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MAKE $100 A DAY USING FREE TOOLS ONLINEDo you want to make some easy money online?

In this article, I’m going to show you how to make $100 per day with free tools. 

You can make some easy money this way. 

I will show you 3 different free tools along with 3 different market places that you can freelance in and sell your services.

I will discuss all of them in detail and make it very easy for you.

So without further ado, let’s look at the options right now:





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On this site, which is found at, you are going to make money as a freelancer.

And this is not for any specific type of skills that you can freelance, there are literally hundreds of different categories that you can choose from on this site.

You can offer your services for social media marketing, SEO, graphics & design, web traffic, etc.

You can offer tasks as easy as writing emails to animation, music, video editing, voice-over, etc.

There are literally so many things that you can do for money on this site, all you have to do is do your research, look some of the gigs that other people are offering and their pricing to get ideas on how to make your gig more presentable.

The more presentable, informative, and eye-catching your gig will be, the more competitive you can be on Fiverr and people will choose you to work with. 

You can be a freelancer yourself and make logos. 



Fiverr home page



I have 3 free logo maker services that can be used to make any kind of logos. 

One of them is so easy and has a lot of options so you can really customize it for your client. 

I suggest you search for logos on the Fiverr category list.

There are loads of freelancers listed on Fiverr who make logos and there are a lot of different kinds. 

The amount of people charging for a single logo is also pretty high, starting from $25 to $100 per logo. 

These are just the starting prices and there are 3 packages that you can offer your clients: 

  • Basic: Starting prices 
  • Standard: Prices get higher 
  • Premium: The highest prices 

There’s a lot of people who are getting a lot of orders. So there’s a chance of making a lot of money like this. 




Upwork at is a site where you can earn with different skills and experience including teaching, video editing, graphic designing, etc, plus many more categories.

One of the biggest freelancing platforms in Upwork is logo making. There are a high number of logo making jobs available 

You can sign up for free on but the age limit is 18. To sign up you have to list your private information that Upwork needs you to fill out.

You also have to mention your qualifications and your experiences as that will determine what kind of work you’ll get.

Upwork will also ask how much you’d like to be paid per hour.

Upwork is a completely secure and highly recommended website for freelancers and is also available worldwide which means you don’t have to be a native English speaker to work on this site!

There are also different types of payment methods that Upwork provides which are PayPal, security deposits, and wire transfers. 

You may not want to look at the expert level as they might require you to do tasks that will not be available with free tools. 

You can definitely look at the beginner level or intermediate level. 

They have good pricing on Upwork, a lot of jobs offer over $100. 

As soon as you can gain more experience and get better at this job, you will have the chance to earn even more. 

Also, add them to your profile on Fiverr and the more samples that you can provide people with, the more orders you will be able to get. 

You can actually do some free work, so you can get some initial ratings, to get honest ratings of your work. 




One of the other marketplace that I want to show you is Freelancer, their website is found at

You can sign up here as a worker, and you can browse the jobs here. 

Type in logo and see what comes up, browse through what jobs are available right now. 



freelancer webpage screenshot



There are different price ranges from $25 to $100. 

You can definitely start here to develop your portfolio and get some jobs done to enhance your Fiverr profile. 

There is a lot of logo creation jobs that you can do here. 



The Free Tools

FreeLogo Design:

The first free tool I’m going to show you is FreeLogoDesign, their site can be found at

All you have to do is type in the company’s name, as usual, they will provide you with a company name. 

Then you have to type in the category the company is in. 

For example, if you have to make a logo for a restaurant and it’s called “Super Tacos” you have to type in that name and click on food and drinks on the category list. 

They will provide you with an abundance of templates almost 14 pages long and you can choose from them, they will also have fonts. 

You will also have the option to start fresh, you don’t have to choose from their templates. 

Even if you choose one of their templates, you can go to icons and change images that are in the template you selected. 

You can just search on their icon list and they have tons of options to put as images, and you can pick any of them for your design. 

This free tool is literally just a bunch of dragging and dropping images and fonts. 

It is really customizable, so it will definitely be unique and original 

You can definitely download your logo for free, but it will have a lower resolution. 

They do have paid plans for professional users and higher resolution with their entire collection package. 

If you are just designing for website usage, you can just download the logo you made for free, and then charge a lower rate for it. But if they want printing quality and a high-resolution quality, charge them a higher rate. 

You just have to enter your email to download the png file of your logo. 

It is better if you get the PNG file, then you will be able to put the logo anywhere as it will have a transparent background, it will definitely make it more professional and easy on the eyes. 



The second free tool you can use to do this is Canva, their website is found at

When you go to their webpage, click on ‘Templates’ then click on ‘Logos’

On the logo page, there will be a lot of different templates available. 

And again, depending on what your client is looking for there are a lot of varieties that you can use to make logos. 


Logo Makr:

The third free logo maker tool that you can use is Logo Makr, their website is found at

When you first get on the site, there is a video that you can review right away which I highly recommend so you can learn more about it, the video is less than 5 minutes. 

All you have to do is choose an icon that you want to make the logo with. 

They are similar to other places but they are not the same. 

You can just make it however you like it, you can change colors, fonts, icons, etc, however you want. 

They will offer you a high-resolution file that is going to cost you a bit of money but you can also just download the low-resolution file and get it right away. 

That is how you can use this one but watch the video so you get to learn more about how LogoMakr works. 



How I Earn My Online Income

You can really make this to be a full-time thing but this is more of a side hustle to make some fast money. 

You are trading time for money with this method as once you stop working you are not going to earning anymore. 

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to make $100 per day with free tools or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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