Is Legit Flex Job A Scam Or Real Worksheet Processor Jobs? AVOID At All Costs!

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is Legit Flex Job a scamHave you come across Legit Flex Job and wondering if you can really make $371/week processing worksheets or is Legit Flex Job a scam waiting to collect your money?

There are so many different types of scams out there and though some look very legit, they usually turn out to be not.

Unfortunately, there are as many crooks online as offline so you need to be careful but I’m glad you’re here because I hope I will save some money today.

In my Legit Flex Job review, I will show you the following:


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Legit Flex Job Logo


Program Name: Legit Flex Job


Price: Free

Owners: Hidden

Recommended? NO

Legit Flex Job claims that there are companies desperate for your help and need you to process worksheets for them.


Legit Flex Job First Opt-in Page


On the first landing page (above image), they tell me I can make as much as $537.25/week part-time and then $1,795.50/week if I did this full time.  However, this page didn’t get me much info of what I’ll be doing so I gave them my name and email.

Then it sent me to another page where there’s more info but the rates have lowered to $371.25/week part-time and $1,000+ full time:


Legit Flex Job Sign up page


Hmm, a bit strange that these aren’t consistent and this is sure a red flag to me.

This sales page is long winded about how great it is being a worksheet processor and that this type of job is very easy to do from your home.

You are led to believe you will make decent amount of money but nothing on this sales page tells me what you’re really going to be doing.

I have an accounting background and worksheets to me means you gotta know spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers on a Mac.

You actually have to know how to use these types of software to actually do the work on these worksheets so how are these guys so sure anyone without any experience can do this?

Something very fishy is going on here.

Well, it doesn’t take me long to find out what’s going on here which I’ll go over in detail in the next section.




As you know, it’s free to sign up, so I did and was going through the members’ area to find out what this is really about.

This domain actually promotes different things on there, and this last “crash course” is regarding filling out FORMS (Not worksheets!  Forms & worksheets are quite different!) for people who has unclaimed property.

The instructions tell you that there are people out there who the government owes money to and these people are asking them to fill out the form for them to get their money back.


Legit Flex Job Example


The people asking Legit Flex Job to fill out these forms for them are willing to give them 30% of their unclaimed money, of which you will get 75% of it.

That was the example they showed in the training so for this one example, you will get $715.28 for filling out this one form.

After you fill out the form, you are supposed to send it to the “Federal Account Recovery” and they have several addresses on there.


But, Here’s The Catch Guys

You’re supposed to send $5 for shipping & handling with each form you fill out and they even say you can fit 4 of these “worksheets” in a standard envelope using a standard US stamp.

So if you send 4 sheets at a time plus a $20 payment to them, then you’re expecting to get back $715.28 in that example.

But, are you really going to get $715.28 or any amount back?

Probably not guys.


Why This Won’t Work – Red Flags:

#1 Red Flag – Nobody Is Asking Legit Flex Job To Fill Out Forms

Think about it, this is unclaimed property, that means that nobody knows they have money owing to them from the government.

And if they do know, why would anyone in the right mind will give away 30% of their money to fill out a simple freaking form??


#2 Red Flag – Federal Account Recovery Is Fake

There is no such thing as Federal Account Recovery, this is a fake name so it sounds legit to you.  That is why they as you to write to “c/o Akkers Global LLC” because Federal Account Recovery doesn’t exist.

If it did, what federal sector or department needs to forward their mail to a privately owned company like Akkers Global LLC?

This is all part of the scheme they are doing here.


Legit Flex Job Red Flags


#3 Red Flag – The Government Doesn’t Use UPS Store Mail Boxes

All the addresses they provided to tell you to mail in your “worksheets” and money to are all addresses of UPS storefronts.

All the addresses have a PO Box number attached to them as well.

Mail to the government is never sent to any strange addresses like that.


#4 Red Flag – Send Only Cash Or Money Order

As soon as I saw that you had to send in money, I knew this was up to no good, but this red flag really tells me what this really is.

They want untraceable money.

Legit Flex Job Wants Cash Only

If you send a check, they will have to cash it at a real bank which will be traceable.

This way, they can just take your money and you wouldn’t know how to get to them since these are all PO boxes you’re sending your money to.

You might as well give the envelope a kiss before sending because that money won’t be returning anytime soon.




Thumbs DownThis Legit Flex Job is certainly trying to scam you with this set up and no one will be getting any money from sending them your little $5’s.

