Newbie’s Guide: How Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

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How Can You Make Money with Affiliate MarketingThere are so many ways to make money online, yet affiliate marketing has some distinct potential amongst all the opportunities on the internet but how can you make money with affiliate marketing?

We are living in the age of technology where the businesses made online and available at consumer doorstep.

Similarly, the same technology helps people to earn money through the internet.

Did you ever know the secret behind the Internet where most people use to make money online?

I am going to reveal the hidden myth behind the successful business model is called affiliate marketing.



What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple, we can define that, “It is a performance-based business model where an individual earns money as a commission for selling someone else products or services”.

You can use various resources both online and offline to promote these products or services.

One of the most lucrative methods of doing this business is by starting a blog for affiliate marketing.

This includes three main parties such as the affiliate (you, or the publisher), the merchant (advertiser or product owner), and the customer (your blog visitors).


Affiliate Marketing on laptop



How Much Money Can You Make?

This is the first question that every reader would be fond of knowing the absolute income potential in doing this business.

But, to the fact, it is not possible to assume the income, as the higher the traffic to your blog, the more commission you earn.

As I said earlier, blogging is the profitable way to make money with an affiliate program, first create a website or a blog.

Then, write articles and publish on your blog. Perform certain SEO activities to drive traffic to your blog and turn visitors into customers.

Some affiliate programs pay up to 50% or more of the product value and for an example, if you sell a product of $100 worth, your commission would be $50.

If you make at least one sale daily, you earn $50 daily. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

Not only that, that one article or post you wrote can make you that money over and over again far into the future.

As long as you can keep your rankings and producing great content, search engines will continue to reward you with page one results which will get you tons more traffic.

So imagine if you have hundreds of these posts making you money?

This is why the earning potential is quite high but it’s a very gradual business and you’ll have to work up to earning at the level you want.

The business is also very cumulative in nature so the work that you do today may not result in any money until some time down the road.

The work you do today will also help the work you did in the past since your continued progress will lift your online business up as a whole in the search engines eyes, which will result in better search engine rankings.


The Secret Is Building Your Online Business Properly

Affiliate marketing business can provide you with a steady flow of income but it depends on how successful you are in converting your audience into buyers.

The fact of the matter is, the potential is huge in affiliate marketing but it will require a good amount of work effort to make it happen and that is where people really get stuck because they either don’t know how to do that or don’t want to put in the effort.

Also, without proper training, you will have to go everywhere to pull information from many different places to gain the knowledge it takes to build this business but you will have no one to ask questions to so most people who attempt this quit because it’s harder than it sounds.

That is why getting comprehensive, step-by-step training is crucial to the success of your business and to learn it properly it’s best to use the exact training I did to earn my 4 digit online income with, which you can find here where I wrote about my recent success.

The below guide will help you understand how affiliate marketing works but it’s best to get full comprehensive training for it if you’re serious about building this business.



How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

This affiliate marketing business is one of the most lucrative ways to make money from the Internet.

It’s very easy to become an affiliate with just completing the online application form.

But, to become a successful affiliate marketer you need to conduct a strategic business ethics which I will explain below.

Let me describe you the various method to start to make money with affiliate marketing business.


How to Find the Best Niche1.) Find your niche:

When you ask the successful entrepreneurs about their secret of the success, they will say, “Choose the right niche”.

If you too want to achieve success in this business, you should find the trending niche in the market based on your passion.

The niche without a passion is like a boat sailing without a sailor and it won’t reach the destination ever.

How to find the right niche? First, decide your passion and perform a Google search to explore the various opportunities.

Then, find the right audience and the common problems they are facing. Your ability to solve their problems and help them achieve their goals determines your success.

Where to begin? The best place to start this research was participation in the forum and subscribe to the top niche websites or check out this page here.

You will get lots of ideas that help you choose the right niche.


