What Is Your Easy Business? A Scam Or Easy $500+ A Day? Full Review!

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is Your Easy Business a scamYour Easy Business sure sounds easy to make $500+ a day right?  But, is Your Easy Business a scam that’s just going to take your money?

Or could this be the system of a lifetime that will finally make you rich in no time?

There are many internet marketing products out there that tell you that you can make that kind of money very easily but that’s so far from the truth, it’s not even funny.

I have been reviewing products/programs like this for a long while now and have been through 100’s of reviews so I know this kind of site will probably just get you nowhere and I’ll explain why in my review below.

Let me break down my Your Easy Business review in the following sections:



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Your Easy Business Logo


Program Name: Your Easy Business

Website: youreasybusiness.com

Price: $37

Owner: Paula Shaffer

Recommended? No

What the heck is Your Easy Business?  They, or should I say this Paula, tells you absolutely nothing about the system in the sales video.

All you know is that she has some money making websites that makes her $1,000 a day and she’s going to give it you just like that for only $37.


Your Easy Business Sales Video home page


She even sets up your account if you want it and have copied her winning system to you.

How amazing it is to have your money making site already making money for you without doing any work at all?!

She says that all you have to do is check your account every few days to see if the money is still rolling in, so you’re literally not doing anything to make $1000 a day?

She claims she’s done everything for you so you don’t have to do anything techie and if you were going to get your own website built, it would cost you thousands of dollars but that’s totally not true at all since it didn’t cost me thousands to build mine.

In this day and age, making a website is not that hard and you actually don’t need to know html coding.  I know something about this topic because I’ve been building websites for years and nowadays, you’re so lucky to build sites with a click of a button.

However, that doesn’t mean you can just make money from it just like that, there are plenty more to be done on the website to make you money.

What Your Easy Business is really doing is just feeding you a bunch of lies so they can take your $37.

There are other websites like this that tout about copying their money making sites but in reality you’re getting a $2 template landing page that has no traffic on it.

Websites don’t just generate their own traffic, you either learn SEO or you buy the traffic, which I’ll tell you more about in bit, but this Paula lady is taking you for a ride.




There are so many things wrong with this Your Easy Business, it’s hard to decide where to start but I will get down all the things you should watch out for with sites like this.


Your Easy Business Is Not What It Is

For one thing, these types of sites constantly come out with the same program but under different names.  This Your Easy Business is no different than these other ones like One Click Pay Day, Copy Success, or Simple Money Sites.

So they are usually hiding a system when they do this, and why are they hiding the underlying system?  It’s because there’s usually massive upsells once you’re inside.

The massive upsells are usually products you’ll have to buy before you can promote them to make any money from them which comes in the tune of 4 to 5 figures.

There are many similar high ticket programs like this that uses a licensing business model like that where you have to buy everything that you’ll be making money from and the products always cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

They do this so you can also make thousands in commissions as well but it’s not so easy to make that money back and tons of members of programs like these either lose $1,000’s or get themselves into massive debt.

In addition, one of these programs that uses this kind of business model got shut down by the FTC so I wouldn’t go for a business model that does not seem legit in the eyes of the government.

You’ll be investing all this money just to find out you’re being shut down one morning and that would not be a good feeling.


$1,000/Day Website Being Sold For Just $37?

Is that possible to have such money generating sites and you’ll get a copy of it for only $37?

Usually when you sell a website that’s generating income, you get to sell it by multiplying what it generates by a certain multiplier which is determined by the industry that the site is in.

The multiplier can range widely depending on the demand for that site but it can range as low as a factor of 5 and all the way up to 25 or higher.


Your Easy Business Websites make her $1000 per day


So for the website at Your Easy Business that’s making $1,000/day that would mean that she could be selling her website for over a million if it can generate her $365,000 a year, even if using the lowest factor of a multiplier of 5!

Therefore, why would she just give you a copy for $37?  Doesn’t even make sense.  This is because this whole thing is a lie.

All you’re getting are template landing pages that don’t get any traffic on them unless you go out and pay for it.


Your Easy Business More Lies


With the high ticket programs as mentioned above, you will find that they will always use paid traffic to generate leads since no other method like posting on social media will result in anything significant.

With paid traffic, you better be prepared to spend thousands more a month to test and figure out how to use paid traffic.

This system is nothing but a big spending machine and I’d rather you not have to do that because you really don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make money online.


So Many Lies

This Your Easy Business program is nothing but a bunch of lies just trying to get you to buy into their system so they can make money off of you in the back end.

It’s actually not possible to create you an account live or have your copied website already making money, believe me, websites do NOT work this way.


Your Easy Business Lies About Your Live Account Making Money


Websites do not just generate it’s own money without proper set up and won’t generate it’s own traffic if you haven’t done anything to them!

I’ve been in this too long to know otherwise, don’t believe these programs or system that tell you that you can just make money online with just a few clicks, or in this case, no clicks.


Your Easy Business Make Money with No Work Lie


It’s not possible to make money online with no work, there are NO systems that allow for this so you can stop chasing that dream.

You can make lots of money online but only if you have put in the amount of work it takes to generate the money that you want.

There are no magic systems that will bring any money to you faster and systems like Your Easy Business will only make you spend more and more.




Thumbs DownWith all the red flags, I’m pretty sure this is a scam but I didn’t buy it so I can’t say for sure but I’ve seen past ones like this before and sites like this isn’t even tell you about the real program that you’re being lied into.

At best you’ll get some low quality training and $2 landing pages to work with, but you certainly won’t be making $1,000 a day, no way.

Very quickly you’ll be lost and you won’t have any support except the support of getting you to upgrade galore.

Also, using paid traffic is not for beginners as you can easily lose a lot of money without knowing what happened.  If you want to use paid traffic, you should be taught by a legitimate source and have proper guidance.

I really doubt this system will work out for you, for sure it will not work out like what the sales video says and their disclaimer says:

The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.

That’s great.

There’s not much more I need to say after that, so I do not recommend Your Easy Business.




If you want to build a real online business, you can do with real proper, comprehensive training and guidance from a legitimate place.

This is why I’ve built this site, to help people find a safe way to learn how to make money online because I’ve been scammed myself.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Your Easy Business is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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