Make Money With VIP Voice Or Is It A Scam? See Truth Here!

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is VIP Voice a scamAre you checking out VIP Voice and wondering if you should try it or is it going to scam your time away?

My review will show you everything you need to know to decide for yourself whether this will be worth your time.

Many people like making a little extra cash by completing paid online surveys but most of the survey sites that I’ve reviewed end up being duds.

I hoped VIP Voice would be a better choice but I’m afraid they are not that much different than other survey sites that I’ve reviewed before.

Let’s get to my VIP Voice review and check out the following sections:



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VIP Voice Logo


Program Name: VIP Voice


Price: Free

Recommended? No

VIP Voice is an online research community where you can fill out surveys to earn points to redeem for prizes.

They are part of The NPD Group, founded in 1967, which provides market information and advisory services to help companies and brands make better business decisions.


VIP Voice home page


VIP Voice do market research in many industries such as automative, apparel, food and beverage, housewares, IT, toys, video games, and much more.

You will be completing surveys that are available to you and will earn points for your time.  You then can redeem your points for sweepstakes entries or bidding on prizes.

You are going to be start out on Level 1 and as you do more and more surveys, you will raise your rank up until you get to Level 5.

The higher you go the more points you get earn per survey.

The good thing here is that even if you don’t qualify for the survey, you get to receive points still.

This platform doesn’t have any other ways to earn.

Now, let’s take a look at the details a little closer.




Sign Up Process

I always get worried about signing up for survey sites but I have to say it was not too painful (not too long) and you’re done signing up after I think it was 2 pages of questions.

This is typical of survey sites asking for your household information and demographics.

Then you can start taking surveys right there which I did.


How Many Points Can You Earn?

For each survey, you will know before you start how many points that survey is worth plus the survey ID.

Keep the the survey ID handy because if there are any problems about points not being credited, they need that survey ID number.

The one I did said 50 – 150 points so I took it and it was about last night’s dinner.  In the end, I think I took about 10 minutes to do that one and I received 150 points for it.

You will get points even if you don’t qualify for the survey, called VIP Participation Points. VIP Qualification Points are the points you get if you finish a survey to the end in completion.

I had mentioned the levels earlier, everyone starts off on Level 1 and the chart here shows how many points you can earn based on your level and how many surveys you have completed:

VIP Voice Levels & Points

As you can see, the more surveys you complete, the more points you’ll be able to earn if you qualify for the surveys.

The VIP Participation Points seems to be set at a fixed number of points for each level and VIP Qualification Points increase by 25 points for each survey you complete.

So these are all the points available to be earned.


Redeeming Your Points – No Cash

This is the worse survey program ever because all you get for your opinions and time are entries to sweepstakes in SweepLand that you’ll never win probably or bid on prizes in BidLand that you’ll may or may not win at.

Each point is worth one entry for sweepstake or one bid on a prize, there are no cash values attached to them.

You also need to qualify for them before you can even bid/enter into a sweepstake, so of course all the good stuff is for higher Levels like 3, 4, & 5.



The rewards in BidLand are mostly gift cards and you need at least Level 3 to get any decent reward to bid on.

Other than that for Level 1 & 2, you can bid on stuff like a fidget spinner, selfie stick or ice cream maker… very odd and cheap things.

Even if you bid on a prize, there are major restrictions on them, like on a $25 restaurant gift card where you will have to order like $50 of food & beverage in order to use the $25 gift card.

VIP Voice Real Testimony 1


It will take you FOREVER to get any rewards in BidLand basically because even a $5 Amazon gift card needs over 33,000 points (current bid as of this writing) and you need to be Level 3 too!!


VIP Voice Sample Rewards


This sounds like a rip off to me and a complete waste of time.  You’re basically working for nothing for a long while.

If that’s the case, you might as well just start your own online business!



The sweepstakes are practically useless because you are not going to find out for real who really won or if there are any real sweepstakes going on.

Also the chances of you winning is slim to none.

The bigger prizes you can bid for need tens of thousands of points if you want a chance to win those big rewards like a trip or a $5,000 scholarship.

Of course, here too you are only restricted to your level on which sweepstake you can enter.

At the same time, you don’t even know who’s entered what on which sweepstakes so you have no idea what your chances of winning are which is super annoying.

Are there even actual winners of sweepstakes?  Who knows, but damn you’re working for nothing here.




Thumbs DownI do not think VIP Voice is a scam but they are sure not a very good survey site.

Most survey sites are already a huge time waster but this is even worse since you don’t have any cash options and takes forever to earn any kind of reward.

There are definitely members complaining about their lack of rewards and how they don’t really give full rewards either.

Here are some samples from

Waste of Time!
This site takes forever to get points & then you can only enter in sweeps or bid on an item, 25k points+ for a $5 amazon card. Then they will deactivate your account for no reason after winning a sweep or bid. Same generic answer ” we have the right to cancel your account”


Haven’t Received Rewards
I did two of their special food diaries, that last seven days each. One in August and one this month. I was told I would receive a $25 reward for each, and 700 points for each. I received the 700 points in both cases, but never received the $25 rewards. I have tried to email several times, but haven’t received a response.


Waste of Time
This site takes forever to get points & then you can only enter in sweeps or bid on an item, 25k points+ for a $5 amazon card. Then they will deactivate your account for no reason after winning a sweep or bid. Same generic answer ” we have the right to cancel your account”


You won’t be earning much rewards here and if you do, it will take you a very long time.  I really don’t have patience for this.

There is a way better site out there like Swagbucks (Sign up here) where you can redeem for cold hard cash if you really want to make money this way.

VIP Voice has to be one of the lowest survey sites on my list and I will sure not be recommending VIP Voice to anyone.




Why bother spending all that time completing surveys just so you can lose all your points to sweepstakes that probably aren’t even real.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether VIP Voice is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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