Is User Testing A Scam Or Legit $10 Per Test? [Full Review]

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Is User Testing A Scam or Legit?Wanna make some money on User Testing but wondering if they are legit or a scam?  You’ve come to the right place.

My User Testing review below will show you what you need to know to make sure you have all the information before you go into it.

There are plenty of scams out there and even though a website looks legit, you just never know until you uncover their hood.

I do just that and glad you are smart enough to do your research about opportunities before diving in.

I will take you through the following sections:



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User Testing Logo


Program Name: User Testing


Price: Free (As A Tester)

Owners: Darrell Benatar and Dave Garr

Recommended? Yes & No (Explained Later)

Here we have User Testing, a platform where businesses and individuals who have a website or app that they want tested can come here and pay for this service.

Sometimes when you have a new website or app, you don’t want to fully launch it until you have fully tested it and the best way to do that is by letting real, everyday people do that.


User Testing Logo Sign Up Page For Testers


So these businesses or individuals will come to User Testing to pay to get their website or app tested by people on their platform.

That’s where you and I come in, or whoever wishes to do this kind of testing to make money, to fill the spots of the testers and User Testing will pay us for doing the actual testing.

It is free for us testers to join but there is a process to go through which I’ll go over in a bit but once you are screened, you are good to go.

There is also a rating system as you do your screening and as you do your work.

I am finding mixed reviews in my research on how users are experiencing the platform but I will point out the main pros and cons of what I have found later.

To someone who wants to make money with this, you’ll be glad to know that these guys do pay so you don’t have to worry about that.

I find this User Testing to be a lot better than sites like Humanatic or DollarClix because you make more money at User Testing for sure.

Now, let’s get into the gritty nitty of it all!




There are several aspects I’d like to show you here on how User Testing works and you’ll get all the details here on how you’re paid.


User Testing How to


The Sign Up & Requirements

It’s easy to sign up, you just enter your email and then download that Screen Recorder as you will need to record yourself while you are doing your testing.

You can use your smart phone, table devices, desktop, or laptop but make sure you have a working microphone and internet access on your equipment as these are the requirements and what you’ll be using to record your findings when you’re testing the website or app.

Once signed up, you need to do a test video for them which takes 5 minutes.  The test video will be a sample of a website you’ll be looking over and do the tasks as indicated.

While you’re testing the sample site, make sure you speak loudly and clearly so the recording is clear and you will get a good rating to pass the test.

Also, you must speak in English for the recording so you make sure you are fluent and that people can understand you well if English is not your first language.

Once you have been approved, you’re in!


Who Is It For?

Anyone that has the necessary equipment, can speak English and have access to PayPal.

You will be screened so that is where they weed people out, so make sure you are following instructions well and speak clearly.


The Pay

For each 20 minute video you do, you will be paid $10 for it, which is a pretty good rate as that works out to be $30/hour.

There are shorter tests that will pay less than $10 but the least you’ll get is $3, and once in awhile, you may even get some test that are over $10 but that’s more rare.

You will be paid exactly 7 days after your test and this has been confirmed by lots of people online that this is what User Testing really abides by so you can be sure that if you did earn your money, you will be paid.

You will be paid via PayPal only so only those who reside in a country that has access to PayPal will be allowed to be paid.


The Tests & Ratings

You will be initially rated by User Testing with the sample video you submit and then you will start doing tests if they are available.

You will have to have your User Testing dashboard open to wait for the tests to come through because it is first come first serve and each test is limited to only a certain amount of people that the company/business paid for.

You also don’t have a lot of time to respond to the tests when they are available as there are plenty of testers around to take the task on.

You will then be rated by the owner of each website or app you test after you’re done.  The better you’re rated, the more tests you’ll be offered.



  • Easy work
  • Pays on time
  • Pays well
  • Fun to do
  • Open to a lot of people
  • Customer Service responsive



  • May need to do a few tests to get used to the format
  • Rating system is not perfect
  • Screener questions before testing screens you out
  • Limited tests you can do
  • Limited amount of money you can make




The User Testing platform is totally legitimate and not a scam so you can be sure to be able to make some money on that platform.

Do I recommend User Testing though?

Yes, to those who just want to earn a little bit of monthly income on the side.  Some has reported you can earn anywhere from $50 to $200 a month there, depending on what’s available to you, so if you want to earn under $500/month, this is a very reliable source.

No, if you’re someone who wants to make more money than that and looking for a better solution to earn a full time income from home because you will never get there with this platform.

In fact, any online type of task performing platform will never make you that much money although legit.

In the end, if you’re someone who wants to make a way more than what’s offered at User Testing and work from home, you need to build an online business to do so.

I’ve been at this too long and know this is true.

If you’re interested, keep reading…




While you can do User Testing on the side, you can use the majority of your time to build your online business instead.

Building an online business these days is not as taunting as it sounds and it’s better if you are guided through this process than doing it on your own.

I’ve tried many businesses in my online experience and have always come back to this one business model I’ve always loved but now I’ve been doing it properly and learned how to do it right to finally produce myself a consistent online income from it.

I’ve been guided by a life changing platform since September 2016 when it finally came into my path and have been grateful for it ever since!

I have documented how this business model works and what it is in my free guide here:

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You will be shown everything you need to know about this online business, why it works, and the potential of this in my guide.

I will also show you where you can get started for FREE as well as getting real training, business tools to use, and my full support as I’m still a very active member there.

You will also be helped by a community of people as well and even have industry experts at your fingertips.

Building this business will take some real work effort and time to build it to a level you define as success but know that this has the potential to build a full time income and more.

There is much to do so don’t you delay and get started today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether User Testing is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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    • Because that’s the easiest way and least expensive to send money worldwide.

      Sorry to hear you don’t have access to PayPal. Some others use Payoneer, Tilapti, etc… there are other online options as well as directly deposit but harder to find I guess.


  1. Dear Grace,

    After reading your article, I remain a bit confused. I have two questions for you. 1): Did you personally try out this site and if so did you make any money off of it (basically was the money you made worth the time spent)? 2) In your honest opinion, is this an example of a way to make some money on the side while in the midst of my fairly busy schedule as a college student?

    Hopefully, I hear back from you!

  2. Maybe it used to be really good a few years ago but now with the paypal only payment method it’s not reliable at all. Opened my account, make the training passed the test all set go made 5 test and when money started showing up in my paypal account paypal decided I was doing suspicious activities, ask me for many proofs: ID address account balance and activities proof. Sent everything and without even an email they permanently locked my account and took all the money I made. Also paypal has an arbitrary clause where they can keep 2500 usd for the trouble of monitoring you so I don’t even hope to see that money again. You can check this issue with PayPal in a simple Google search, trustpilot opinions, and even their own community board, it’s simply not reliable anymore and since is the only payment method for Usertesting then they are not reliable either


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