Is MySurvey A Scam Or Make Extra Cash In Your Pocket?

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Is MySurvey A ScamAre you looking to complete surveys to make money online and came across MySurvey? Is MySurvey a scam that’s just going to waste your time or can you really make money with it?

MySurvey has been around for a long time but you do need to be caution still because things can change rather quickly and this is the case for MySurvey.

My review to show you all the details you need to know about MySurvey to make a good educated decision if you should go ahead and sign up with them.

I will take you through the following sections of my review of MySurvey:



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MySurvey Logo


Program Name: MySurvey


Price: Free

Recommended? No

MySurvey is an online community platform where you can go and complete surveys in exchange for points.  Many companies and brands need to know what their customers think and you can offer your opinion which will help them improve their products or services.

MySurvey has been around for years as I’ve mentioned and it seemed to be a very good survey site earlier in the years but recently there’s been a lot of bad reviews online about the site.


MySurvey Home Page


That seems to be the trend with a lot of survey sites I’ve been reviewing on my website here.  I have seen other long time survey platforms that have been good before but in recent years have just gone down the drain.

That seems to be the case with MySurvey as well and I will show you the different complaints that I have seen online for this platform.

MySurvey started back in 2001 by the National Family Opinion Organization and then it was sold to Lightspeed Research in 2010.

In recent years they have merged MySurvey and Lightspeed Research as one and they now go by just MySurvey these days.

I think it is the 2010 takeover that has started MySurvey to go downhill from then on.

On this platform you can offer your opinion in three ways you can complete surveys, you can do a diary, or you could do product testing at your home.

I think completing surveys will be the least amount of effort because the diaries will take a good week long to finish and sometimes for product testing you need to pay for the shipping of the product.

These are the only ways to make money on the platform and they don’t have other online activities you can do to earn money with.

The limited number of ways to earn money on MySurvey already makes this survey site inferior to Swagbucks which has not only multiple ways to earn money but also they have five dollar sign up bonuses.

Now let’s take a look at how it all works.




Sign Up

The sign-up process at MySurvey is not too long but you do have to fill out about two pages of your information just to sign-up.

They will ask you about your household and you will need to put in your personal information like your address, email, who you live with, etc.

They will also not let you sign up if you put in wrong information, they must have something that detects whether you are putting in the right information are not.

There are no sign up bonuses.


How Much Can You Make?

You really can’t make much here like most survey sites so this is what we can expect here too.

The surveys that you get on MySurvey could take 10 minutes to 45 minutes to complete depending on the survey length.

Also depends on how many surveys you qualify for or even how many surveys are available to you.

You will only get paid about $0.50 to $1.25 for each survey that you complete so it’s not a lot of money for each survey but some people like to just make little bit of money here and there.

You also don’t get to earn cash right away you have to earn points and then earning enough points to redeem for rewards.

They have a bunch of different rewards to redeem points with like gift cards to various brands that you know.

You need 100 points to earn $1 and you need 1,000 points minimum to redeem for any of the rewards which is $10, although I saw that some rewards are worth less that that meaning you need more than 1,000 points to get a $10 reward so it depends on what you choose.

They do have a referral program where you can get 150 points per referral and there are no limits how many referrals you get.


How Do You Redeem Your Points?

Once you have reached 1,000 points you can redeem it for PayPal cash or one of the many gift cards they offer like Amazon, Macy’s, many other brands, and tons of restaurant gift cards you can choose from.

However, it takes 4 to 8 weeks for your payout to arrive, depending on what you choose!





  • Free to join
  • Various payout options that includes PayPal.


  • Too many emails – if you try to unsubscribe or mark their emails as spam your whole account will be disabled.  These are also emails for surveys you may or may not qualify for so you’re just going to get bombarded with a bunch emails whether you like it or not.
  • Cannot be inactive – your account must be active at all times or else again your account will be canceled. You will have no warning of this shutdown and you basically must login quite frequently a few times a week.
  • Customer service sucks – actually people are saying they are nonexistent. I think they used to be better but in the recent years the customer service is just lacking.
  • Lack of surveys – especially when you are reaching your $10 payout minimum you will find you will hardly get any more survey invites and your chances of reaching your minimum payout gets slimmer and slimmer.
  • Not qualifying for surveys – why email you when you don’t qualify for the surveys in those emails?  It’s such a waste of time to start a survey only to find out that you do not qualify.  Some surveys even let you fill out till almost the end and then still tell you that you don’t qualify. Very frustrating indeed.
  • Payout takes forever – it should not take almost 2 months to redeem your reward especially for only $10. I don’t even know why this is a problem in this day and age when gift cards are all electronic these days.  This wait can also indicate that they are not going to pay you at all.
  • Account disabled – there are also reports that people’s accounts get shut down for no apparent reason.  They would say that they have violated some terms but the members could not figure out what did it wrong and of course they never tell specifically what they did wrong.
MySurvey Rating


MySurvey Ratings are bad




Thumbs DownA lot of the members would probably call MySurvey a scam because it shuts people’s accounts down for no good reason.

In my opinion, MySurvey is not a scam but this platform is totally not worth your time just like most of the other survey sites that I’ve ever reviewed on here.

Doing these little tasks online or filling out surveys will never earn you the kind of money that you want.

If they even pay out, you will get maybe $10 – $50 a month, if that, but the most you will experience is frustration, annoyance, and just a complete waste of time on these types of sites.

However, I know there are some people that like to do just these little tasks to make some extra money so I would rather recommend you to use Swagbucks (Sign up here) because at least I know these platforms to pay out quickly, you get sign up bonuses, and have the least amount of complaints.

Therefore, I do not recommend MySurvey.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether MySurvey is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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