This scam is a small one since $5 doesn’t seem like a big deal with you’re receiving over $700 but you’re never going to receive the $700+.

No federal agency will need a company to process things for them as well, it’s all protected within the government.

If you do this, you will not only lose whatever amount you send to them, but your time and work effort is also wasted doing all this.

Also, who sends cash in the mail nowadays?  Nobody does, you’re not supposed to anyway.

There is no doubt this is a scam and you should avoid it.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Legit Flex Jobs.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Legit Flex Job is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



9 thoughts on “Is Legit Flex Job A Scam Or Real Worksheet Processor Jobs? AVOID At All Costs!”

  1. I am emailing you today 6/10/18,It is not legit is a scam, they had us thinking that they were real they will tell you that you will have to do some worksheets and Submit them, but you have to pay $5.00 for each work sheet you submit. I submitted 60 Worksheets and 15 submissions and a 3 week of time this year January 14 ,2018 and have not gotten paid yet. And they will tell you to send your money at Federal Account Recovery C/O Akkers Global LLC 6666 Odana Rd. Suite 283 Madison Wiscousin,53719 and other locations, depending on what state you live in. And when I ask when will I get paid? she told me it could take weeks or months, no set time. Then as time went by, when I ask again, she would not say anything.And I ask God to reveal this to me May if this is a scam to close it ,if it is, because this has been a long time. And they had 2 links to look up for on one was Bank of Canada website and the other one was Naupa. And May of this year Bank of Canada find out about them in took their link out and left a message time you go on their website that they are not affliated with them after that website didn’t no longer assist was shut down. Now they have moved to another website about worksheets to submit in lying trying to scam other people the new website they have is and also and I emailed them at Support@federalaccountrecovery .com And told them you can’t keep scamming people, because God is watching. And if you check on the new website they have now and also it will say they have been out for years, when just change their website a month ago and you they are lying a month ago is not years. So I say to everyone that has work with this company get your money back from the Money Orders you have sent. If I could have them lock up for doing this I would. They owe me $30,000.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story Valerie, it just confirms my review and I’m going to check out that My Cash Flow Secret too so I can write another review for that one too.

      So sorry for your huge loss, and I hope you can find some remedy for what you’ve gone through.

  2. Sorry guys, I have to post this reader’s comment like this because I had a mishap with my site for a couple of days and missed some stuff on here because of it.

    Luckily, I found a copy of it in my email because it’s important information about this scam:

    Author: Valerie C. Pinkston
    I am emailing you all today 7/2/18,You Welcome Grace I will. Also all of you that have been scam you can File a Complaint with FTC-Federal Trade Commission the number is 1-877-382-4357 you can do it online or over the phone also at and make sure you get your reference no# and keep for your claim and you can also send copies of worksheets, emails and anything else you may have and have it attached to your claim the Address is Attn:CRC-Consumer Response Center Federal Trade Commission 600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W Washington DC,20580. And it will be national nationwide and they will get with attorney and investors they will send you a letter they are for Internet Scams you can get a lawsuit against them. And to make Trevor Harris pay for the Attorney and Investor fees for his wrong during, scamming people. It is time for everyone to stand up for the scammers,because as long as they think they can get away with it they will keep on doing it.

  3. I tried this once and sent in $20 for four process sheets to see if anything would happen. Then, I decided to look up just people that I know and after finding out what they were owed, I was going to send in their information and decided not to in case this company tried to scam them, or it put them up as a red flag for scamming. However, I was able to reach the so called process serving company and they responded promptly. My advice to anyone trying any similar programs, is not to; however, try looking up people you know and process their refunds on your own with the owners of the claims, not a third party processing agency. This way you can help those around you receive their real owed government money and they can share what they believe is reasonable with you for helping them claim their money with your local governments. This is the real way to use the information and knowledge these scammers have provided you! This is how to fight back by putting your work into action and taking their business away. I investigate these business opportunities to see if there is anything good to forward to Federal Law Enforcement as a white collar crime; however, in this case there are many addresses outdated by real government agencies with old outdated information and you would have to do some tracking down and investigating to find a real up to date person to send info to in order to ensure you are sending a process form to the right address for the person with owed money claims from a government party. Good luck and stay safe!

  4. Am from Uganda and they sent me that link of My cash flow secret bt being a keen African I had to do some research on whether they r legit or not n this article confirms it.

    • Glad you did research as well, these guys are not good and you should stay away. My guide has a better solution that gives me a 4 digit online income every month.

      Best to you,


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