Is The Commission Machine A Scam Or Can You Make $2,642.60 A Day?

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is The Commission Machine a scamWill you really make $2.6K+ a day with The Commission Machine or is it really a scam that’s going to waste your time and money?

I’m glad you’re here to find out and my review of The Commission Machine below shows what this system is and everything you need to know to make an educated decision for yourself.

Sometimes products like this could be very misleading and I’m here to set the record straight so that you can see if this is right for you.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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The Commission Machine Logo


Program Name: The Commission Machine


Price: $19.95

Owner: Michael Cheney

Recommended? No

Michael Cheney is no newbie to this space and has been an internet marketer for quite some time so I was curious to see what this system is that he’s come up with that so secretive.

He says that you can use this system without having an email list, without any experience, and without any money.


The Commission Machine sales video home page


That’s kind of a lie right there since you need money to buy this system and there will be a lot more spending once inside as well so him saying you don’t need any money with this system is one big lie.

Another lie is that he’s saying this is a secret system but in reality there are quite a few products that I’ve reviewed that also promote this kind of business model, namely The Banger Method, Incognito, and the Four Percent Challenge.

Even himself, Michael has promoted this system over and over again under different names like Commissionology so this system is certainly no secret.

What The Commission Machine entails is nothing more than a short training program regarding how to build an email list and making money from that list through follow up emails to your email list.

He claims you can make a lot of money using this system but I find it hard to believe that people will buy from you without having a bigger online presence.

One thing you don’t have when you just build an email list without having a brand or website is that you don’t have the trust factor.  Without trust, no one will really buy from you.

The video training will teach you how to put this system together and you’re led to believe that you can start making money in a very short amount of time.

I’m going to go into the system more in detail in the next section.




How The Commission Machine really works is getting you to buy this training so he can make money not only from the front end of $19.95 but all the other tools that you’ll need for this system, he will also earn money from.

This is legitimate to do which is called affiliate marketing and you’ll be using affiliate marketing too to make this system work.

Affiliate marketing is when you earn commissions from promoting other people’s products to your audience (in this case, to your email list) and your commission is triggered when someone buys those products you’re promoting.

The system you’re going to put together looks like this:

Four Percent Challenge Business Model

You will have a landing page (a one or two page website like The Commission Machine) to collect people’s emails.

The landing page is always about some lie about how much money you can make with this awesome new system to get people to give your their email so they can see what this new system is.

Then once they submit their email, they will be forwarded to a thank you page and then quickly to a product that you want to promote to this person.

If they buy right away, great, you earn a commission.  The amount of the commission will depend on the product you promoted plus the terms of their affiliate program.

If they don’t buy right away, then you’ll have their email address to spam to.  Once they opt-in, you will have an email follow up series set up so that they will receive your emails everyday or every other day to tell them about product after product on how to make money online.

These guys usually teach you how to email people everyday about making money online opportunities but I always find that if you do that, people will just unsubscribe if they get too many of your emails.


The Commission Machine productMore Costs

The additional costs you’ll have to make this system to work are:

  • an email autoresponder $15 – $149/month
  • landing page creator $97/month and up
  • link tracking software $12 – $97/month

So in addition to the initial fee of $19.95, you’ll have several monthly recurring fees to pay for as well which Michael Cheney will make commissions on which is not a bad thing if he’s actually providing you with tons of value, but he isn’t.

You’ll also be taught to use paid traffic if you want to see results even faster but paid traffic is definitely not for newbies as this can rack up to thousands of dollars a month to test and optimize your ad campaigns with.

Paid traffic will only work effectively if Michael tells you the good sources to buy from, if you have a bad source, it’ll just be a waste of money and you’ll be literally pouring your money down the drain doing that.


Will You Make Money?

I believe if you set up everything right, you can make money even if you use free traffic, but you won’t be seeing $2.6K/day anytime soon.

Free traffic of just posting your landing pages on social media like Facebook and Twitter and such will not get you too much conversions.

If you used paid traffic, you’ll need enough sales to cover not only your initial cost, your monthly costs, and your advertising costs.

The success of a system really depends on the quality of the training and with The Commission Machine, you’re only getting about 7 videos and you can go through everything in about 2 hours so that doesn’t really say much about their training.

That means to me that he’s not going to go through each step in a lot of details and if you don’t know what you’re doing, then you’ll be left scratching your head about what you need to do.

If you don’t know, you’re screwed because there will be no support with this system and you’ll be left with nothing more than a few pieces of software you don’t know how to put together.

This kind of system can’t work right without a bigger online presence so unless you have a huge following already on social media then posting your ads on there won’t do much unless you use paid advertising which is a big cost.

People ultimately don’t buy from just anyone and especially when you don’t have an internet hub where people could find you and find out what you’re all about.

Just building an email list is not a long term strategy to making money online, you’ll need a bigger online presence first and then build your email list.




Thumbs DownNo, I do not consider The Commission Machine a scam because you are getting training for your money but how good is that training is another thing.

I see many products like this that people just put together quickly and probably re-used materials to get more people to buy in to their low quality product.

Michael Cheney has been selling this kind of system for awhile now and there’s nothing secret about it.

Many people who has an online business uses email marketing as part of their whole online business, your whole online business shouldn’t be just an email list.

People will be unsubscribing your list too if you spam them with low quality internet marketing products or even scams if you don’t vet those products first as more often than not, they are scams.

I don’t want to build a business to scam others, do you?

I can’t find myself recommending The Commission Machine to you because of the low quality training and it’s not a full online business you’re building.




An email list should accompany your online business and an online business should entail a website with information that help others.

This is how I’ve built my online business, helping others stay away from scam products and telling them a better way to learn how to make money online since I’ve been scammed before too and want to help others find legit offers.

Building this online business wouldn’t be possible without the comprehensive, detailed training I received and where I can get help any time I have any questions.

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In my guide, you will learn what business model I like to use, how it works, why it works and where you can get started for FREE!

You’ll be checking out all the comprehensive training I’ve used to learn how to build my online business and you will see that you can do it too using a topic that you’re passionate about so you don’t have to promote what everyone else does.

You’ll learn how to build your business where you can use free organic search traffic so you can get free targeted traffic to your business just like the way you landing on my review today and I didn’t have to pay a dime for it.

Building a real online business first will create trust in your space and you will become an authority in the space as you keep building it.

Then, that’s when people will listen and buy from you because what you’re telling them is true and helpful.

Stop wasting time on half systems and start building a real future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Commission Machine is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



4 thoughts on “Is The Commission Machine A Scam Or Can You Make $2,642.60 A Day?”

  1. Thanks for the review, totally makes sense what you’re saying about building an email list by itself. I sure don’t want to spam people with bad products.

    I almost bought it, I will check out your guide.


    • Hi Rolan, thanks for stopping by here, appreciate it and so happy to hear I can help you today. Yes, my guide will show you a better to really help people while you make money honestly.

      Please let me know if you have any questions afterwards! Or else, I look forward to working with you in the near future.

      Best to you!

  2. Dear Grace,

    Thanks for the review with loads of information. “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is” we need to be aware.

    I do agree with you on “An email list should accompany your online business and an online business should entail a website with information that help others.” The money is in the list.

    Thanks again!

    Your Friend,


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