Is The Four Percent Challenge A Scam Or Make $10K Fast? [Full Review]

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Is Four Percent Challenge A ScamIf you have been looking for a way to make money online and wondering if the Four Percent Challenge is right for you then I’m glad you’re here.

I will answer for you these questions you may have:

Is the Four Percent Challenge a scam?

How does it work?

Will you really make money?

There are many programs out there, some are worse than others and some are outright scams, I’ve done so many reviews and can tell you how this will work for you.

I will show you what you’ll be doing, how this business model works, and why this may not be for everyone.

Ultimately, you make the decision and I’m here to provide you with the most detail info you’ll need to make an educated decision.

My review of the Four Percent Challenge will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Four Percent Challenge Logo


Program Name: Four Percent Challenge


Price: $1 trial, $49/month, + upsells

Owner: Vick Strizheus

Recommended? No

The Four Percent Challenge was created by internet guru Vick Strizheus who’s been in this business since 2005 and he had started the Four Percent Group.

This Four Percent Challenge is another way to market his program and reach new audience with these daily dose of Success Pills you’ll be taking, metaphorically.


Four Percent Challenge home page


The Four Percent Challenge is a training program that will teach you how to get from zero to $10K at your own pace.

You will be doing a certain lesson everyday with specific tasks, little at a time so you can digest each day easily.

This business model is based on building an email list and marketing to that list with an email follow up series to continue to promote to your list after they have signed up.

They concentrate a lot on traffic generation, show you how to pick the right products, how to track your sales, and what business tools you’ll need as well to make this business model work.

The program promises it’s the most comprehensive, step by step training there is for this type of business model with tons of details.

There are 3 levels to learn from in this program:

  • Level 1 – $10,000 Challenge – At this level you will learn how to generate $10,000 whether it be a year, a month, or a day.  You’ll learn his business model and how it works which can be applied to many different types of business but most people will just promote this system itself.  Once you master that, you will upgrade to the next level.
  • Level 2 – $100,000 Challenge – This is where Vic will help you 10x your business with scaling strategies like Strategic Market Stacking, learning how to be persuasive and have an influence in your space.  Once you have earned $100K, then you can move on to the third level.
  • Level 3 – $1,000,000 Challenge – This level will really ramp up your business to 7 figures to learn how to take advantage of the recurring revenue model, how to massively scale your business, and really become the trusted authority in your space.

In each level, there are tons of training lessons that will be unlocked each day and you will only concentrate on the lesson at hand.

There are tasks at the end of each session that you need to take action on.

While the training seems way more comprehensive than a lot of other products like The Incognito or The Banger Method that teach the same email marketing business model, there are significant costs associated with this program.

In the next section, I’ll go over more about the business model this program teaches as well as the costs associated.




The business model that this Four Percent Challenge teaches is structured in this diagram:

Four Percent Challenge Business Model


The program teaches you how to build and set up all these pieces together and where to find the affiliate offers to promote in this kind of system.

They say this kind of system works in any niche, but most people use it for make money online niche because that’s what most people are looking for.

This kind of system is not new or anything and a lot of internet marketing products teach you the same thing but I find this kind of system is missing one main thing: Trust.

The program teaches you to send cold traffic, people who don’t know you, to go to some landing page and hope they will just buy like that.

If they don’t buy right away, you’ll then supposed to bombard your list with followup emails everyday (not just the two emails shown in the image above) to show them more things they can buy.

This kind of email spamming will only get you unsubscribes as well as losing more money since you had to pay to get those subscribers in the first place.

You also don’t have a big online presence with a business model like this where people can’t find out about you and what you do, etc, therefore, you won’t have the trust factor that people would be looking for before they buy.


Cost Of This System

This business model that the Four Percent Challenge uses will cost you some money.  There are costs to every business but heck, some costs are way more than others.


Four Percent Challenge Level 1 $10,000 Challenge


Because this business model is using affiliate marketing, you won’t have the cost of product inventory or anything like that but there are certain tools this business model uses that you’ll end up needing to buy:

  • $49/month – Membership to the Four Percent Challenge
  • $19/month – If you want to sell the Four Percent Challenge, you have this fee to become an affiliate, most people do so I’ll add it in.
  • $15 – $149/month – Email Marketing Auto-responder which they suggest GetResponse, but I use Aweber.
  • $97/month – ClickFunnels – to build landing pages with ease
  • $12 – $97/month – Click Magick – link tracking system to track where your sales and clicks are coming from.
  • $15/year – Domain – if you want your own domain, most people would because it markets better like that.
  • $11 – $49/month – Hosting – if you want to host your landing pages on your own domain which you probably do if you’re buying your own domain.

