Millionaire Edge System Review: Scam Or Make You A Millionaire?

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Is Millionaire Edge System a scamI was emailed to check out this Millionaire Edge System that is making some waves on the internet about making $10,000 a day but is this all a scam?

There are sure a lot of programs out there that always claim really high income hype but are these real?  Could the system really work?

My Millionaire Edge System review will show you the truth and you don’t want to miss anything because this one is a doozie!

So glad you are here, so let’s get started and check out the following sections of my review:


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Program Name: Millionaire Edge System

Website: various

Price: $97 + Thousands!!

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? No

The sales video at the Millionaire Edge System site sounds pretty amazing right?  You have a 6 step system that you can learn easily to make $1,000 to $10,000 a day.

They say that you can now have a system that’s going to “make it rain” for you financially and shows you that you don’t have to live by alarm clocks.


Millionaire Edge System sales video


In fact, they say that you have won the lottery without even knowing it and that you’ve been carefully selected out of thousands of people to come join them.

You are in fact number 68 out of 70 that are invited to the secret system that no one else will have access to.

You will finally know what it feels to be a millionaire!

If you can believe all that, then you wouldn’t be here so good for you to be smart about things like this because there are a lot of these schemes out there that lure you with big cash income hype but never tell you what the system really is.

I’ve been writing hundreds of reviews on my site here and this is something I have seen before so don’t worry, you will see that you will not get much out of this Millionaire Edge System.




The Millionaire Edge System is really a cover up for some underlying high ticket program and I know this because that’s the only way you can earn thousands in commissions like that.

There are plenty of sites that do this like the Wifi Millionaire System, Mobile Success Training, Secret Society Of Millionaires, and many more.

Which high ticket program?  There aren’t that many and one of the biggest ones just got shut down earlier this year by the FTC so it’s only a matter of time they all do.

So the one behind Millionaire Edge System is most likely MOBE and I will use it as an example to show you how a high ticket program works.

You basically will get all your back office system taken care of and this includes giving you a sales rep.  In the video, they say they give you a millionaire mentor but that’s a lie.

It’s just a sales rep that will earn a commission when they sell for you.

That is also who you’ll be talking to if you buy in, you’ll need to talk to your “coach” or “mentor” aka sales rep so they can talk you into spending thousands of dollars.

These high ticket programs use a licensing rights model where you have to buy all the products you want to earn commissions from.

This is because that’s how sales are generated in such a program.  You’re only generating sales from recruiting other members in and them buying the products to have the rights to promote them, you are not selling to the public or have real customers.

But these high ticket products are super expensive, just take a look at MOBE’s for example:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


Your eyes are not deceiving you, you are seeing this numbers correctly!  You will have to buy in at $2,497 to $29,997 if you don’t want to miss any commissions, that’s a $64K investment.

If you don’t buy in, you don’t earn it, so if you recruit someone in and you didn’t buy in to what they bought, you lose out and the next person above who has that product earns that commission.

So after spending thousands of dollars, then you’ll be able to promote and try to mislead others (cuz that’s what you’ll be doing) with template sites like Millionaire Edge System to join this system so they can also do the same thing.

Plus, expect to spend thousands more in advertising because they will teach you mostly to use paid traffic and not likely will teach you how to build a business that will attract it’s own free organic traffic like mine.




Thumbs DownYes, Millionaire Edge System is a scam because there is no “Millionaire Edge System” and you’re being unethically misled into a high ticket program without giving you all the info.

They also make it so easy to make $10,000 a day but this is so far from the truth.  More than half of the people that go into high ticket programs just end up losing thousands of dollars and get themselves nowhere.

This is also a scam because this scam sales video was used on another domain too so this just proves that there is no Millionaire Edge System:

Millionaire Edge System Has Same Sales Video as Find A Job Now


They have also used fake testimonies too so nothing can be really trusted with multiple lies found here.

This guy is seen on many of these sales videos because you can hire actors on freelancing sites like and hire them to make a testimony video like this for as little as $5!

Millionaire Edge System Fake Testimonies

Retired Millionaire Fake Testimony


There’s really not much else I can say but I do not recommend Millionaire Edge System.




You basically need an understanding that earning fast cash and easy cash without doing much work doesn’t exist on the internet.

There are plenty of opportunities on the internet but it’s not magical and nothing can just dump cash into your bank account which a lot of scams lure you with.

There is a business model I’ve been using since Sep/16 that’s been giving me a 4 digit monthly online income but it didn’t come fast, it was a process, learning and taking massive action (work).

Making money online is very real but you need to learn it from the ground up, learn how it works, and learn how to do it.

I followed a training that taught me exactly those things and now I’m reaping from all the knowledge that I’ve gained and the work that I’ve put in.

You can find out what this online business is about and how it all works in my free guide here:

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It’s a legitimate training platform that offers a safe environment to learn and uses a sound business model that will be sustainable in the long term as well.

You will get to have tons of support too because there is a community of thousands of like-minded people that you can ask questions too as well as myself personally.

I will be by your side through your journey and will help you as much as you need it.

Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Millionaire Edge System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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