Be An Expert At Your Niche2.) Become an Authority / Expert

Before you promote any product or service to your audience, first you should try the product or else learn more about the product.

Write a descriptive article with accurate information and necessary data’s to let your audience make a decision.

You should be more honest and knowledgeable than your site visitors because you are not selling the products but your credibility.

In your beginning days, start with the product you experienced personally and share your own thoughts on your blog.

Later slowly expand your knowledge and cover wider niche with respect to increasing audience base.

The more you work on your niche, the more you will be come an authority in your industry and even seen as an expert but you certainly don’t have to start as one.


3.) Create a Website:

In order to become a successful affiliate marketer, you should have an own website or a blog to promote the different affiliate links.

There are two ways you can start a blog to make money with affiliate program. They are the free blog and paid blog.

Free Blog will come with a sub-domain, free hosting, and limited resources to run your blogging business.

In Paid Blog you can choose your own domain name, hosting as per your need and with enough resources to run your business.

I never recommend going with a free blog because the blog owner may suspend your account any time with or without prior notice.

I personally have the worst experience in my beginning because I started affiliate marketing blog with sub-domain.

I worked hard to drive traffic to the blog. One fine day morning, as usual, I opened my blog on my computer and it was gone.

I was very much upset because all my hard work was gone within minutes.

I don’t want to go into too deep and let me come to the actual points of the article.

Requirements to create a website: 

  • A Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Suitable Word Press Theme

The training platform I mentioned above also provides you with hosting, domain name purchase, and themes in their Site Builder that can create your blog under a minute, you can check it out here now:


Site Builder At Wealthy Affiliate


This Site Builder has 4 steps to it (1st step in the image above) and it will build your site with WordPress already installed so you’ll have your site quite quickly live on the internet!

The advantage with starting a free website blog on this training platform is that you will be able to use this as a test or see if you like your niche kind of stage.

You will be able to test out your niche and when you’re ready for your own domain, you just purchase it on the platform and then easily transfer your free site to your new custom paid domain that you will own with a few clicks!

This training platform also gives you free SSL certificates for your site’s protection and better rankings as well as privacy domain registration is free if you purchase your domain through them.

If you already have a domain or want to buy it elsewhere, you can just point your hosting to this training platform and take advantage of their high quality, secured hosting that’s optimized for WordPress sites.

4.) Find the right affiliate program:

So you have a good niche and a domain to start this business. But, before that, you should find the right affiliate program to start.

There are many different websites that offer this program, you can either sign up for affiliate networks (CJ or Linkshare) or independent programs run by the merchants (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc).


Copy Paste Commissions Money Coming Out Of Laptop


Some of the important points in choosing the right program were as follows:

Genuine Merchant: Find the merchant who is having a good reputation and the quality products.

Think on your behalf, whether you would like to buy a product from a reputed merchant or some random one?

Nobody likes to buy from the unknown company or the merchant.

Good Commission: Everyone is promoting merchant products for a commission. Whether it may be one-time high commission or small recurring commission?

Analyze the merchant history and their commission for the various products or services they offer to sell.

Free to Join: Most of the affiliate programs are free to join and they don’t require any means of initial investment.

Do not join the programs that require investment!

Tools and Training: You can’t run a business without a proper training and necessary tools. 

Hence, before promoting their product, check whether they provide proper training and have various marketing tools such as banners, text ads, flyers, and splash pages etc.

Other important factors to consider making money with affiliate marketing business were affiliate cookie.

This is bit technical, “A cookie is a small piece of code stored in the visitor browser which consists of your affiliate URL with some expiry date”.

So, if the visitor came to buy something before the expiry, you will earn commission for this new purchase.

Do not forget to read their terms and conditions, guidelines of the program, payout structure and threshold etc.


5.) Choose the Right Products or Services:

Once you’ve chosen the right affiliate program, you have to select the right products or services to promote on your platform.

The product selection is purely based on your niche. Pick a product or service that you think more relevant to your blogging niche.