Therefore, your monthly business cost of this Four Percent Challenge system is about $204 – $461/month.

The business model I use for my online business only costs me $55/month and part of this cost is not necessary as a beginner.  As a beginner, if you use my business model, you’re looking at $26 – $50/month.


More Costs

On top of this, Four Percent Challenge will teach you to use paid promotions so that’s going to also cost you: Thousands of dollars a month in paid traffic.

Paid traffic is the biggest expense of this kind of business model because you can’t get people to see your landing pages otherwise.

Search engines don’t rank 1 or 2 page landing page sites so no one will see them unless you use paid traffic.

Even though you can use free methods like social media but that is not going to get you the results you want from posting freely on social media.

Free traffic has never resulted in significant amount of money to be earned from social media, only paid traffic does.

The only free traffic that is better than paid traffic is traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which is what I use and how you got onto my review today.

I didn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get you to see my page, but a system like Four Percent Challenge’s will need you to pay for visitors.

The other costs I found out about this program is if you want to promote their other products, they have two other products but you must buy them first before you can promote them:  Internet Traffic Mastery ($1,497) and E-Stage by Four Percent Team ($497).


Will You Really Make Money?

You can make money with this system if you know what you’re doing.

You first have significant monthly costs to cover as well as paid traffic costs, you will need to generate enough sales just to break even first.

Eventually, you could probably make money if you can get over that hump but most beginners will get more frustrated than not in this space because of this paid traffic factor.

Some of the reviews I’ve seen in my research by people who are in the system seem to be able to generate sales, sure, but we don’t know how much they spent to get those sales.  They could be in the red for all we know.

But I can tell you this, all the people showing their “results” are all still on Level 1, I didn’t see anyone’s dashboard with Levels 2 or 3 unlocked, and these are people who were showing results from 2016 and the video is brand new uploaded last month.

So that means even members who have been there for 2 years or almost 2 years are still working on their first $10K.

It’s not a surprise to me but most people will think that this will get them to $10K quickly with this kind of system, it simply won’t work that fast even if you’re using paid traffic.




Thumbs DownNo, I don’t believe the Four Percent Challenge is a scam at all, there is significant amount of training you can go through but I just don’t like the idea of spending thousands of dollars in paid traffic.

I think that is where most people fail with a business model of this kind because of the paid traffic factor.

You have to buy traffic from trusted sources as well as know what you’re doing with your ad campaigns which need extensive testing (which all costs money) to find the most converting one.

I also find that this kind of business model is not the best way since all you’re doing is building an email list to spam to and losing subscribers while paying for them to get on your list in the first place.

You don’t have any trust factor or have any real value that you’re offering to your audience.

Building an email list should be part of a much bigger online business, you need a much bigger online presence to build that trust factor as well as a following.

An online business with just an email list is not a complete online business, an email list should accompany an online business and not just spamming people for a living.

You are also needing to pay for so many pieces to put it all together which could get complicated for some people.

So although not a scam and probably better for those who are more experience, I do not recommend the Four Percent Challenge.




The business model I use will allow you to build an online presence first then build your email list.

Your online presence is like your home on the internet and where people go to find you.  Some people build social media accounts, build YouTube channels, but all those are still peripherals to your online hub.

When you build an online business properly, you will gain more and more trust from your readers and authority in your niche.

It will take some hard work and time to build but this is the case with any business model you choose.

The people who succeed are those who not only take action that first day, or first week, or first month, but continues to take action everyday until they have reached the success they want to see from their online business, which most don’t quit after that since they keep wanting more.

You can see what I do, what I use, how it all works and everything else in my free guide here:

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I even show you where you can get started for FREE and that’s not a free trial, it’s an unlimited free membership so you can fully utilize the platform to see if it’s right for you.

No sales pressure of 7 days or anything like that.  You basically see what I use, test things out, and if you find value like I did, then you go for it.

I’m a stay at home mom who took on my own challenge, back in Sep/16, of finally making a living online using this business model so I can contribute financially to my family.

If I can do it, you can do it, plain and simple.

Stop wasting time spamming people and start building a full blown online business today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Four Percent Challenge is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



12 thoughts on “Is The Four Percent Challenge A Scam Or Make $10K Fast? [Full Review]”

  1. Considering that Vick Strizheus has been in the internet marketing field for sometime. I believe that he has really been successful at earning online. I don’t think it is a scam. I agree with you regarding that. In fact, the method (or part of it) from what I saw on your page seems to have a core system that several marketers seem to use. So it should work. In fact even without list building affiliate marketing may generate an income as I have seen with several campaigns.

