whatever they want.

      If you want to REALLY make money online, you need to stop going on these types of “get paid to” sites and build yourself an online business instead.

      Check out what I do here in my free guide!

      Best to you,

    • Hi Jack,

      we appreciate your feedback, but would like to address a few points that are unfortunately not correct. Any retailer that you visit via TopCashback is actively working with our website and providing the cash back for our members who make a purchase on their site after going through ours. A partnership between any retailer on site and TopCashback has to be mutual, otherwise you would not be able to earn cash back through them. Regarding paid reviews, TopCashback does not pay for any review in order to improve SEO. Any reviews listed on TrustPilot are proudly organic. To address your points regarding not being awarded the cash back for a variety of reasons. Our website works on a 100% cash back model, meaning we do not keep any portion of the cash back we receive from the retailer, but rather we pass it all on to you as the member. If you do not receive the cash back from the retailer for any of the reasons you had mentioned, we unfortunately do not have any cash back to give to you as we don’t have it ourselves. If you believe none of the above reasons apply to you as to why you haven’t received cash back, there may be something further preventing you from being awarded cash back and I am more than happy to try and look into the specific cases in which you’ve been declined cash back. You can reach me at

      Best Wishes


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