As an affiliate, you can have a wide opportunity to choose the suitable product.

There are two kinds of affiliate program are there:

One is joining an affiliate network such as Amazon affiliate program, Commission Junction, ShareASale affiliate program etc.

Another one joins as an affiliate directly with the merchant website and promote their products.

It’s up to your own decision to choose the right program to make money. 

I recommend you join in both of the programs because you can find additional opportunity to earn more money.


6.) Promote your Blog:

Finally, you have all the required tools to begin your first affiliate business online. 

If you need to be successful in this business, you should be able to drive traffic to your blog, and convert your blog visitors or audience into your long-term buyers and subscribers.

There are four ways you can drive traffic to your blog: Organic, Direct, Social, and Referral.

Organic Traffic is so-called search engine traffic or natural traffic, where people reach your blog by searching for a keyword in search engines.

Direct Traffic: The people reach your blog by typing your blog URL directly into their browser.

Social Traffic: The name itself signifies the traffic source, that is, traffic from various social networks.

Referral Traffic: When people reach your blog through another blog is termed as referral traffic. 

This can be achieved through Guest posting, blog commenting, link exchange etc.

Traffic from all these sources contributes your affiliate revenue. Meet and engage with other affiliates to grow your network.

You can send them an email or contact them in any possible ways asking them to promote your product or do cross-promotion between each other.


Promote7.) Promote your Product:

As said above, you need a group of audience to buy the recommended product by you. 

So for this, you started a blog and working on various promotional methods as explained above, now will see how to promote the product on your blog.

Banners: You can find the affiliate banner codes from the merchant websites and display on your blog sidebar, header, footer etc. There are various sizes of banners available.

Newsletters: Display a small subscription form and ask your visitors to subscribe your blog by offering them free perks.

With this list, you can send them newsletters when you publish a new post or anything.

Review Post: Most of the people like to read the review before purchasing a product or a service.

So, for a better conversion, write a review post, why do you find it useful? Share your experience etc.

Social Marketing: Many successful affiliate marketers were mostly social media influencers especially with Twitter and Facebook.

Create a strong base on these channels to drive more audience to your affiliate products.

Comparison posts: For a similar product you can find multiple merchants, hence writing a comparison post will get you more sales.

There are various other methods you can implement as long as being creative and unique. 

For example, you can conduct any competition such as polls, quiz, surveys etc. 

There are so many methods to promote your product through your blog but I have covered a few successful options here.


8.) Monitor your results:

It’s not so easy to make money with affiliate marketing because initially, you need to do a lot of A/B test to find the best conversion strategy.

Also, most affiliate programs have enabled detailed stat of traffic, sales, and conversions which you can use to analyze your performance.

Work without monitoring is just a waste of time, and monitoring help you understand your audience better and their behavior.

This also helps you deliver the things according to your audience interest which helps you bring in more sales.




There is no business seems more profitable as compared to the affiliate marketing business but it is not as easy as it seems.

This will bring you huge profits when done right and its worth for your efforts but, for you to build it right, you need proper training and support which you’ll find here where I recommend where you should go to get started in this online business for FREE.

The tips in this post is just a small guideline and there is actually a LOT more to learn in this online business like how to write, what to write, how to research low hanging fruit keywords, how to get indexed and ranked by search engines and lots more stuff.

Instead of banging your head when stuck on something or going through forums after forums, use the the training I used in one place and get full support from a community of members that is ready to help you!

Thank you for spending your time to read this article and I hope now you got an idea on how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

If you have any doubts, ask me,



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I am Harish Kumar N, admin, and writer at Easy Online Home Jobs. I started this blog after completing my studies because I am passionate about living my own life. I learned the different marketing strategies from my GURU and implemented on my own blog. Now helping newbie’s to start Affiliate Marketing Business with a blog.

You can found all resources related to become a successful affiliate marketer on my blog.




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