    • Yeah but for a lot of beginners, paid traffic could be a heavy expense. You need to have investment capital for this kind of business model because that’s the only way it will work well.

      A lot of people starting out don’t have such capital to work with.

      Thanks Tik for your thoughts!

      • The Four Percent method is focused on paid traffic. Do you know I can get over 2,000 highly targeted organic traffic to my site per day without me paying for any of it?

        Below is my January 2019 traffic on this website you’re on:

        Work Anywhere Now Jan19 Traffic

        45K visitors on my site in January all free.

        If you’re interested in what I do, see my free guide here.

        Best of luck to you,

  2. Hi Grace, Your website and online brand are actually what Vick teaches lol. He teaches people to 1. build a unique online presence as you have 2. To deliver value through your ‘marketing’ website email social etc as you do 3. to make sure your ‘marketing’ converts (as I know you do too). Once the foundations are solid you scale your business with paid traffic if you want to.

    Vick doesn’t advise paying to build a list and then losing them through spamming them.

    • Hi Richard, That’s awesome to hear, how’s the challenge going for you? Have you made your $10K yet?

      Appreciate you stopping by,

  3. I’m 64 years old…and on disability, I was looking for a way to make money online…but realize I’ll never be able to do it because I can’t pay anything for….anything… I get a disability check for $800 a month. And with that I have to pay rent, ($650) gas and electric. ($109) cablw…another $100….and $50 for this phone. you notice something? So my niece helps me by bringing food…sometimes…but there are days I go hungry….I don’t have a car… (can’t afford one) I am endlessly depressed…and seeing a psychiatrist. … I think about suicide alot.

    • Hi Dennis, I hope you get the help you need in your life, sometimes it’s just about changing your perspective. I’m sorry you don’t have a better outlook in life.

      Nobody can change that for you though but you.

      I wish you all the best Dennis,


  4. Hey, Grace!

    My name’s Antwun. I’m 18 and working a part time job making about $1300 – $1400/m. I did a semester of college but dropped out because I knew that it wasn’t for me. I had the burning desire to be an entrepreneur and to not settle for the regular 9-5, so for months I searched the internet to find how I could make a living without clocking in at some job I hated for the rest of my life.

    I found Vick and The FourPercent Group. Shortly after, I started watching his YouTube videos and quickly signed up for the FourPercent because I learned that you’ll eventually have to start investing if you truly want to make money online, so I did.

    I began the Level 1 Challenge as a complete beginner towards the end of April…we’ll say April 29th. It’s now June 9th, I’m currently on day 11 in the Challenge, no sales, and I’ve probably already spent hundreds of dollars.

    It’s tough as a beginner. I’ll admit, the things he does IS step-by-step, but still really hard to understand and COSTS A LOT for especially a teenager. I thought that was what it took to become an entrepreneur but I feel a whole lot more confident in my road ahead. This was actually a great learning experience for me. I failed but now I’m smarter and more determined than ever. I’m quitting The FourPercent and trying your guide and I’m super excited.

    Thank you for creating this article. I’m extremely appreciative and ready to get started with your program. I’m happy for people like you who chose the entrepreneur route to be able to confidently, financially provide for yourself and family, and stuck around to provide value for people like me a clear path on the does and dont’s.

    This is chapter 2 of my journey and I’m glad you could be here to guide me towards it.

    Much love,

    • Hi Antun,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with not only me but all my readers!

      I can tell you that his program probably works but you will need to work at it more long term.

      I would say this with just about anything you do online. The method I used is not as costly as Four Percent’s for sure, but when you’ll make money with it will take a little while to build up.

      So if you like to work slow and steady, then I know you will for sure be able to start making money within your first 12 months. Some members make up to 4 digits in their first 12 months but that’s not typical of course.

      It took me 19 months but I feel still it’s been unbelievably worth it because now I have built an asset that no one can take away from me and I am consistently earning a 4 digit income right now which will eventually increase to 5 digits as I build this more and add to it with other projects.

      So the program in my guide certainly works, it’s just a matter of you working hard with what you learn in their training and applying it consistently everyday if you can. 🙂

      It IS a lot of work to make money online, I won’t lie about that but where else do you earn with no hard work?! 🙂

      Best of luck to you and I look forward to mentoring your on the inside!


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